Naruto: Claymore number 48

A forest that was overshadowed by a moonless sky reeked. The stench of death and blood filled the air with a horrible stench. Rivers of crimson vitae flowed through the underbrush, in streams as they drizzled and pooled around several bodies.

One lay broken upon a rock as his lifeless eyes stared into the sky. Blood drained down his mouth as a figure atop of him tore through his bone and flesh. Tearing chunks of meat and innards from his torso. The sounds of feasting were audible and bones being crunched could have been heard as the monstrous figure dined on the dead man.

A drop of water was heard and the creature spun around to reveal a horribly monstrous face. Some parts of its face did look human at once, but then, maybe it never was. Its light hue of red skin looked leathery and wide, its maw was filled with large pointed teeth like a shark.

Its predatory eyes were a deep, bright yellow with slitted pupils like a cat. The body on the being was very massive and powerful, hulking muscles flexed with each movement. Suddenly it heard a sound and its eyes searched the underbrush and narrowed at the intruder.

A figure stood in the distance between some trees. The monster stood up at a large seven feet tall as some filthy human dared disturb his succulent meal. No matter, the human would just have to be dessert then and a sick smile adorned his bloodied lips.

Finally, a primal roar bellowed echoed through the woods. The figure in the distance didn't look too bothered, and reached for something on their back.

A large double edged sword was drawn. Emblazoned on the blade itself was a weird symbol, similar to a 'T', except with the cross tips pointing up into the air. Without wasting time, the monster dashed towards its newest victim, a red haze glazed its eyes as it cleared the distance.

Calm silver eyes stared at their opponent, before flashing gold with slitted pupils. The monster was upon the figure now, its claws were up and ready for its attack.

Suddenly the creature stopped dead in its tracks. The figures sword was coated in a thick red fluid as it sliced fluidly through the air. Blood sprayed from its head like a fountain. Its head had slid cleanly off from its lower jaw and landed with a splash into a puddle.

The stood off in the distance, her gold eyes turned back to their regular silver. The large claymore sword clutched loosely in her delicate hand, wavering over the ground. Satisfaction marred her delicate face. Her job was done for the night.


Somewhere, in a small village down south. A large crowd of people surrounded a body lying in the ground. The victim's lifeless eyes were wide with horror; blood smeared everywhere, obviously signifying a rather useless struggle.

"Damn, that's the sixth one," a bystander muttered, women cried and children were quickly ushered away into their homes. Some were already feeling sick from the very smell and sight before them.

"What'll we do at this rate?" another bystander, a man asked angrily. His fist was balled and fury was in his eyes. "Damn it! The last one was just three days ago!

"If we don't do something, we're finished!" a man with a moustache said tersely. "There's no doubt about it," he said to a young man. "There's a Yoma in this village."

Moments later, a mob entered the mayor's home and began protesting.

"They eat out your guts while you're still alive!" a frazzled woman cried with fear in her weathered eyes.

"If we just sit here and wait, we'll be butchered like pigs!" a farmer yelled, waving his pitchfork.

"What'll we do chief?" the young man from before shouted. "That's the sixth one! We've got to kill this thing!"

"Calm down Naruto," the mayor said heavily. The young man of his late teens snorted and crossed his arms together. "Are you proposing that you will kill this Yoma?"

Silence reigned all around. The young man narrowed his crystal blue eyes as he slammed his fist onto the mayor's desk. "Might as well be! If not me then who else will deal with this menace!" Naruto pointed out angrily. "I'm the most skilled fighter in this whole village and you know it!"

The mayor sighed in defeat. "You are right Naruto, in fact, I've never met a soldier more skilled than you yet, my dear black smith," he responded, but his eyes narrowed as he linked his fingers together. "But these beings… these Yoma… they can take your form you know, how would you be able to find one?"

