I suppose i should explain...the original first two chapters of this didn't turn out nearly as well as i had hoped...and i'm trying to improve my writing, so i re-did it.

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Keiichi woke up slowly, gradually being coaxed awake by the various morning sounds in the temple. He could hear the animals outside, the distant sounds of the city, and most of all, the beautiful sound of Belldandy's singing as she made breakfast. He stretched his arms up over his head as he sat up, and ran his hand through his sleep tussled hair. He stood up slowly making his way over to his mirror, trying to make himself at least a little presentable for breakfast. Once he was satisfied he opened the door only to be met by Belldandy, only inches from him.

"Good morning Keiichi-san!" she said enthusiastically, "Breakfast is ready!"

"Thanks Belldandy," he said, not the least bit phased that Belldandy had been right outside his door.

She gestured for him to follow her, and led him down the hallway towards the small dining room. As he followed Belldandy through the door, he was greeted by both the sight and smell of the massive breakfast she had made.

"Wow!" Keiichi exclaimed, in awe of the larger than normal breakfast waiting for him.

"Megumi-san gave me this cookbook," Belldandy explained, holding up a thick book with pictures of various delicious looking foods on the front. "I got carried away while cooking and ended up making everything in the breakfast section," she finished, looking slightly embarrassed.

Her embarrassment was quickly eased when Keiichi sat himself down at the table and grabbed his chopsticks. "It looks great!" he said enthusiastically, his eyes roaming the table. "I can't wait! Ikadakimasu!" He began quickly eating everything he could, his chopsticks flying from one plate to another, trying everything that had been put in front of him. Belldandy watched as he annihilated the massive breakfast. She loved watching him eat the food she made him, and enjoyed it even more when he couldn't help but eat rapidly. She smiled at him when he looked up at her with a bit of food on his cheek.

"I'm sorry Bell," he said sheepishly, "I'm acting like a pig."

"Don't be," she said, beaming at him. "I love it when you are that excited about my cooking. You've even got something on your face."

Keiichi turned red as Belldandy grabbed the chopsticks out of his hand and plucked the small piece of egg off his cheek and placed it in his mouth. His mind went into happiness overdrive as he ate the small bite she had given him, until it was interrupted by a shout from behind the door.

"Unacceptable!" came the shout from Skuld, who had positioned herself behind the door for an occasion such as this. "How dare you make Onee-san feed you!" she yelled as she produced her favorite weapon from seemingly nowhere. "Skuld bomber!"

"No!" Keiichi shouted, actually diving into the attack rather than away from it as he usually did. Skuld was dumbfounded as the smoke cleared away to reveal a still smoldering Keiichi.

"Keiichi-san?" came Belldandy's worried voice as her head popped into his field of vision.

"I couldn't let the food that you worked so hard on go to waste," he said with a grin.
Before anything else could be said, the door to the kitchen slid open, revealing Urd standing in the doorway.

"Come on you," she growled, grabbing Skuld by the back of her shirt and dragging the protesting girl out of the room. Keiichi wondered what Urd was doing hiding in the kitchen, but he quickly figured that he already knew the answer, and sat back down at the table to finish the meal he had successfully protected.

"You didn't have to do that Keiichi-san," Belldandy said softly.

"Sure I did," he said grinning, "I wasn't done. Besides," he lowered his voice conspiratorially, "her little bombs don't hurt nearly as much as you'd think they would, but please don't let her know that, I'm afraid that she would invent some super bomb that would blow me to little tiny pieces."

Belldandy's face grew serious as she nodded, agreeing to keep the secret as she envisioned her beloved Keiichi being blown up. Her face paled considerably, causing Keiichi to laugh out loud.

"I was joking Belldandy," he said putting a hand on her shoulder, "Skuld means well, she would never intentionally hurt me that badly."

"I know," Belldandy said, the smile returning to her face, "but she does get carried away from time to time."

"That's true, but it's just because she loves you," Keiichi agreed, before remembering the food. "Oh no! I hope it didn't get cold!" he suddenly shouted, before digging in with a renewed vigor.

Keiichi helped Belldandy carry the dishes into the kitchen, placing them in the sink to be washed with her magic. "What do you have planned for your day off?" came the soft question once Keiichi had returned with more dishes.

"Huh?" he said, confused. "I have to go to the university later for classes."

"Oh, I forgot to tell you," she said, "Urd saw on the television that the university is closed for today."

"Really?" he said thoughtfully, his brain slowly turning the gears, trying to come up with a new schedule for the day. He thought about things he could get done, fixing his motorcycle, fixing up the temple, cleaning up the yard, helping out his sempais with the motor club. It didn't take him long to shoot down all these ideas. His motorcycle was in perfect working shape due to his constant recreational maintenance, Belldandy always fixes up the temple with magic when something breaks, and she had also somehow talked the local wildlife into keeping the outside clean as well, and there was no way he was spending his day off with the two insane leaders of the motor club. He was suddenly hit by a burst of inspiration that he knew would make his day great.

