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I know this chapter is shortish, but dammit it's something

Keiichi pulled Belldandy gently by the hand to their next destination. He had seen it when they first arrived at the park, and he immediately wanted to take Belldandy to it. His anticipation grew as they began to ascend the last hill in their way. As they reached the top, a large, crystalline lake came in to view. Keiichi smiled inwardly when he heard a gasp of delight from Belldandy.

"Are we going to ride in the boats too?" she asked excitedly, pointing to the many rowboats dotting the lake. She let out a rare girlish squeal when he nodded in affirmation, and quickly made her way to the loading dock.

Keiichi was surprised by the short line to get in the boats, since the line on such beautiful days made you wait at least a half hour. He glanced over to Belldandy, who was so excited that she was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet. He only smiled as they moved up to the edge of the dock as the couple before them climbed into a boat of their own.

Once the boat was safely away, the man working at the dock turned to the two of them.

"It'll be 500 yen for an hour, 1000 for as long as you would like," he said monotonously, his body language expressing obvious agitation.

Keiichi fished a 1000 yen bill out of his wallet, and handed it to the irritated man. The worker only nodded before walking over to a small fold up chair that was set up for him, and flopped down in it. Unperturbed, Keiichi held out his hand to Belldandy to help her climb in the boat. Once she sat down, he took his place between the oars, and slowly rowed them away from the dock.

Although he was doing the rowing, he actually felt quite relaxed. He enjoyed watching Belldandy's head dart from side to side, looking at all the other people in the boats, the fish in the water, the flowers that sat along the side of the lake, and occasionally up at the clear blue sky. He laughed inwardly at how innocent she looked at that moment, soaking up all that she could. Although she had been on earth with him for years now, it was easy to forget that there were things she still hadn't experienced yet. He was brought out of thoughts by a light splash of water hitting his face. He looked up at Belldandy, who had her hand in the water, and a playful look on her face. He smiled at her, daring her to do it again. She only grinned in response, and lightly flicked a little more water at him. He reached his left hand in the water, and followed suit. They both avoided getting into an all out splash war, as they didn't want to end up capsized, but in the end, their smiling faces were dripping wet.

Keiichi placed his right hand on the edge of the boat to help himself back into a sitting position. He was distracted by a light giggle from Belldandy as she wiped some of the water off her face. In his distraction, his hand slipped, submerging his right arm up to his elbow in water. He quickly jerked back, earning a startled look from his date. He smiled sheepishly at his clumsiness, and took hold of the oars again. It wasn't until a gust of wind blew across his wet arm, sending goosebumps up it, that he noticed that he had also submerged his 'gift' from Skuld.

He pulled his wrist closer to his face, and inspected the timepiece. After a quick investigation and a few sparks, it was easy to conclude that he had broken the thing. He turned his wrist over, eying the clasp. He didn't expect the broken to watch to come off, since it had grafted to his skin, but he flipped it open anyway, and watched it fall to the bottom of the boat. He reached down, and placed the broken watch in his pocket

"Keiichi?" Belldandy said after a moment. "Is everything alright?"

"Everything is fine," he said, giving her a smile, "but it's getting a little late, and I promised Skuld that I would have you back in time to help her practice with Nobel Scarlet."

Belldandy glanced up at the sun, her face showing a flicker of disappointment that their date was coming to an end. They rowed towards the unloading dock in a comfortable silence, only to be greeted by a girl that was just as agitated as the man on the opposite dock.

"Thank you for your patronage," she said unenthusiastically, "please come back soon."

Keiichi paused for a moment, looking at the girl. Belldandy had been with him long enough to notice that his 'nice guy gears', as she had nicknamed them, had begun turning in his head.

"Is something wrong?" he asked the girl, who was beginning to balk under his gaze.

"It's nothing important," she replied after a moments hesitation.

"It's just that the guy over on the other dock was just as upset as you are, so I thought I would ask," he said, trying to make the girl feel a little more comfortable.

"He was?" she asked, a bit of life coming in to her eyes. She paused for a moment, glancing from Belldandy to Keiichi, debating whether or not to explain the situation. In the end, her professionalism broke down against Keiichi's 'nice guy' personality. "That's my boyfriend," she explained. "I would imagine he's bummed out for the same reason I am."

"And what reason is that?" Belldandy asked gently, hoping she wasn't prying into a personal matter.

"These docks are so far apart!" the girl suddenly shouted, full of energy. "If they were next to each other then he and I could sit together or something when we didn't have any customers."

Keiichi quickly processed this information, and began to stare out across the lake. After a moment, he leaned closer to the girl, and began to whisper conspiratorially.

"Really?!" came the girls excited response, after a moment of whispering in her ear.