"Not to mention they are agile and lethal, intelligent and remarkably powerful. Much more powerful than you, I'm afraid"

At this the boy known as Naruto snarled as he pulled his fist back from the desk. The mayor noted the large fist sized indent in his desk, and said nothing. He dug into his desk and procured a parchment to Naruto "It seems that they are sending one to our village.

"One?" Naruto seemed confused by the old man's words. "One what?"

The mayor looked at him with aged eyes. "A Claymore, my dear boy"


Claymore. The very word itself struck fear into the hearts of humans nearly everywhere. It was the term that humans had given to these powerful, deadly, fem fatales of the world. A Claymore is half human, half Yoma. However, they are servants of man, and use their remarkable powers to kill and eradicate Yoma.

One Claymore was more than enough than to clear out an entire village of ten Yoma. However, they were regarded with fear and suspicion, since they also carry the flesh and blood of the very creatures that they sought to kill. It seemed that even these "Silver Eyed Witches" garnered no favor from the very people that they risked their lives to protect, no matter how many lives they saved, or even how uniquely beautiful each one was.

"She's here!"

"It's the Claymore!"

"The Silver-Eyed Witch!"

Naruto looked up from his father's forge. As far as he knew after being found as a baby, and was brought to this village by the former blacksmith; Trace. His adopted father and his family were heralded as famous sword smiths for over several hundred years, creating works of art for the soldiers of the continent. Earning the respect of many.

Naruto Uzumaki who was currently the owner of the forge now, since his father had been killed by a Yoma several years back. He, in turn had killed the monster while it fed on his fathers organs and earned the title. "The Yoma Hunter or The Man without Fear" from the mayor and the suspicious glances from the villagers. Though he ignored them.

"A Claymore, huh?" he mused quietly. Brushing his golden hair out of his eyes as it trailed over the massive sword before him. It was his father's grand masterpiece, right before he died, and Naruto had just simply modified and completed it. His dad's original design was to make it appear as a large two handed knife, but the blond had designed it so that instead of just one main blade.

It would instead be a piece actually, one of six pieces to a beautifully crafted jigsaw puzzle. The large blade itself was really composed of six separate swords that would assemble into one massive and powerful blade. One that no ordinary man would be able to use, a blade that one he would be able to know how to work and use it to his will.

The sword itself was simply and utterly beautiful. The blade was forged from the finest materials, so much so that he spent tireless days and nights hammering and folding the blade at least over a hundred times. The same was said for the handle. Just to remove any and all impurities. It was gunmetal gray and shone brilliantly on its stand. Approximately six feet, the blades edge was diamond sharp, capable of cutting through stone and tree with ease.

Making up his mind, Naruto pulled on the swords harness to his shoulders and chest, making sure the belts were tight and comfortable on his body. He then grabbed the bandaged sword and with practiced ease, slid it into its sheath and stepped out to see all the commotion about the Claymore.

There she was, standing in the distance, surrounded by nosy townsfolk. From what he could see, she wore a silver outfit that looked like light armor. Pauldrons adorned her shoulders, waist plates and knee high boots. A long sword handle was visible from her back beside her head.

Despite the fact that she had a very scary look on her face, Naruto couldn't deny that she was very beautiful. She had shoulder length hair with a fringe on her forehead that reached down to her eyebrows. Almond shaped eyes with the famous silver orbs Naruto had heard so much about. Her expression was cold. She was simply unnaturally beautiful, but seemed so cold.

The townsfolk murmured as the Claymore walked past them, ignoring them, and right up to Naruto. Her eyes lingered on him, if only for a brief moment, including the large bandaged package on his back. Which she assumed was his sword. But she walked past him without a care in the world.

The swords smith, for his part, was extremely intrigued by the silent woman. He watched her walk into the Mayor's home, no doubt to talk about the situation at hand. He decided to hang around until she came out. Absentmindedly, he noticed the townsfolk disappear into their homes.

It seemed as if the Claymore scared the people more than the Yoma. The Yoma would leave dead bodies lying in its wake around, but the townsfolk would walk around anyways. These people really need to get their priorities straightened out.

