After watching the movie I Am Legend, I was sort of inspired to write a fanfic about Felicity the American Girl experiencing what that poor chap in the movie was forced to go through. I thought to myself, what would it be like of Felicity had to undergo such a depressing existence like that? (This Felicity fanfic may contain depressing and tragic thematic elements, so 'tis advisable to bring Kleenex with you in case you start crying.)

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Felicity the American Girl, or Penny the horse.


The Last Child In Williamsburg

A Felicity An American Girl Fanfic

Written By: Commander Cody CC-2224


I, Felicity

June, 1777

My name is Felicity Merriman. I am twelve years old and I live all alone in the town of Williamsburg, with not a single human soul in the world to keep me company. My family members and friends, and everyone that I know, are gone, possibly forever.

As I look out the porch, I notice every day how desolate this once bustling town is. The houses are boarded up, and the dusty streets are overrun with litter. Everything is eerily quiet.

The only soul left in this godforsaken town to keep me company, aside from God Himself, is Penny, my beloved chestnut-copper mare. When I think about it, she is worth more to me more than anything, especially in a dreadfully lonely circumstance like this. Oh, how I long for human company! I so dreadfully miss Mother and Father, my sweet and sensible younger sister Nan, my mischievous brother William, and my baby sister Polly. I even miss my best friend Elizabeth Cole. And I even especially miss my beloved Benjamin Davidson, my father's apprentice in the General Store. At twelve years of age for a girl like me, 'tis very tough to get over the painful, heart-wrenching loss of my loved ones. I keep wishing with all my heart that I had never taken them for granted.

The whole reason why I'm stuck up in this painful existence is because of what I did, two months ago, back when I was celebrating my twelfth birthday with my family and friends. You see, 'twas the King of England who attempted to subdue the Colonies through the use of a special potion that was thought to have the ability to make us colonists subservient to him. However, something went wrong, and two sets of humans were created: one that literally does nothing and dies, the other whose humanity is overridden by their animal instincts. Almost everyone in Williamsburg was infected by the likes of such a potion, and Father told us that Congress had just issued a direct order for quarantine, which would be backed by the Continental army. Fortunately my friend's family managed to escape this place, and so did my family as well. I would have gone with them had I not been so stubborn about bringing Penny along. Before Penny and I could make our reach to freedom, the quarantine order was given, allowing our route of escape to be completely cut off when the bridge across the James River was blown up using gunpowder barrels. Such a foolhardy thing I did; Mother always told me how stubborn and foolhardy I was, and the predicament I'm in is the result of my foolhardy actions. I keep wishing that I had listened to Mother. When all was lost, I hugged Penny and cried until I had no more tears left.

By sheer luck, or rather a miracle, Penny and I survived the aftermath. The rest of the survivors in this dismal place were, regrettably, not so lucky as we are. Mayhap those known and unknown survivors were literally gotten rid of by the savages the King created.

Almost every day I have to keep vigilance, for that is the price of keeping my life. When I have nothing to do, or when I'm done with doing various chores and filling my stomach I take my repose in the parlor room and keep a loaded Brown Bess and a flintlock pistol with me, as well as a barrel or two's worth of gunpowder nearby. I know 'tis unladylike for me to use guns, but when I know that my life and the life of my beloved horse is at stake I take desperate measures. Penny comes in and nudges me gently nearby, as I take comfort and solace in her warm, horsy scent.

'Tis dinnertime. I go the lonely path to the kitchen to help myself with a junk of fresh beef and loaf of bread that I managed to get my hands on from the deserted bakery. Our supply of oats as run out, so I feed Penny with a fair portion of whatever is left in this lonely town that I manage to gether.

After tonight's meal I make sure the entire house is boarded up and go to sleep in the parlor room, resting on Penny's back. I do not usually go back to my bedchamber to sleep there anymore for fear that something will happen to Penny, and if something were indeed to happen to her, I should like to be with her to the very end. After all, in the past two months we have been very close companions.

I close my eyes and reminisce on those bittersweet memories of my foolhardy actions during the time when Penny and I were so close to our reach for freedom, and yet so far when our escape route was sealed off.