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Chapter Fifteen

11 : 11 – Make A Wish


12:56 PM

'When I woke up it seemed-
Like my world was caving in;

I couldn't move.

I know that, deep inside me, fear started to swell in.

Pain- And numbness to contradict it.

Depression- And Love's happiness to debate with it.

These were just some of the thousand emotions that started to swirl inside.

I never once regretted loving Ikuto.


'I won't break down this time-
I'll be fine'

I never actually even thought of it.

Rima.. she's been a great friend. She's been one of my closest friends, and I know how she feels.

If you asked anyone, of course. They'd be feeling the same pain that's Rima is feeling currently, but I can't help but to mentally contradict that by telling myself that Ikuto wasn't at fault here.

Rima was just trying to protect me.

My hands curled into fists.

I felt so weak right now, knowing that I'm pretty much useless. I can't even do anything to ease any of their sufferings.

I sighed and practically let my body collapse to the floor.

Ikuto's father...

What was his motive?

Why did he hurt Rima's father?

It would be too stupid for me to say something like this right now.

"Everything happens for a reason."

And yet this overrused line could actually be the solution to my problem.

"I have an idea." I slightly smiled.


1: 25 PM

'With dull dimensions speaking of the truth,
and howls of chaos, the bleeding of the moon;

I was really screwed up.

It seems like my mind was only focused on two things-

Ending my life, or sit around all day and wait for the best to happen.

Wait for some damned miracle to happen.


2:00 PM

"Come in." A deep, matured voice said. I gulped.

I was out of breath.

Fear ran through every vein of my body.

But there was no turning back.

I closed my eyes and opened the door.


10:14 PM

"So, you wanted to see me." I said, making it sound more like a statement than a question. The blonde's glare never left me while she walked toward me. Hesitant and slow, but very, very motivated.

The hospital's ambience gave more pressure to the both of us.

"I don't have a choice." She gritted through her teeth. She looked at me with a painful look in her eyes – her pained expression gave me a chill down my spine.

But I honestly didn't care.

My eyes were lifeless, and I felt right now, something close to what they call "death."

"Look-.." I tried to say with the voice I have left. My voice was hoarse. Very very hoarse.

"I WILL NEVER, EVER FORGIVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE TO MY FATHER.." She yelped. I jumped in surprise. But she calmed down a bit after a few moments.

"But I can't stop you and Amu from... loving each other." She muttered, almost close to a whisper. "Now that I know that it wasn't completely on your side. I also have my faults. And I'm sorry if what my father did to your mom almost destroyed your family."

"It's our parents' business. I don't really want to butt in. But for me as well. Sorry for my dad's inappropriate reaction for something.. " I paused. "I mean, it was an accident." I almost couldn't get anything to come out. My mind and heart were both heavy.

"True enough. I haven't been matured enough to see my faults. But now, because of my stupidity.. s-she... she even got involved in t-this.." She stuttered, trying to hold back her tears.

'Rounding up this time
I'll be fine; '

"Don't put the blame all on yourself." I muttered darkly.


6:23 PM

"Thank you for having me." I bowed politely, trying to look decent in spite of my puffy red eyes. I sniffed and wiped my eyes for the umpteenth time.

"No, thank you, Hinamori Amu-san." The man smiled- a pure one. "I was able to explain it to someone who was very dear to Ikuto. Please don't misunderstand."

"I completely understand now." I reassured him, smiling a faint smile. He returned it.

"Ikuto... he's just a young man who never got the love he deserved from his father. From his good for nothing father." He added.

"But, that's not true! Maintaining that promise you made with his mother... Although it ended up like that.." I murmured quietly.

I paced back and forth, trying to regain my sanity.

So that's what happened.

I couldn't absorb it all at once though.


4:10 PM

"What?" I practically shouted over the person on the other line. "She went to see that bastard?"

"Hey now, don't sh

out at me! I'm just only bringing the news. Sheesh. I told Rima about this. Right now, she might be at the hospital already. She said she wanted to talk to you." Nagehiko responded.

I didn't know why, but I felt really comfortable talking to this guy.

"Amu.. what time did she get out?" I said, completely ignoring the last sentence he said.

"I don't know, maybe around an hour ago. They talked for about an hour, as my sources say."

I remained silent. It was very Amu-like for her to do this, but I couldn't imagine what could have possibly happened to her..

"Don't worry too much too." I was cut off by his sudden change in tone. "She's all in one piece when she got out."

I blinked in surprise, and sighed in relief.

"So where did that Rima girl wanted to meet me again?"


6:30 PM

It was almost ten minutes, but still, no signs of a taxi arriving. Good grief. Should I walk home?

"The reason why I'm this sadistic is because of my past." He truthfully said. "I was physically and mentally abused when I was little. I had to endure that for sixteen years."

He noticed I was looking forward to whatever he had to say, so he continued.

"When I was sixteen, I was determined to move out of that house and live my life on my own. No matter what, I just needed to get away." He paused. "Then I met Ikuto's mother."