The mayor opened his door and Naruto saw the Claymore step out. A large vulpine grin adorned his face as he ran up behind her. Suddenly, on reflex she whirled around in a flash, drawing her sword in one fluid motion as she swung it towards him. Naruto reacted on instinct, and drew his own weapon, ready to meet her blade's edge.

He was ready for the sounds of steel on steel, but it never came. His eyes noticed that the Claymore stopped her blade a hair's width from his own, and at that he raised an eye brow and grinned.

"That's an interesting way to greet people lady" he said off handedly.

The Claymore fluidly sheathed her might sword over her shoulder and gave him a cold look, before turning on her heel and turning away. Naruto couldn't help but feel perplexed.


Strange, for a moment there, I felt something familiar from that man, Clare thought to herself as her boots soundlessly made its way down the street. A very miniscule amount of Yoki. But he couldn't be a Yoma. It's impossible. She was broken out of her thoughts when she heard a sound, a voice really causing her to turn her head slightly.

"Oi, wait up!" the young man spoke as he jogged beside her. "You're a Claymore, aren't you?"

"No," she answered tonelessly.

"That's what people call you then, huh?" he asked.

Clare gave a nod. "That's right. Our organization has no name. That's the name your people thrust upon us," she spoke sardonically.

"I see, I see," the young man said. He gave her a queer look. "I somehow thought you'd be scarier, but you look pretty normal to me."

Clare was surprised, though she didn't show it. "You're not afraid of me?" she asked curiously, despite herself.

The man laughed. "Of course not!" he said. "You' protect people! Besides that, well, you're really easy on the eyes." He spoke sheepishly and truthfully.

Clare glared at him and started to walk away again. He caught up to her easily.

"Whoa, hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you in anyway, I mean, dad told me that most girls liked to receive compliments, ya know?" he said cheerfully, matching her stride for stride. They came to an archway. "Hey, that's leads out of the village."

She looked around. "This is the end of the village?" she asked, filing it away in her memory.

"Yes ma'am," the man said.

Thunk! Plop!

In smooth fashion, Clare impaled her sword into the dirt ground and sat down using it as a backrest. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes. She could feel the man's eyes on her body and he was about to ask a question

"Sleep time," she stated, answering his unasked question. "I've been walking for three days straight."

Naruto gave a chuckle at how she said it so smoothly, noting tha he voice sounded very nice.

She heard the sounds of someone sitting down, and cracked an eye open. The teen sat several inches away from her, though he made sure to give her some distance. His sword sunk deeply into the ground with his back resting against the flat edge of the blade. A warm smile graced his lips.

"Why are you so interested in me?" she asked.

The man shrugged. "I've never seen a Claymore in combat with a Yoma before," he said. "It was hard for me to be honest, is it easy for you?"

Clare raised a delicately arched eyebrow. "You killed a Yoma?" she had to ask.

The man nodded. "Seven years ago, my father was the village's former swordsmith, but he was killed by a Yoma. I was apprenticed under my father before he passed, and killed it using the skills I learned from practicing with swords. I'm this town's blacksmith and swordsmith now."

Clare was mildly bemused. Judging by this man's appearance that meant he had to have dispatched of a fully grown and freshly fed Yoma when he less than 10 years old. "Impressive," was all she said. "However the abilities one of us possess is far greater than a human's. Comparing the two is like comparing a glass of water to an ocean, the gap is too big."

"I know that," the man said with a chuckle. He held out his hand. "I'm Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto."

She stared at his offered hand. He slowly drew it back. "Riiiiight," he said awkwardly. "Not that friendly I see. Well, can you tell me your name?" he asked politely.

The town bell started to ring, signaling the hour of curfew. Naruto looked into the sky and noticed that the sun was already setting.

"You don't need to know my name," she said, turning away from him. "You'll forget it anyway." Her tone seemed bitter, and Naruto couldn't help but feel pain from the way she sounded.