"Hey Belldandy," he said, breaking the comfortable silence they had lapsed into as he thought.

"Yes?" she said, turning her head towards him.

"How would you like to go on a date with me?" he asked more confidently than he actually felt. Even though he knew she would say yes, it still baffled him how he got nervous when it came to the asking.

"Hai!" she exclaimed happily, clapping her hands together.

"Great!" he said, mentally breathing an unnecessary sigh of relief. "I'm going to go get ready," he said as he dropped the last of the dishes in the sink.

"Once I'm done here I'll get ready as well," she said, her smile growing.

Keiichi quickly left, grabbing some clothes out of his room and headed to the bath. After he locked the door, he began running some warm water and undressed. He slipped into the tub once it was full, and began wracking his brain to try and figure out where to take Belldandy on their date. He compiled a mental list of all the things people usually did on a date; movies, dinner, ice cream, picnics, shopping, and various other stereotypical things that couples did on a date. He idly splashed in the tub as he wracked his brain for something that was original that Belldandy would enjoy. He sat for a few minutes, not paying any attention at all to the cooling water before he came to a conclusion.

"It doesn't matter what we do," he said aloud, "Belldandy will enjoy anything fun we do." He quickly thought out a plan as he finished washing up in the lukewarm water. He stepped out of the bathtub, confident with his plan, and began to dry off. After putting on his clothes, he opened the door to be met with the grinning face of Urd.

Keiichi was forced into Urd's room by the older goddess, who was obviously trying to keep her antics a secret from Belldandy.

"So Keiichi," she said, turning to him with a 'sweet' smile on her face. "What are you planning to do with Belldandy today?"

Both the smile and the wording of her question sent Keiichi's mental 'Urd is dangerous' alarm into high alert.

"N-nothing!" he stammered, quickly backing up toward the door, hoping to be able to escape the madwoman's room.

"Exactly," Urd said, thumping her fist into her other hand, accenting her enthusiasm. "So I'll create a potion to make you much more outgoing with her!"

"Didn't you try that once before, and Belldandy accidentally took the potion?" he asked, remembering the day he spent with Belldandy throwing herself all over him.

"Yes," she said, beginning to pull various ingredients off the wall, "but that potion had been tampered with, this one will be perfect!" The gleam in her eyes made Keiichi shiver, but she was too distracted by her boasting and the preparation of ingredients to notice Keiichi slowly inch his way out of her room. He let out a sigh of relief and turned the corner to his room, only to be met by a fuming Skuld.

"Come with me," the smallest goddess growled, dragging Keiichi down the hallway and into her room. "I normally wouldn't allow you to spend the day alone with my sister," she began once they were inside, "but she is really looking forward to this, so I won't spoil it for her." Before he could thank her, or even breath a sigh of relief, the girl continued. "However, I did make something to watch over you!" Quicker than he could react, Skuld grabbed something from behind her, and slammed it on his wrist. He glanced from the victorious look on her face, then to whatever it was that she had forced on him. He was quite shocked to find that instead of some sort of bomb or new Banpei-type device, there was an expensive looking watch.

"Is this to make sure we get home on time?" Keiichi joked weakly, suspecting a dual purpose to the 'gift'.

True to form, Skuld's eyes lit up as she began explaining her newest invention. "It's a watch I made! It's sterling silver on the outside, actual gold plated hands on the clock, a glowing clock face, and best of all, it will never run fast or slow!"

He waited patiently for her to remember the real reason she made such an amazing watch.

"Ah yes, and to answer your question, you will be home on time, because if you aren't through the front gate by the designated time, you will receive a shock that intensifies every ten minutes that you haven't returned to the temple grounds. If you wait too long, you will be rendered unconscious, forcing Belldandy to bring you back!" she finished, laughing at her brilliant plan. Keiichi, however, saw a serious flaw in the plan.

"What if I take the watch off?"

Skuld stopped laughing, torn between being offended that he thought that she would forget such on obvious detail, or just taking the time to explain it. "You won't be able to," she said simply, frowning at Keiichi like he was some kind of idiot and wondering all over again why her onee-chan liked him so much.

"Why not?" he probed, feeling decidedly uncomfortable about receiving that particular response.

"It grafted itself to your skin the moment you put it on!" she shouted triumphantly expecting Keiichi to be astounded by her foresight.

She was disappointed when instead of a complimentary 'good thinking' or 'wow, I wasn't expecting that' she was met with a deafening shout of, "What the hell?!"

He began pulling, biting, smashing, and attempting to remove the watch in any way possible, he even tried to use a hammer, but the watch didn't even scratch.