He only nodded, and Belldandy watched as the girl ran off towards the other dock as fast as she could.

"What did you say to her?" Belldandy asked.

He put his hand around her shoulders gently, trying to ignore the pounding of his heart at such contact. "I told her that it didn't look like anybody was rowing in, and that there was nobody in her boyfriend's line. So I said that we would watch this dock while she ran over to him."

She was no longer surprised by Keiichi's tendencies to help others, but she still thought it was incredibly sweet of him. She rotated in his embrace, enveloping him in a warm hug. He hugged her back, glancing over at the other dock, where the girl was obviously explaining to her boyfriend why she was able to visit. She gestured wildly, occasionally pointing over to the embracing Keiichi and Belldandy. Keiichi watched as she excitedly threw her arms around her boyfriend. He was broken from his observations by Belldandy, who had leaned back slightly to look up into his eyes. Finally rid of the device that had limited him before, Keiichi leaned in, softly touching his lips to hers.

A thousand things flew through Belldandy's head when her lips met his, very few of them rational thought. The only one she could decipher through the distraction that was the kiss was how surprised she was at Keiichi's forwardness. She quickly concluded that she liked it, and promptly lost herself in the kiss.

Urd was quickly losing any shred of patience she had left. Her youngest sister continually came in to look at the clock, usually at two minute intervals, and make a loud sound of exasperation whenever she saw the time. Ten minutes and five clock-checking's later, Urd snapped, and destroyed the clock. The crash from the spell she used reverberated through the temple and surrounding area, proving how much unnecessary power she added to the spell.

"Urd," Skuld whined, dragging out her elder sisters name. "Now I don't know what time it is, and I don't know how long till Onee-san gets home."

Urd managed to conceal her rage, but only slightly. "Then why don't you make a new one," she spat through gritted teeth.

"I suppose I'll have to," Skuld said in a bored tone. She began to gather up the few salvageable pieces that remained of the old clock, and carried them to her room.

Urd sighed, knowing that the younger goddess would be preoccupied until the couple returned from their date. It wasn't often that she was happy about Skuld's obsessive inventing, but she adored it when it got the nuisance out of her hair. She knew that such a simple task as reassembling a clock would only take her a few minutes, but that few minutes was bliss for Urd.

As predicted, the inventor came crashing back into the room only ten minutes after she was sent away.

"There," she announced as she slammed the new invention on the table. "It's fixed, and better than it was before!"

"How can you make a clock 'better'?" Urd asked, not even looking at the item on the table.

"This one makes ice cream!" Skuld yelled happily, before she grabbed the clock and whisked it away to the kitchen to begin testing it's new function.

Urd sighed to herself, turning her attention back to the television, trying to ignore the excited noises coming from the kitchen. She had successfully tuned out the squeals of the younger goddess, when she was surprised by the clatter of a bowl in front of her.

"Here," Skuld said, her own spoon sticking out of her mouth, "you never eat ice cream, and I think you'd like it."

Urd eyed the ice cream suspiciously, checking for any of the telltale signs of having been tampered with.

"Knock it off," came the annoyed voice from behind her, "you know I don't know how to make any potions. It's just chocolate ice cream."

Urd cast a glance at Skuld, her doubts not fully vanishing, but her curiosity taking over. She dipped the spoon she had been handed into the dessert, and stuck it in her mouth quickly. She froze momentarily, her body in shock from something so sweet. She quickly took another bite, quickly coming to an understanding about how her little sister could eat so much of the stuff. She shoveled spoonful after spoonful into her mouth, before she heard a warning from behind her.

"Don't eat it too fast. It'll give you a serious headache."

Urd only grunted, while she only slightly slowed her consumption. Skuld smiled to herself in satisfaction, not wanting to ruin the moment by gloating, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't do it later. She left the room quietly, heading back to her room to finish off her manga.

Urd had finished her bowl only minutes after Skuld's departure. Though she wanted more, her pride kept her from asking the youngest goddess to make some for her. She slipped into the kitchen, and started fiddling with the new ice cream maker/clock.

"I'm meant for potions," she grumbled, "not electronics." She started twisting the knobs in the back, and pushing whatever button she could find. Her hand slid over a particularly large button, which she figured common sense would dictate that you would make the biggest button do what it is the whole machine was supposed to.

Skuld's reading was interrupted by a loud 'whump' from the direction she had left Urd. She set down her manga and sprinted towards the kitchen. She slid open the door and was met with a cloud of black smoke and an ice cream covered Urd.

"What have you done?!" Skuld screeched, upset by the death of her brand new ice cream clock.

Urd licked the ice cream off her lips to reply, but was interrupted by the sound of Keiichi's voice announcing their arrival home.