"Like you'll forget mine?" he spoke. Clare turned around to see the man, Naruto looking at her with something that resembled pity on his face. "I know what its like to be lonely too," He pulled his bandaged blade from the dirt, sheathed it and began to walk away.

Clare watched his fleeting figure in the distance, while the bell simply rang clear in the evening air.


Naruto strode quickly back to his home, while contemplating with meeting the Claymore known as Clare. He couldn't help but feel that Claymores were wrongly treated, doomed to suffer the scorn and hatred of mankind because of the Yoma flesh they carry within their bodies. Fighting monsters for the rest of their lives until they were killed. It just wasn't fair!

He wasn't lying when he told Clare that he too understood loneliness. Coming homes to and empty forge day in and day out wasn't exactly the most exciting thing he'd liked to do. People sometimes give him strange looks, and would avoid him even though he did kill a Yoma. But he endured all these years, and he guess he would continue to endure.

The blond sighed to himself as he turned a corner, and made to pass Jean's house, though he noticed something very suspicious. The candles weren't lit, which was weird because it was already past nine now. The door was ajar and decided to check it out.

"Yo Jean, is every—

Naruto stopped in mid-sentence, and his eyes widened in shock. There in front of him was a huge, hulking mass of brown colored flesh that was busy tearing through the Jean's stomach. His face was frozen in a horrified expression and his eyes lifeless. Naruto was aware of the unique scent, one that only a Yoma possessed as it turned around to meet him.

A sadistic smile crossed his lips as he swallowed a mouthful of inner organs in one go, it wiped its lips. "Well, well, if it isn't the big bane of Yoma's, Naruto!

Naruto quickly drew his sword in one swift motion. "Bastard!" His eyes picked up the trace of a beard on the Yoma's lips, and realization hit him like a fist to his stomach. "James! It was you all along!"

'James' simply gave a small chuckle from his throat, while getting up to a height of 8 feet. "You pathetic humans didn't have a clue!"

Slowly the being began to creep towards Naruto, who backed out the front door, needing to give himself room to maneuver. "I've been hiding under this stupid disguise for over seven years and you didn't even notice, big bad Yoma hunter" his tone held mockery and Naruto couldn't help but feel sick as it smiled at him.

Its yellow teeth shone brilliantly in the night light, and the smell of it made the black smith's feel nauseated. But he realized something. "Wait a minute… seven years ago?"

The Yoma laughed. "That's right!" he chortled. "That other Yoma wasn't the only one savoring your dear father's guts that night," James licked his lips and held a smirk. "His innards were absolutely delicious!"

"DIE!!!" Naruto screamed as he jumped into the air, with the intent to cleave the Yoma in two. It jumped out of the way and in its place was a small fissure as the blade sunk cleanly through the earth, Naruto cleared the gap which surprised the Yoma and with a flick of his wrist he left a large sized gash in its midsection.

Blood poured from James injury and he couldn't help but snarl. "You worthless sack of flesh!" The Yoma smashed Naruto in the jaw and sent him across the street, smashing into a wall. "Oh you don't know what joy you bring me Naruto Uzumaki! I'm going to make you squeal real good before you die, then I'll feast on you innards. Those sweet, sweet, innards!""

Naruto picked himself off of the dirt, and licked the blood off of his lips before spitting it on the dirt. "I'm really getting sick of your filthy mouth!" he raised his blade ready for the being that seemed all too eager to fight.

"Tonight, I'll have you innards in my belly!" the Yoma shouted, racing towards Naruto with great stride. A silver blur crossed his path, stopping him dead in his path. "Wha—

His head slid off his neck easily with a wet splat, his body hit the ground. Naruto looked up and stared at the Claymore, blood leaked down her blade, and her eyes were the same gold color as the Yoma.



