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I started getting ready early this morning. 4 AM. I usually didn't start my morning activities until at least 8. It made things look normal if the lights were off in the house, so usually I just read or played on the lap top until morning hours. I worked at the local bar in town, usually the day shift and weekends. Its crappy money but at least my dad allows us to still live with him. Currently I am taking online courses so I can get my associates degree, and hopefully once Carlie starts school I can go back to get my bachelors and whatever else I need. I want to be an English teacher for elementary school children. I really think its my calling. But then again, how many school teachers are Vampires?

Yep you guessed it. I, Isabella Marie Swan , am now a vampire. It wasn't my choice, and honestly im torn if im grateful or not. The upside is I can be with my daughter always, since she is half vampire she wont grow any older after the age of 17. I will always be stuck at the age of 21. The downside is I have to live eternity without him.

Edward Cullen, my reason for existing, my reason for dying. See, When Carlie was born the Volturi came to see us, They had heard about the half breed child and needed to see it for themselves. Apparently, I knew too much, but Aro and Marcus both felt it was unfair to leave my child without a mother. Caius on the other hand wanted me dead, real nice guy. Aro told me I could be turned and take care of my daughter, that they would leave a guard member or two to stay and help me with my daughter while my blood lust rages.

Fortunately, They didn't have to . Once I was turned by Aro, I went though the burning and screaming in an Alaskan location. Far away from civilization, I hunted and fed on animals. I refused to eat humans, much to Aros Dismay. After a year a human came across my path. It smelled good, and I instantly wanted him. A hiker not much older than myself, easy prey. But I didn't feel the insane thirst, it was barely a scratch in the throat. I had very little blood lust, just enough to keep me alive.

Aro thought it was magnificent and suggested maybe I should track the Cullen's down and talk to Carlisle about this. He would be immensely happy to know we had some common trait. I refused and stated Edward was to never know about me or his child. They agreed and I was free to go back home, but I must never let a human know about my vampire existence, or of my daughters half nature too. I thanked them and actually asked Aro and Marcus to be Carlies god parents. They agreed, and often sent presents for her for no reason. She was going to be spoiled.

I kissed my daughters curly bronze mop and smiled. She looked so much like her dad, Bronze hair and green eyes. In the coming years they would get more specks of Topaz, or Crimson, depending on which blood I fed her. She eats, breathes, and acts like a normal baby, except she requires blood once a week, only one 8 ounce bottle usually does the trick. I myself only hunted once a week and that's usually when I bring home the animal blood for her. Its not fun killing and draining an animal of its blood for my daughter, but it was necessary for her survival until she was old enough to hunt herself.

I walked into the kitchen and began cleaning the dishes, something I usually do the night before, but decided to read Wuthering Heights again. I will never get over that book, it always reminded me of him.

How he would tease me about my choice in literature. I miss him so much. We made love right before my 18th birthday, it was my "gift" I guess you could say. When he asked what I wanted for my birthday, I just responded 'you, all of you, for me to love'. He brought me to the meadow and set up a candlelight dinner, and made love to me right there on the blanket.

The day he broke my heart I thought I would never be able to be whole again. He was the missing piece, now I know hes just part of the piece. My daughter takes up the majority that hole. I still want him in my life, but now I have a piece of him to keep forever. I havent heard from the Cullens since they left 3 years ago. Crazy as it is, I swear my daughter was given to me as a gift, her birthday is even her fathers birthday June 20th.

I decided after dishes, I should probably start Carlies breakfast, she usually wanted pancakes and eggs in the morning. I swear she had the appetite of Uncle Emmett.

"Mommy..?" I heard a groggy voice from upstairs, barely waking up. In an instant I was at her bedside stroking her hair, "Shh, its okay baby, mommys here". She smiled and hugged me softly. I had to be gentle with her at least until she was 17. Then I would give her the biggest hug she ever had. I helped her out of bed, and gave her a warm bath. She squirted me with her bath toys and I piled bubbles ontop of her head like a crown. She was my little princess anyways.

