Oh Dumbledore, you fool! You complete and utter fool. Do you have any idea what you did?

Dumbledore showed me memories of Tom Riddle to show he had been evil from the beginning. I saw different. I saw a boy who was abused and unloved. I saw myself.

People aren't born evil. Sure, they may be predisposed to it, or put into circumstances where they have a greater chance of becoming it, but somewhere along the line there's a choice. Some people don't notice they fall so slowly they don't even see it; others make the choice for power. Or revenge.

Dumbledore said we were different. I know better. Growing up with the Dursley's, I would have done anything just to make them hurt. I too, stole trinkets and hid them as small acts of rebellion. It was the only act of defiance I could do. In the end I would have done anything to be rid of them… no matter the cost. When I first learnt of magic, my first thought was how I could make them pay.

Tom Riddle may have fell, but at least he did it on his own terms.

And you could have stopped it Dumbledore, if you had just looked just a little harder. You saw a 10 year old boy and saw an heir of Slytherin. You saw evil. In that way you are just as prejudiced as you claim him to be. You saw a Slytherin and so never cared enough to help him.

There's a price for not caring.

You saw evil, I saw a boy who just needed someone to care. Of course he wanted to be special Dumbledore, he had been told he was no one all his life. You really didn't think I thought the same thing? We both desperately wanted a different life. He grew up unwanted and alone and when my parents died you sentenced me to the exact same hell.

And you call him evil.

Don't you see the pattern Dumbledore?

The muggles told him he was nothing and he seeks to destroy them. You and others thought he was evil because he was in Slytherin, now he's trying to destroy you too. I bet that when he began Hogwarts, the Purebloods looked down on him, believing him to be muggleborn. How ironic that they now kiss the robes of a half-blood and spend their lives being tortured by him. I don't think he cares about purity as much as you believe. In the ends he just wants to hurt the world.

After all, it hurt him first.

And you could have stopped it you fool, if you and the rest of the world had just tried to help. You create your own enemies Dumbledore, and it was you who created Voldemort. All that time spent watching him and you could never truly see him. You condemned him, but you never tried to save him.

He once told me we were alike and he was right. Want to know why I'm not doing what he did? After all, I hate the world as much as he did. I've been hurt by muggles, called evil by the world, been looked down on by purebloods. It's because Dumbledore, I have seen what I could become, if I ever went too far.

It has nothing to do with love, like him I have never known it.

You never admit to your own mistakes, but you are all too happy to point out the mistakes of others. You made a mistake with Tom Riddle and now Voldemort wants you dead. Personally I think he's entitled.

You could have saved him, instead you condemned him and in turn he condemned the world.

Oh Dumbledore, you fool.