I gave up and sat down on a nearby bench. I closed my eyes and let the memories from earlier play in my head like a recorded movie.

"She was my sanctuary." He smiled. "She didn't give up on me, and still accepted me even though I've hurt her countless.. countless and countless of times." I frowned a bit.

"Because actually, to me, hurting people is a way of calming myself down, or getting rid of negative emotions that I possesed. It was an inborn habit that I couldn't get rid of. Believe me, I tried tons of rehab centers. But still, nothing.

When I told her this, I actually proposed that we should break-up, because I know that I'll probably hurt her even more in the future. But that woman.." He paused, "Held my hands and said, she'd be there until the last moment of her life. She told me she'd be there for me, beside me. Always with me." I felt something warm and fuzzy inside.

"In truth, the more I hurt that person, the more I care about that person. It's like.. I'm showing it as a form of my affection. I know, I'm probably insane to you."

"But I can release all of my violence too, if I'm angry, tenfold."

"Mashiro Rima's father.. the reason why he's still in a coma right now, is because I almost killed him." He stopped, observing how I would react. I only looked at him with my eyes telling him, "please continue."

"They were at this grand alumni homecoming – something like a reunion. Apparently, Mashiro (refering to the father) still had feelings for my wife. He got drunk and.. he attempted to rape her."

I gaped.

"So I only did what's necessary."

"Mommy? Where are you? Mommy!" A child's voice called out.

My eyes flew open.

"Don't you like being in my company?" A man's voice answered the child, sounding thoroughly offended.

I looked over to my right side. A child was trying to find his mother. But his father was with him.

"I don't like you at all! Give me back my mommy!" The child cried and ran towards the streets.

I stood up instinctively, and followed the man who was chasing after his son.

"I never knew he'd still be in a coma until now." He said solemnly. I only tried to teach him a lesson. But Ikuto.. he was only three years old at that time, tugged my sleeve." He closed in eyes, as if nostalgia was filling his every bone right now. "He told me to stop it, and smiled at me.. he looked so much like his mother."

"Tears came out that time, and I hugged him tight. His mother was still in the hospital that time; I never felt that way before. Our precious child tried to stop me, and it worked.

After that incident, I locked myself away in the office, working until my knees dropped. I thought it would be a way of reliving the depression and sadness that's present in my heart.

Ikuto's mother was weak from the beginning - and that's the reason why I don't come home as well. I don't want to do something violent towards her.

And that's the reason why Ikuto never ever considered me as his father.

Because I never spent any time with him. And on top of that, I even hurt his mother physically despite her present stage. I couldn't explain it to a young boy. I couldn't tell him that this was a physiological disease. He wouldn't have understood." He ended, his voice sounded like he was about to cry.

The boy was a fast runner. He reached the highway faster than I could've imagined.

His father couldn't catch up to him that fast, but the distance was near.

"Stay away from me! Give me back my mother! You never loved her! You never went home!" The boy interjected, heading for the middle of the streets.

"Hiro! Don't go there! There are many cars passing by!" The man pleaded. "Come back here! I'm begging you!"

The world never fails to find a way to show irony.

"I will never forgive you!" The boy, Hiro shouted back.

And something large distracted me.

A truck was heading towards the boy.

His father instinctively ran toward him.

"HIRO!" His father shouted, running towards him and hugged him tight, his back facing the large vehicle approaching them with light-speed as if to protect his son.

Somehow, at that moment, time slowed down for me. I reflected on everything –

And I couldn't let this boy.. lose his father.

I wouldn't let another Ikuto be born. I won't let another boy experience the same pain as the man whom I loved so much is experiencing right now because of me.

I thought at that moment, If we hadn't met on that day.. when we fell into that awkward position,

If he hadn't discovered that I was a narcisisstic freak,

He wouldn't feel the added pain of Rima's bitterness and another heavy family burden because of me.

If only we haven't met, Ikuto.

Then maybe, just maybe.

Your life would be better.

"I'm sorry, Ikuto." I smiled as the tears ran down my face.

I ran towards the direction of the man hugging his son, and with all the force that's left inside of me, I pushed him out of the way.

The man looked at me with surprised and thankful eyes, but at the same time, sad ones.

He knew what the outcome of this would be.

I smiled in response, and before I knew it, I felt a large impact collide with my body.

It hurt. It was very painful.

But the feeling of contentment was ever-present in my heart.

Guess what, Ikuto?

I think I became a hero today.

I just saved a father and his son from dying.

They had the same problem as you.

Maybe, this is all I could do to help you somehow.

You probably don't want to see another you.

I know you don't want to see others in pain anymore.

I'm sorry Ikuto.

I will forever, love you.

I smiled for the last time as everything finally went black.


7:00 PM

"So that's what really happened." I sighed. I couldn't help but to laugh bitterly. The blonde girl just stared at me and sighed as well.

