The tears streamed down Stephanie's face, nothing could stop them. Today was supposed to be the happiest of her life, she had dreamt about it since she was six years old but the reality had turned into a nightmare. Today was supposed to have been her wedding day but all that changed when he came out. Triple H. She knew he was a heartless bastard but even she never thought he'd stoop this low, to drug her and marry her secretly all to get back at her father. Stephanie looked up at Vince he was pacing up and down the room screaming at them all. Shane looked on worriedly talking on his cell phone, whilst Linda tried to calm her irate husband.

"Don't tell me to calm down Linda!" he yelled. "I don't care about my blood-pressure, okay? I wanna find Helmsley and wrap my hands round his throat!"

Shane hung up the phone. "Look he's long gone by now dad, wait until Smackdown and we can figure this whole thing out."

Vince mumbled something and turned his back. Stephanie looked to her brother hopefully.

"Shane, did you..." she stammered.

Shane sighed and shook his head, "Steph...I'm sorry Andrews gone. He says he needs time to think."

Stephanie hung her head. She knew there wasn't much hope, she saw his reaction at the ceremony. Stephanie couldn't believe all this was happening.

"What's there to think about?" Vince snapped. "Not much he can do about it is there, she's already married...for god's sake Steph how could you be so stupid?" he said turning to his devastated daughter.

"What?" she asked in shock. "I didn't plan this! I didn't want this!" she yelled.

"Obviously none of us planned any of this sweetheart, your fathers not blaming you." Linda said sitting beside her daughter brushing her hair from her face.

"Don't put words in my mouth Linda! If she hadn't have taken that drink then none of this would have happened!" Vince yelled.

"Vince!" Linda replied appalled.

"Well its true! She has to take some responsibility for her actions..." he continued.

Linda stood up, "What about your actions Vince? Triple H would never have targeted Stephanie if it wasn't for you and your little games! Its like what happened with Austin all over again!"

Vince turned red with anger, "How dare you..."

Stephanie stood up, "Stop it all of you! This happened to me! I'm the one he drugged, i'm the one he..." she couldn't bring herself to say what Triple H had implied at the wedding about "consummating" their marriage. "I'm the one who's life is ruined!"

She screamed before bursting into tears and running out of the room. She could hear their calls behind her but she kept of running, down the hotel corridor and into the elevator. She needed to get away from them, she couldn't take anymore. She went into the lobby, it was deserted, she checked her watch, it was almost three am. She ran into the lobby bathroom and splashed some water on her face to wash away the tears. She looked at her reflection, her hair and makeup were the still done from the wedding but it was all off somehow, smeared by tears. She shook her head and fell to the bathroom floor, crying once more. She didn't know how long she sat there, could have been hours. Suddenly in her jean pocket her cell phone vibrated. She expected it to be her father or Shane wondering where she was but it was a number she didn't recognise. She flipped the phone open;

"Hello?" she croaked.

"Well hello Mrs. Helmsley." Came a growl from the other end of the phone.

Stephanie sat bolt up right but didn't say a word.

"Honey?" Triple H said snidely. "Honey are you there?"

Stephanie swallowed hard, "How dare you call me you twisted son of a bitch!"

"Now there's my girl."

"What the hell do you want Helmsley?" she asked.

"What any loving husband wants..." he said pausing briefly, " see his beautiful wife."

Stephanie didn't know what to say.

"Come on you know you want to see me." He said smoothly.

Stephanie snorted, "Your more messed up than I thought." She snapped. "I hate you. You've ruined my life!"

"Exactly. Don't you wanna know why?" he asked.

Stephanie paused for a moment. So many thoughts were swimming through her mind. I must be insane she thought.

"There's a diner a couple of blocks from here." She said. "Be there in fifteen minutes."

"Can't wait."

Exactly fifteen minutes later Stephanie walked into the near empty diner. There was a couple sitting at a table near the door and a drunk guy at the counter. Still she had to search for Hunter, she wondered if maybe he was just messing with her, another one of his sick games. Till finally she spotted him at the back hidden in a booth, he was staring blindly out the window. She took a deep breath and walked over to him, her footsteps in the silence diner broke his gazing and he turned to her. His face broke into a broad grin as she approached him. He slid out of the booth to greet her,

"Well well I must say you look very beautiful. What a lucky guy I am to have a wife like you." He said mockingly.

