This is my one-shot which takes place in New Mood toward the end of Chapter 16. The Twilight Saga, characters, settings, and some of the plot details are not mine, but belong to the talented Stephanie Meyer. This is merely a fanfic of what I would have liked to have seen happen between Jacob and Bella. It's from Jacob's point of view. Hope you like it.


Bella has just been saved by Jacob from her near drowning and he's taking her home.

I walked Bella to her truck, holding her close to my bare chest and keeping my arm around her in an effort to keep her warm. I jumped into the driver's seat without bothering to ask, I knew she was in no condition to drive. I pulled her next to me to position my arm back around her. She leaned into me, laying her head against my chest.

"If you drive me home in my truck how are you going to get back?" she asked.

With one hand on the steering wheel I began to pull the truck away from my house and answered, "Well I wasn't planning on getting back. That bloodsucker's still out there remember?"

I felt her shudder in my embrace and wondered if she wasn't going into shock.

We sat in silence as I drove to her place. With the adrenaline out of my system and the exhaustion momentarily at bay my mind had a chance to try and process what just happened. Why the hell did she jump? She had to have noticed the wind and the rain. How could she have thought that jumping into the water during a hurricane was a good idea? All she had to do was wait for me, I would have tried to talked her out of it, promised her we'd do it another day. If that didn't work I would have jumped with her for crying out loud. Was she trying to kill herself, was she that messed up over him?

This time it was my turn to shudder and it definitely wasn't because I was cold. I felt a huge ache in the middle of my chest at the thought of losing her. I loved her so much, I couldn't imagine being in a world without her. If she was trying to end her life, how could she be so selfish? Didn't she know how much she'd hurt all the people who cared about her? And for what, just because some worthless parasite decided she wasn't good enough for him? I felt a growl start to build in my chest right below the ache.

I realized that my hands had tightened on the steering wheel, white knuckle tight, while I'd been lost in my dark train of thought. I let out a slow, low breath and eased up my grip. I shot a quick glance at Bella out of the corner of my eye. She looked like she was lost in troubling thoughts of her own. I wanted to say something light and funny to brighten the mood, but my mind was still reeling. I couldn't think of what to say.

I pulled up in front of her dark house and let the truck idle for a moment before turning the key and letting it die. In the sudden silence I couldn't help but put my other arm around her and squeeze her to me, holding her there. I let myself take a deep breath and inhale the sweet scent coming off her hair. I was so happy to have her alive. I felt like I could cry.

"I'm sorry Bells," I apologized, "I know you don't have the same feelings for me that I do for you and I promise I'm okay with that. I'm just so happy that you're all right." I laughed, feeling truly happy.

For a moment, one blessed moment, she leaned into my embrace, letting me hold her, fitting into my arms like she had been made just for me to hold. I felt the ache in my chest ease and melt away. But then I felt her stiffen and I immediately let her go, not wanting to cause her any discomfort. I reached for the door.

"Wait," she whispered, "Just a minute." She sounded a little breathless.

I turned my head back toward her trying not to anticipate what she was about to say. She looked momentarily torn, worrying her lower lip. But then the small crease between her brows smoothed and she timidly raised her hand to touch my face. I felt my eyes widen with surprise. What could this mean?

I felt myself leaning toward her unable to stop myself. I watched as she tentatively moistened her lips. I could feel her sweet breath on my face and I felt dizzy. I inched toward her as slowly as my pounding heart would allow. Could this really be happening? I nervously licked my lips and lifted my eyes to meet hers silently asking for permission. All I saw there was need that matched my own. I slowly inclined my head letting my eyes drift shut as I gently pressed my lips to hers. They were so warm and soft. I shifted myself to be nearer to her and took my hand from the door handle and placed it gently on her waist while my other arm slid between her and the backrest to pull her closer to me. I felt my heart stutter and my breath hitch as I felt her body sway into mine. She brought her hand down from my face letting it rest on my chest and brought her other hand up to rest there too. As I kissed her more urgently I felt her lips part and felt a sigh escape them. I moved my hand from her waist to put both arms around her and crush her too me. This was incredible. It was like a dream come true. How could this be happening? Did she finally realize that I was the one who truly loved her?

I reluctantly pulled myself away needing to see her face, needing to know if this was real or if she was just humoring me, maybe she really was going into shock. I watched as her eyes fluttered open and I stared into their warm chocolate depths. She smiled up at me and said the words I'd longed to hear.

"I love you Jake."

Wow! My heart was hammering so hard I felt like it would jump right out of my chest. My whole body was tingling from the euphoria that her words had cause.

"Oh Bells, I love you too."

I let one of my hands slide up into her damp hair and stop at the back of her neck. With a triumphant smile I pulled her face toward mine and brushed my lips against hers. The next minute she was up on her knees with her arms around my neck pushing her lips to mine, the length of her body against me. I wound my arms around her easily bringing my hands to rest on the backs of my arms. I was in heaven. This was incredible! I moaned as she parted her lips yet again. I couldn't help but wondering if she would allow me to deepen my kiss. I moved ever so slightly to place her bottom lip between my lips. She returned my kiss eagerly. I became emboldened by her reaction and let my tongue dance lightly on her lower lip feeling the smoothness of it. I felt her shiver against me. My tongue continued to trail along her lip, reverently asking for permission to intensify my kiss. I felt her mouth soften and allow me entrance. I moaned and roughly griped the backs of my arms. The next thing I knew I felt her velvety tongue gently dip between my lips and begin to wind around mime. Immediately I felt my body respond and my kisses became feverish and demanding. I felt breathless and lightheaded. This was amazing. But I didn't want to push her too far. With unimaginable effort I dragged my lips from hers desperately trying to catch my breath. My eyes opened to find her feeling equally disheveled with her pouty lips swollen from our kissing. I smiled at her and she returned my smile full force. My heart soared.

"Maybe we should turn it down a notch," I suggested, "The last thing Charlie needs when he comes home is to fine us necking in the truck and the windows all steamed up." I chuckled at just how enticing that sounded.

She let out a contented sigh and with a smile said, "Yeah you're probably right."

I opened the truck door and inhaled sharply as the cool are entered the cab of the truck. I gasped, my body going ridged and my nostrils flaring. "Holy crap!" I shouted.

Bella's eyes widened in alarm as I slammed the truck door shut and savagely twisted the key bringing the truck to life. I felt myself shaking violently trying to decide whether to phase or get Bella the hell out of here.

"What's going on?" she cried. Fear coating her words.

I stupidly revved the engine to hard and the damn thing stalled. "Vampire," I snarled through my clenched teeth.

I glanced at Bella and saw the blood drain from her face. "How do you know?" she asked.

"I can smell the damn thing! Ugh!" I shouted in frustration as my eyes darted trying to look everywhere at once. I looked at Bella's frightened face and knew I had to keep her safe. "Okay. Let's get out of here," I said scanning the street.

I turned the key in the ignition and the engine roared. I heard the tires peel out as I jerked the wheel around turning the truck the other way. I speed down the dark street both hands on the wheel my heart hammering in my chest. I had to get Bella out of danger. I had to get her to safety. I was her protector. Failure was not an option. The tires zoomed across the pavement as we left Forks behind flying back to La Push.