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Oh, of course! Every little detail of the plan is thought through, except what happens when they actually enter the lab.

"Hostage 17," a big tooth-gap smile peered before them. "Mr Finn, how pleasant of you both to join me." This is what you get for being an idiot, Riley.

Chapter 36- Bullet-Brain

Riley stared wide-eyed at the demon. This was the last he would ever want to face. Luckily, he was chained firmly to the examining seat he sat on. But that didn't ease the queasiness in his stomach. The fact, however, that he saw the same drug that was given to Spike being pumped into the gruesome demon's bloodstream, did. The nurse that treated him continued without any recognition of their entrance.

"Hugs for brother?" two shriveled arms flung out with the question. The demon looked like it had small pea-sized holes over every loose strand of skin.

"Ah, no," Spike replied confidently, "I wouldn't want to catch whatever you seem to have," he scowled, waving a finger in his direction.

The demon laughed a chest-deep chuckle. "I don't have anything yet, seventeen. I'm soon to be all sick and weak like you, though, thanks to Dr Keevil. What a lovely man, hey?"

"Lovely man, my ass. You best be wishing your lucky stars he didn't give you the same shit."

"Pfft," he waved it off, "it's all good after the cure."

Riley's eyebrows perked, "What cure? I haven't heard about any cure?"

"The antidote?" Spike questioned.

"The antidote..." the gap-teethed smile returned with a content sigh, "it's all but a few days away."

"Hey, bullet-brain! Not 'ere for a picnic party, where's the cure?"

He pointed towards a metal table behind the nurse. Spike immediately walked over and reached for the syringe that sat lonesome on the slab.

The nurse stopped and slapped her little palm on the top of Spike's hand, like the naughty little boy he was. "Ah-uh-uha," she tisked.

"'Ey, woman! That 'urt!"

"Silly, naughty, naughty. Can't steal, now, can we? No, no, no. Doctor will be not be happy to hear what you tried to do. No, not at all. He will be happy you came back though! Oh, ever so happy! Good solider, Finn, very good. Bring back the naughty vampire," she smiled.

Spike laughed a non-humorous laugh. "Not comin' back, crazy," he scoffed.

Riley shoved Spike in an 'shut-up' attempt, "Yes, Ms Burolan, I've brought Hostage 17 back," he announced, grabbing Spike's hands behind his back, "Could you please get the antidote ready while I put him in his cell?"

"'Ay, what the-" Spike struggled, before Riley twisted his wrist.

The nurse didn't seem to notice, "Oh course, Finn-boy. I'll let the Doctor know, he'll be ever so pleased."

"No, no, Ms Burolan. That won't be necessary. I would like to surprise him later on. I wouldn't want to disturb his current appointments."

Ms Burolan gave herself a little smack on the head, "Of course, silly Irene. Don't interrupt the special Doctor, oh no, he wouldn't be happy."

"No, he wouldn't," Riley agreed with a warm smile, "I'll be back in a few minutes to pick it up, could you begin as soon as possible?"

"Indeed, yes, boy. Take this fine man back to his cell too," she asked, pointing to the gap-toothed demon, "would you please? It will be ready in fifteen minutes, be back then, yes?"

"Sure, Ms Burolan. Thank you." Riley untied the demon's restraints and lead him out, along with Spike, of the room.

Once out of sight, Riley released Spike's hands. "I'm glad you caught on, soon enough, Spike."

"Yeah, yeah," Spike grumbled, rubbing at his wrist, "Could'a let me in on your litt'a plan though, Captain!"

"Didn't really have a chance, now, did I?"

Spike sighed, defeated, "Whatever..."

"What's going on, then?" asked the demon.

"Shut it Bullet-Brain," Spike hissed, "you want outta here, you listen to what we 'ave to say, got it?"

"I don't want out!" he cried, "I need the cure, can't leave without the cure!"

"Oh, we'll take you out." Riley threatened, "Set your weak-ass in the path of the slayer. Unless, you tell us everything we want to know, right here, right now."

"Ask me anything, anything!" he pleaded.

"What is the cure?"

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