"Cut the crap." Stephanie said sitting down. "I'm not your wife."

"That's not strictly true now is it." Hunter said sitting back down flashing his wedding ring.

Stephanie was enraged she was about to speak when the waitress came over.

"What can I get you folks?" she said cheerily.

"Just coffee." Stephanie said not looking up.

But Hunter greeted the waitress with a big smile, "Coffee for me too please. You'll have to excuse her, we're newlyweds you know...dont get much sleep." He said with a wink.

The waitress giggled and walked away.

Stephanie felt sick to her stomach at his words.

"This is all a big game to you isn't it?" she asked.

Hunter just shrugged, still grinning.

"I don't understand how you can just sit there like that, after you ...after what you did to me..." she stammered.

"And what was that Princess?" he asked.

"You spiked my drink, kidnapped me from my bachelorette party and then married me against my will! And then"

Hunter leaned forward. "Hold up there, I didn't do anything to you."

"What?" Stephanie asked perplexed.

"Ok maybe that's a lie. The drink and the marriage thing yes, but I didn't you anything else to you." He said. "Scouts honour."

"But at the wedding you many times we..." Stephanie mumbled.

Hunter sighed, "Yea that was just to rile the old man. I may be many things Steph but I'm not a complete monster."

Stephanie didn't know what to say. She didn't have a chance. The waitress came back with their coffee's and a plate of brownies.

"Here just a little something, on the house." She said.

Hunter smiled, "Thanks. See honey isn't that nice."

Stephanie just sipped her coffee.

"Look cut the crap Helmsley, why the hell did you want to see me?"

Hunter paused and then said, "I want my title back, and I want you to get it for me."

Stephanie didn't understand. "What?"

"Look Vince hates me, he's never going to let me be champion again. He's been getting in my face and making all this business stuff personal..."

Stephanie couldn't believe what she was hearing, "So you did all this just for some belt?"

Hunter shrugged, "What the hell did you think it was bout?"

Stephanie didn't answer.

"Why me? There are a million other ways you could have messed with my dad, why did you do this to me?"

"Cause messing with Vince sure is fun but it isn't enough. I need someone on the inside to help me. And who's more on the inside than a McMahon." He said with a grin. "And I sure as hell wasn't going to marry Shane."

"Why marry me though?" she asked, still so confused.

"If I approached you to make an alliance, to become partners you would have turned me down flat and run back to daddy telling him all about nasty Triple H's plans. Whereas now...I have something to bargain with," he leaned closer. "your freedom."

Stephanie snarled at him. "You're sick."

"Probably but right now sweetheart I'm all you have. And if you want to be a free woman again you'll do exactly what I say." He said taking another brownie.

Stephanie snorted, "you're so full of it. I don't have to play your little games, I can just get the marriage annulled, there's no way what you did will stand up in any court."

Hunter nodded, "You're right. But you wont do that."


"You're going to help me." He said matter of factly. "Because of whats in it for you."

"What the hell could I possibly get out of this freak show marriage?" she asked.

"I'm assuming you mean besides an exceptionally handsome and sexy husband of course. You'll get revenge."

"The only person I want revenge on is you." She sneered.

"We both know thats not true." Hunter said grinning. "Are you honestly saying you have no resentment or anger to dear old daddy after everything he did to you last year? Everything he put you through? Where do you think I got the idea in the first place."

Stephanie said nothing. Her mothers words from earlier in the evening echoed in her head. Images flashed through her mind. Of that basement where she was held. Of the fiery symbol burning on the lawn. Of being taken away in the limo screaming for her father. Of being sacrificed on the Undertakers symbol just praying Vince would save her. Then she remembered how it felt when she found out he'd been behind it all. He'd been the one messing with her head. He'd used her for his own sick plans. Finally she spoke up.

"Why would I work with you. You're no better than he is." She said.

"Maybe but at least I'm offering you the chance to settle the score with one of us."

Stephanie shook her head, "This is ridiculous. You're crazy."

Hunter slid out of the booth and walked to her. He bent down to her, Stephanie froze in fear.

"Think about it Princess..." he whispered before kissing her on her cheek and walking away.