Clare turned around, seeing a figure running up to her from the village's archway. It was that Naruto guy. He pulled up next to her and was relived that she hadn't left yet.

"I wanted to say Thank You," he spoke seriously. Clare simply regarded him with a look.

Naruto was fazed at all and spoke. "Please, tell me you name," his eyes shone with a fierce determination. "You said that I wouldn't remember it, but I promise I will. Otherwise, who would remember that you even existed?"

Clare was speechless as his words rang clear in her head. Existed...

"My name's Clare," she answered briskly, turning around and walking away into the desert.

Naruto watched her figure disappear over the horizon. "Clare," he repeated to himself before he beamed. As her body disappeared in the distance he felt this cold feeling down his spine, he turned his head towards his village.

People gave him those strange looks again. As far as he knew nobody ever trusted a Yoma survivor. So far he had to options. Either he would wait for the villagers to throw him out, or he would leave of his own free will. He chose the latter.

At least he wouldn't have to kill anybody in self defense that way.


"I've heard about you before, the Hunter of Yoma's and the Man without Fear, Naruto Uzumaki"

Naruto whirled at the sound of a voice, his blade flashed and aimed at the man's throat. He wore a black formal outfit, fitted with dark glasses and a black hat. All in all, he looked very suspicious to the black smith, and he didn't like suspicious. "Who are you exactly?"

The man gave a smile as he stepped back and bowed politely. "Rubel, at your service, Yoma Hunter," he answered.

Naruto lowered his blade, but didn't sheathe it, just to be sure. "You're from this 'organization' aren't you? He asked. "The same one that Clare works for?"

The man raised and eyebrow, though Naruto couldn't really see his expression from behind the dark sunglasses. But he was positive that the man was surprised at this new information. "So, she told you name huh?" he murmured, poking his glasses on the bridge of his nose. "How interesting, are you looking for her, perhaps?"

"Perhaps I am," Naruto gave a shrug. "What's it to you, old man?"

Rubel gave a mysterious smile. "Oh my, wanting to fall in with that sort of woman," he gave the sound of a tut before continuing. "Had you been faster, you could have caught up to her when she was bathing. It can't be helped I'm afraid, she's got a job in Strah, it's not to far from here."

Naruto frowned and rubbed his chin. "Strah, that's like a two day walk, if I'm not mistaken"

Rubel nod his head in agreement. "Clare just left a few hours ago; you may be able to catch up to her, if you run of course."

Naruto mulled it over in his mind. A faint smile crossed his lips. "Thanks old man," he replied, before shouldering his blade and running off into the distance.

Rubel watched the young man run away. "That smile, seemed very familiar," he mused to himself as he stroked his chin. "Interesting."


Damn, four of them huh? Clare thought to herself as her hand reached for her sword. The four Yoma stalked and had her surrounded on all sides.

She heard a weird sound, up above and dove to her left. Twisting around so she landed on her back. A deafening boom, followed by the sounds of stone crumbling into the ground as a winged Yoma was now where she was standing.

Wings? She thought, eyeing her fifth opponent. This one can fly?

"DIE HALF-BREED SCUM!" the lead Yoma yelled, and he leapt at her. She quickly went to draw her sword when...


A large dagger pierced the Yoma's skull and protruded from the opposite side, killing him instantly. The other Yoma stopped their attack and looked to see the newcomer on the field. Clare's eyes widened in surprise.

"Yo, Clare!" Naruto grinned as he walked towards her. Clare noted that he was armed and dangerous with wicked looking throwing knives, and he simply greeted her happily. "What's up?"

"Naruto?" she whispered to herself, still in shock. What was he doing here?

"GAAHH!" the Yoma attacked again, and Clare used her sword to block a piercing finger attack from one of them. The blade's edge rested in the cracks of his fingers as she stopped his blow. "Huh?" he asked stupidly.

