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It was already 10 in the morning when I woke up. Technicolor Dolls, Still Fire and Digitaly Manipulated's members fell asleep on the bus. Sleeping in a sitting position made my back stiff. I stretched my arms and decided to take a look outside. I set aside the orange-red thick linen curtain. It rebealed a view of rice or cornfields. Or maybe they were just tall grasses? I'm not entirely sure. I stood up and walked to the front seat wbere Hotaru and Yuu were discussing some matters over tumblers of coffee.

"Where on Earth are we already?" I asked Hotaru.

"Somewhere along South Carolina..."

"Uh... How many more hours before we get to Florida?"

"Twenty four more hours, more or less..."

"Nice..." I replied sarcastically and made my way back to my seat.

As I walked, I can't help but pull out my iPhone and take pictures of my friends who were still asleep. Or just simply closing their eyes. I giggled as I took a shot of Nobara with her lips slightly parted, Tsubasa in a weird sleeping position, Anna and Kitsuneme in a cuddling position. Nonoko sleeping on Koko's lap and Ruka sleeping... Like a handsome prince. I blushed as I pressed the shutter.

"Planning to make it your wall paper?" Someone whispered in my ear.

"Nya~!" I turned around and found myself face to face with Natsume. He snatched my phone. He caught me off guard.

"Hey give that back to-" he raised my phone above his head and looked at it for a while and shoved it back to my hands. After that, I stared at him as he went back to the back of the bus and raised his feet and slept again.

I resumed walking back to my seat. As I sat, I looked at my phone only to find that Natsume had changed the wallpaper. Apparently, it was a shot of me struggling to get my phone back and he was looking down at me, handsome though void of emotion.

"Kyaaaaa! Natsume!" I hissed as I stood up and made my way to his seat.

"You devil what gave you the right to..." I said as I punched him playfully though he avoided every single punch I throw. I was panting when I finished venting my emotions to him regarding that he had no right to do that.

"Such a jerk..." I said as I stood and started to leave.

"Don't ever change that." he said, stopping my departure. "You still owe me Polka-Dots. This is a command."

And as I started to make my way back again, I can't help but think 'what the hell is his problem?"

Day passed by and we stayed on the bus the whole day to arrive sooner in Florida. We just agreed that we would stop by the towns on our way back to New York. I spent most of the day talking to Ruka since Hotaru seems to be discussing so much with Yuu and my band mates are busy with their lovers. Even Nobara is busy with Mochu.

"Hey Ruka, could you move the curtain?" I asked him for he is beside

the window.

"Uh... Ah- Okay. Sure. Here." he said as he moved the curtain aside revealing a scenery of flat terrains and trees with the sun set. The sky was a hazy shade of purple turning to orange at the bottom. The sun was already nowhere in sight, or my sight.

"Ahhhh. What a beauty…." I said as I leaned over the window, opened it and started to take pictures of the scenery, feeling the strong wind that's blowing my hair. "You know what Ruka, I wish I could paint something like this." I said as I continued taking pictures. Ruka didn't respond. I looked over my shoulder and found him very red and staring at me. "What?" I asked. No reply. "Ruka?" I said as I closed the window.

It was then that I realized that I have been leaning over Ruka's lap the whole time.

"Nya! Ruka, I'm so sorry! Oh my god, I must be so heavy. Look at you you're so red! You must've had a very hard time. I'm so sorry Ruka, forgive me!" I said. I was so embarrassed that I could feel myself turning red.

"I-i-it's alright Sakura! No need to worry! I-i-I I uh-ah-uhm-hm-ah! Remembered something. Sorry I j-j-just spaced-d out. Sorry. Don't say sorry…" He said fastly. I was filled with relief.

'Phew. I thought you couldn't breathe because I was so heavy…"

"How could you be heavy, Sakura. You barely have meat." He said with a laugh and leaned back on the seat. "I guess that's a compliment? Thanks!" I said with a smile.

"Hey. I have some chocolate from my mom, want some?" He said as he grabbed a grayish-green chocolate box that says "Michel Cluizel" Then a signature at the bottom of the name from his leather hand carry bag. "From Paris?" I raised a brow. "Mom is French… have I told you that before?" He asked as if recalling from his memory.

"Ohh… I can't remember either." I said trying my hard as I can if he really did tell me that.

"Here, I think you should try this one over here." He offered getting a piece of a square-shaped chocolate. "Tha- mwuff!" he suddenly stuffed it on my mouth. "Rukuh," I said with the chocolate still on my mouth. He laughed. "Whutch sho," I gulped the chocolate and continued my sentence. "What's so funny?" I asked as I puffed my cheeks out of hobby when I am a bit annoyed.

"It's just you look so cute talking with a full mouth." He said and chuckled. "Hmph. Laugh all you want. I don't care. But what you did was so wrong! You couldn't just stuff chocolate in my mouth! Or any other people's mouth just like that." I lectured.

"Well, that's payment for the chocolate." He said with a wink. "What?!" I exclaimed. I slapped my forehead and chuckled. "I should have known. There are no more free things in this world." And he laughed.

"But did you like it?" He asked with a smile.

"Yeah! I've never tasted anything as sweet as that! It tasted like pure cocoa!" I said still tasting the lingering taste of the chocolate. "Well, feel free to get more. But I think you should try this one first before anything else." He said as he, again, suddenly stuffed another chocolate on my mouth. "Hey are you really trying to annoy me?" I asked as he just laughed it out.

That night, I fell asleep right by his seat.

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