"The only way to remove the watch is if I remove it, or cutting off your hand," Skuld informed him when she got tired of the racket he was making. Keiichi stopped his current attempt at watch removal, which happened to be smashing his wrist in the door, and absorbed the new bit of information.

"What time will it start electrocuting me?" he asked, defeated.

"I'm not totally unreasonable," Skuld said, walking over to him, "I figured we could discuss a time."

"You sound like someone's mother," he muttered under his breath.

Skuld pretended not to hear him and began fiddling with the watch. "Let's see, it's ten in the morning, how does..." she paused, thinking of a fair time to set the watch to, "one o'clock sound?"

"One?! That's only three hours away, and only two hours of actual time since there is a thirty minute commute!" Keiichi ranted, throwing his right arm up in the air since his left was being held by an irate goddess.

"That's all the time you should need to go watch a movie or something!" she shouted back.

"I was planning on doing more than just seeing a movie!" he retorted.

"Well, you can't," she said flatly. "You especially can't do anything like-like that" she finished menacingly, sending a definite shiver down her captive's spine. "If you so much as try to kiss her, the watch is set to shock you so badly you'll immediately fall unconscious."

Keiichi knew of Skuld's extreme overprotective behavior towards her older sister, and was actually quite accustomed to taking it all in stride. He just sighed, and tried to think of some kind of compromise. "How about this," he started, "how about six pm? That way we will be back in time for Belldandy to make dinner, and to help you practice magic with Nobel Scarlet afterwards."

"How did you know about that?" Skuld asked, taken off guard by his thoughtfulness.

"I heard you ask her about it a few days ago, I knew you were looking forward to it, even when I asked her on the date. I had planned for us to be back in time for you to get to practice with her."
Skuld sat silently for a moment, not really sure what to say to his sudden kindness.

"Fine," she grunted, "six it is, but not a minute later!"

"Deal," he said, smiling at the girl.

After sneaking out of Skuld's room, trying to avoid another encounter with Urd, Keiichi slipped into his room to get ready. He had already formulated a basic plan for what they would do that day, but he hadn't thought about it much detail. There was a certain part of town that was famous for couples to go to. There were many fancy restaurants, bowling alleys, ice cream shops, candy shops, a lake for boat rides, and a beautiful park. He had never been himself, as he had never had a girlfriend to take before, but he knew about it from Hasegawa, who had explained to him in great detail her ideal date with Aoshima. He shook his head at the memory, and grabbed his wallet, making sure he had enough money to do what he wanted. It wasn't very often that the Morisato residence had money to spare, but he had been saving part of his paycheck from his part time job every week, and had collected a decent amount of money for whatever he wanted. He had long ago decided that he would use the money to take Belldandy on a date, but the opportunity hadn't presented itself until now. He slipped the wallet in his back pocket and began to search for Belldandy to let her know that he was ready to go. He found her waiting at the front door with a large bento box in hand.

"You ready to go?" he asked, slipping on his shoes and opening the door.

"Hai!" she said happily, and followed him to his motorcycle.

He pulled their helmets out of the side car, and handed Belldandy's to her. The sun glinted off the side of Keiichi's new shiny watch, catching the goddess's eye.

"What a magnificent watch!" she said, grabbing Keiichi's hand and admiring his new accessory. He turned slightly red at the contact, and quickly scolded himself for it. They had been together for years now, why would he still get embarrassed when they held hands. After a moment, he noticed that holding hands didn't cause the watch to disable him, and he mentally thanked Skuld.

"Yes, it is very nice," he agreed. "Skuld gave it to me."

"Oh how sweet of her!" Belldandy exclaimed, clapping her hands together in happiness. Keiichi only smiled at Belldandy's faith in her sister and hopped on the bike.

"Let's get going," he said before he slipped the helmet over his head.

Belldandy nodded, placed her helmet on her head, and slipped gently into the side car. Keiichi started the motorcycle and pulled out on to the main road, all the while rapidly going over what they should do today. Though he had already realized that it didn't really matter, he couldn't help but fret over the details of their, rare day alone. He did, after all, want Belldandy to have a good time. He mentally forced himself to not worry about it, and focused on his driving. He and Belldandy rode in comfortable silence, both anticipating the exciting day they had ahead of them. Keiichi drove through town, checking street names, making sure he was still on track. The street sign he was looking for jumped out at him suddenly. He motioned to Belldandy, letting her know that he was about to take a sharp turn. She nodded, and held on to the side, steadying herself. He turned the corner bringing the park into view.

Once he parked he turned the cycle off, and removed his helmet. The park was full of people, mostly couples, both young and old. He saw people playing with their dogs, swimming in the pool, and jogging through the park. He glanced over to Belldandy, to see her reaction to this new place. He was pleased to see that her eyes were sparkling, and darting from one thing to another, obviously excited about everything that they could do.