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To Be With You

From Scarlett's point of view:

He is the kindest, gentlest human being I have ever known. He never thinks of his safety before the safety of others. That's one of the reasons I love him so much.

Every night, I wish we were in each other's arms. No other man in the world makes me feel the way I do when I'm with him. I know he feels differently, but I blame myself for us not being able to be together. A part of us both died in that accident.

If he came in here right now and told me that he wanted to be with me I would tell him yes. I would never look back at all the years we missed being apart, I would only look forward towards the years we would have, together.

My heart belongs to him, and it will stay that way until the day I die.

From Snake Eyes's point of view:

When I look at her I know that I have done something in my life that has true meaning. Sometimes, late at night, I move quietly into her bedroom to watch her sleep and listen to the sounds of her breathing. I want to touch her and to hold her then, but I know that I cannot.

After the accident, she still wanted to be with me. She did not care about the fact that I was disfigured. She saw beyond all of that. She saw that I was still the man she fell in love with. But how long would that have lasted? How long would she have endured looking at my face? I can barely look at my face, so how could I expect her to? What kind of life could we have truly had? My mind says that I made the right decision to push her away, but my heart still aches for her and tells me that my decision was wrong.

I wish that just once I could tell her that I loved her. It was the hardest thing in my life to let her go. The pain I felt to lose a life with her hurt more than the pain of the accident. But I would not trade outcomes for the world. She is still alive, and that is what matters most. Whoever said that to have loved and lost is better than to never have loved at all never lost his love, and most certainly didn't have to keep working by her side every day since then.

So many times I have wished that I could go away from all of this because then I would not have to face her. But the truth is that not seeing her would hurt more.

I love you, Shana O'Hara. And I always will.

The End.