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I pulled up to the large mansion, my hands shaking at the steering wheel. Why was I so afraid of seeing these people again? Oh right, I have been a total bitch to them. They probably hate me. Alice probably knows what happened between Edward and myself , Thank god I cant blush. I would die if they all knew the things we had done, when we both were with someone. Well he was with someone, I'm just pretending to date Jake.


Ugg that stupid Bonfire was going to be a pain in the ass. Now that the Cullens were back I'm sure the pack is just thrilled with the vampire community. Which now happens to have me, the newest member. Well I guess sort of newest, My daughter and now Edwards whore were the newest. Its not fair to call her a whore, she didn't do anything wrong…except date Edward. That's a no no seriously.

I picked up my purse and diaper bag, walking around my car to pick up my daughter out of her car seat. She looked adorable with her bronze hair in pig tails. Usually I would hate pig tails on little girls, It made them look so typical "cute angel child" and we all know human babies are the exact opposite. But my daughter seemed able to pull them off, must be the vampire side.

We walked to the large door in silence. She was more interested in my necklace, Me on the other hand I was freaking out. Hopefully I would be able to just drop her off and leave, no small talk. Parents do that right? Renee and Charlie just sent me on a plane over the summer. I had barely been able to knock before the door swung open to reveal a very excited and..bouncing..Alice.

"Bella!! Carlie!! What a surprise!" I had to roll my eyes at that one, nothing was a surprise to Alice. Carlie looked up at me in question and I just smiled reassuringly at her. I whispered into her ear "This is your Aunt Alice remember?" she just smiled and said "TinkBell". Alice just looked up into my eyes confused and I burst out laughing "Right, a Pixie just like Tinkerbell" Alice just scoffed and patted Carlies head.

Behind her I could see the rest of the family gathering around the hallway and front stairwell. Much like when I first arrived here so long ago, they were perfect like statues. Except this time it was no longer me that was the newcomer, it was my daughter. I was no longer the one that could be frightened, but their own niece, granddaughter and daughter was the one they had to worry about.

My gaze flicked quickly to everyone in the room. Esme and Carlisle were standing by the foot of the stairs, looking like they had just won the grandparent lottery. Alice was still practically vibrating next to Jasper who appeared to be concentration half on calming his wife down, and half looking at the little girl in my arms. Emmett looked like he wanted to squeeze her like a teddy bear and Rosalies eyes were actually on me, watching my reaction. I gave her a small smile and she returned it with a bigger one. Apparently my reaction must have been okay by her standards.

Finally I let my eyes land on the one I will always call my soul mate. Edward. He was looking at my daughter and then his eyes would skim over to me, and back again. Like his mind couldn't make up which one it wanted more. He had a huge toothy smile, one he rarely showed me when I was human, out of fear I would be frightened.

Next to him was the enemy. She seemed quite unsure of how to react and just stared intently on the baby in my arms. Immediately I disliked the vibe coming from her and tightened my grip on Carlie. This action did not go unnoticed by the group before me, and they all darted their gazes to my arms.

"Bella, Carlie will be in good hands. No one will let anything bad happen to your daughter." I thought I saw Edward flinch during Carlisle's speech, but decided I didn't care too much about it. I was still upset that he had walked out after our love making. Hell might as well call it fucking. When you make love you do just that, Make LOVE. Edward probably didn't feel any of that for me.

I nodded my head and turned to look at Carlie, she seemed confused as to what was going on so I set her down on her feet. "Baby, Mommy is going to go see Jacob, I will be back in a little bit. Can you stay with the Cullens for me please?" She looked up at the group and then into my eyes and started to sniffle, shaking her head no. "I see Jake" she said firmly. I heard a soft velvet growl from behind me, and I was instantly angry at him.

"Could you please stop growling at my daughter. She did nothing wrong." I said in a quiet almost whisper like voice I knew my daughter could not hear. All I got in return was a soft "sorry". "Baby, Mommy will be back soon, don't you want to spend time with daddy?" My daughters eyes traveled behind my head to where I knew Edward was standing. She looked back into my eyes as tears came running down her cheeks. "Yes.." she said quietly. I nodded my head and kissed her forehead. This was killing me and I suddenly felt sorry for Jasper. He was probably feeling all my anguish.

I picked up my daughter and went to hand her over to Edward. Before I could he whispered to the woman behind him "Can you keep your thoughts to yourself? If you have a problem leave." I gripped onto my daughter , feeling that maybe this new girl was a threat to my young. I quickly put Carlie behind my back and crouched down. "No Bella! She means our daughter no harm. She just needed to keep her opinions to herself. " Edward sneered the last part to her, almost like a warning. Apparently I wasn't the only one willing to defend our young.

Edward lead me out the front door w/ Carlie and pulled all of us into a hug. I knew this is where I should be, In his arms, with our beautiful daughter. He gently kissed my forehead and nose. I looked into the woods near the La push line and sighed. I had to leave now. Edward sense my reluctance to leave and leaned in to whisper "Your home is always here Bella, with me, Not with the wolves. Please come home to me."

I wanted to scream and to shout that he was with someone else, that this was her home and was no longer mine. But I just kissed my daughters forehead, told her I loved her, and got into my car.

A long night of teasing was ahead of me.


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