Once she was dried off, and dressed in a pretty little blue dress, I fixed her hair and took her downstairs to eat. I swear she had her fathers speed already, because she was done in a matter of minutes. "Mommy I see pop pop?" Carlie loved my father, he was the male figure besides Jacob, that she had in her life. The only downfall is that Charlie worked all the time, he just came home to sleep and eat. If he wasn't here he was at Sues. They had become quite the item lately. It wasn't so bad it was like I was living alone, a good idea if you have to hide your vampirism.

I picked her up and set her in the car seat, strapping her in and kissing her forehead. "Pop Pop will be over tomorrow night sweetheart. He's working tonight" she just smiled and began to play with her zipper. I cant believe how big she's getting. It feels like only yesterday I held her in those soft pink blankets for the first time.

I dropped her off at her daycare, and kissed her on the cheek and gave her a gentle hug. She looked so beautiful I didn't want to leave. She waved goodbye and took off running with her friends. I walked back out to the car and took off to the bar. The only good thing about working there was my friends Angela and sometimes Jessica were there. Angela's uncle owned the bar , so it was easy for us to get on.

Jessica was practically bouncing as I walked in, what the hell was her problem? "Too much Caffeine this morning jess?" She just stuck her tongue out and said "Id be a bitch too if my ex was in town with the new girl." I stopped and whipped around to look at her smirking. "What do you mean..?" she just rolled her eyes and said "Edward, we saw his family yesterday in town. They were at the local hardware buying stuff to fix up their house. And.." She was cut off by Angela who decided to break the news to me gently. "Bella, Edward was with a blonde woman, and not Rosalie. He had his arm wrapped around her waist and looked…intimate" I felt the bile rise up in my throat… intimate? This couldn't be happening.. I ran over to the trash and threw up. Angela and Jessica were there immediately holding my hair back. "its okay Bella, we wont let him or her near you, or Carlie." I nodded my head. It was no secret who the father of Carlie is. They would have known anyways with the color of her hair and beautiful features.

The day dragged on and nearing 6 when it was almost time for the night shift . I stayed out of those, the people were often drunk and rowdy, that often equals injury and blood. Not a good mix for a vampire, lack of blood lust or not. Just as I was about to clock out, I heard the musical voice of Alice Cullen. "Bella! You're still in town? Why didn't I see that?" she honestly seemed perplexed, and when I turned around she gasped. "Bella..what happened..you're a.." I just nodded and she ran over to wrap me in a big hug. I just stood there motionless, she didn't deserve my forgiveness or care. She left me just like Edward did. Fuck them.

I pushed her back a little, and clocked out on the computer. I grabbed my purse and coat, and headed to the door. Of course being a Cullen, Alice didn't seem to care that I was upset.

"Bella, what's going on? How did this happen?" I just shrugged and kept walking to my car. Slamming the door in her face and sped off. Not giving a shit about the speed limit. I made it there in record time, and signed my daughter out. She slowly put on her coat, I didn't want to alert her or scare her but I felt like if I didn't get it on her now, a Cullen would be walking through the door. But I was wrong, She didn't walk through the door, she was outside. Jasper beside her.

"What do you want from me?? I am living my life, just like you guys told me to do. Why are you doing this to us??" But they weren't listening to me, they were just staring at the little bronze headed girl in my arms. Jasper spoke up first "It cant be.." I just growled at him and put my daughter down, crouching in front of her. "Don't do this Bella, there will be witnesses." She was right, and I noticed my daughter was very frightened. I couldn't do this in front of her. I just quickly swept her up in my arms and walked to my car. "Bella, we cant keep this from Edward, hes going to fucking flip out." I just glared at Jasper and placed my daughter in her seat, buckling her up and kissing her forehead. I quickly got into the drivers seat and sped off. Not sparing another glance at the traitors.