A doctor hurriedly ran towards who knows where. A nurse came after him.

Feeling a bit curious, I asked the nurse.

"What happened? Was there an emergency?" I asked.

"Y-Yes..!" The nurse seemed very tense and nervous. "A-A girl just saved a man and his son from getting hit by a truck!" She said. "She was said to be around your age."

"Wow, that's amazing." Rima said in surprise.

I felt something pierce me.

I didn't know, but I sensed something was wrong.

Another nurse came by.

"Aaah! Catherine! Run after the doctor! Tell him that the victim wasn't the brunette! The girl that got hit had pink hair, I'm sorry! My vision had probably blurred at that moment.." The nurse shouted.



Pink hair?

I only knew one person who had pink hair.




This wasn't possible.

This wasn't happening.

Rima had the same dumbfounded look as I did. We both ran towards where that nurse named Catherine went to.

Please.. No.

11:02 PM

'Turn the key enough for rescue,
and burn the light, the light that burns through-

"Mr. Tsukiyomi?" The doctor's voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Y-yes?" I asked, my voice barely audible.

"You can go see her now." She said, smiling faintly.

'But here it comes again
It rains down-

I glanced at the nameplate, and couldn't help but to shudder.

Hinamori Amu ; Room 305

I knocked and opened the door.

"Amu?" I said softly.

I went over to where she is.

'Am I lost and can't be found?
Heaven's locked, hell not a sound-
All my angels left and gone,
It rains down '

"Mmm." She replied softly as well. I felt my stomach turn in what my eyes saw.

She was injured all over – her arms, her limbs were wrapped up in white bandages – almost every part of her body seemed to be in pain – except her face.. her beautiful, beautiful face.

"I-Ikuto." She tried her best to make her voice loud, but she failed. All I heard was a small whimper- small enough to make my heart melt.

I burst into tears.

"So you don't show your face to me and instead go to my father. Then afterwards you go into hero mode and save this random man and his son from a truck. Now look where it got you, you're covered in thousands of bandages and a lot of tubes are around you." I said immaturely, trying to make it sound funny in spite of my shaking voice. She smiled in response.

That beautiful, angelic smile.

My heart was shattered into pieces.

"Of course." She muttered. "You know," She said softly, "I saved that boy because I thought we was like you." She smiled.

"Like me?" I asked.

"You know, the thing with your father and all." She paused and looked at me, as if asking me if she could continue. I nodded and smiled.

"Well, he detests his father for whatever reason, and somehow they both ended up in that highway. I followed them because that boy reminded me so much of you. I even thought that it was gonna grow up just like you." She giggled softly. I couldn't help but to smile.

"But I thought to myself at that moment, that I wouldn't want someone to lose his father because of a mistake he has done. I wouldn't want him to regret for the rest of his life, that he wasn't able to do something at all." She turned to me. Her eyes were as lonely as mine, but her gentle and soft expression was still visible. She slowly lifted her not-that-much-bandaged-hand to my face.

"About that," I said, caressing the hand that was on my face, "I think I'll have a talk with father soon." I smiled.

If I hadn't known better, she was grinning. I sighed.

"Hinamori Amu, you will be the death of me."

"Good, because I won't let you die either." She smiled softly. "You know Ikuto, we all make mistakes. But what I want you to do right now is, live your life a little. Breathe in and out a little. Take a break from life's cruel nature and try to look on it's positive side. I want you to live your life starting today as a new person – as a new man. If not, I will never agree to anything you say." She joked lightly.

"I will." I told her. "As long as you'll be there by my side."

"Forever." She agreed. I sighed for the last time and kissed her on the forehead.

"No cliché statements like that. I wouldn't want this to sound like some geeky teen-romance movie." I grumbled.

"Then make a vow with me." She persuaded.

"Wouldn't that make it worse?"

"Probably, but love does cause everything to be related to being cliché."

"True enough." I sighed. She laughed silently. She looked outside the window, then back at me with an unreadable expression.

11 : 11 PM

"What's up?" I asked.

"What time is it, Ikuto?" She asked.

"11:11 PM." I said, while raising one eyebrow.

"EH?" She interjected. "Hurry up! Make a wish! Make a wish with me!" She smiled and held my hand tightly.

I didn't know what was going on, but I closed my eyes.

Whatever anyway.

"I wish this would last for eternity."

I opened my eyes and I saw a smiling goddess in front of me.

"What did you wish for?" She asked curiously.

"For this, to last eternally."

My lips met hers.

Sometime in the future~

"Hey hey, look~" A random schoolgirl pointed. "Aren't they sweet?" She giggled to her other friends.

"Someday, we'll find someone like that to be with us too!" Another girl mused.

A view of two people in a wheelchair, as the old man holds the mirror for the old woman to put her hair into a bun.

"See, you're still beautiful." The old man joked.

"I know." The old woman agreed jokingly. "I always will be."

They both laughed in harmony, as their fingers entwined under the shade of that old oak tree.



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