With a flick of her wrist, Clare cleaved his arm in half, from the hand to the shoulder, making him roar in pain. She jumped back, dodging attacks from the winged Yoma. Clare cleaved another's arm off before dicing it in half, just as Naruto threw another six inch dagger. It hit its target and killed it instantly when it pierced its brain, throat and heart.

The winged Yoma bellowed in rage and it soared towards Naruto, who didn't have enough time to throw another knife. He ducked out of the way as the Yoma dove down on him, and reached over his shoulder for his sword. Naruto drew it forward and brought it down as it flew by him, cutting one of its legs off in the process, and it screeched in pain.

Clare had dispatched of the other Yoma and walked up to Naruto as the winged Yoma flew away in terror. She glanced at the young man as he tore off the bandages, and finally got a good look of the sword. From what she can see it was an enormous broadsword, though it resembled a Zweihander.

There was no way a normal person should be able to use such a large weapon, at least not without difficulty. But Naruto simply hefted it around like it was a toy. He'd made to disconnect one of the smaller larger blades that made up his weapon.

"Allow me," she said, placing her hand on his broad shoulder. He lowered his throwing arm and watched her carefully, and nodded.

The air around her seemed to get heavy as she was enveloped in a dark aura, using ten percent of her power, making her eyes turn gold. She pushed a little more, landing to thirty percent, and her face distorted slightly. Leaving her teeth to resemble pointed daggers and veins bulged in her face and arms.

Her sword arm doubled in size and her grip on the handled tightened. Clare swung back, and concentrated heavily. And with a might heave, she threw her sword skywards at supersonic speeds, causing it to disappear out of their view, towards the small speck in the distance that was the flying Yoma.

Naruto squinted his eyes just in time to see the Yoma spasm in mid flight, and then simply began to plummet into the dirt. He let out a low whistle. "Wow, nice throw" he gave a vulpine grin as he followed her towards the Yoma's corpse.


"Hmm, so you survived?" Rubel asked as Clare walked up to him, followed by Naruto. The man hefted the large blade into its sheath and folded his arms.

"The job is done," Clare spoke. "Go collect the money for the five Yomas."

"Five Yomas you say?" Rubel asked with a mysterious grin. "My my, aren't you the little heroine, taking on five by yourself. Or... did you have some help?" his voice filled with amusement.

Clare narrowed her eyes at the jab Rubel meant about Naruto. "He was a good distraction," she muttered. "Why was he following me?"

"Because I told him he could," Rubel answered. Clare raised an eyebrow at him. "He asked where you were, and I simply told him. He knew the risks and accepted it."

"Why are you following me?" Clare asked Naruto roughly, pinning him with her best glare. He simply shrugged.

"You saved my life, and I figured I owed you," he said simply.

"My," Rubel said, clapping. "It's very hard to find honorable people these days"

"Don't bother," Clare said irritably. "Just leave me alone and we'll call it settled."

"Naw, I don't think so!" Naruto gave a feral smirk, and Rubel suppressed his own. "You see, I plan on saving you life one day, and what better way to do so with hanging out with you and getting some practice. Besides,"

He scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "My village sort of kicked me out."

Clare frowned. "Your own people kicked you out?" she asked wistfully.

"Like someone we know?" Rubel mused to himself.

"Come on Clare!" Naruto spoke. "Let me join you, I mean, yea I sort of got side winded back at the village, but I did pretty damn good this time, don't you think? You need another sword to watch you back, and you've seen what I can do with a—

Naruto. Shut up" Clare spoke, and let out a defeated sigh. She had to admit to herself that he did have a wicked throwing arm. Plus having someone watching her back did sound like a good idea.

Clare finally came to a decision. "I'll let you join me, so long as you don't slow me down."

Naruto looked surprised and gave a faint and happy smile on his lips. Rubel noted it and put it away in his memory. "So, you'll be taking this man along with you I see?" He stroked his chin. "However, I have your next job right here, if you want it, of course."

"Alright, what is it?"

The black clad man flicked a black card in sight, and she recoiled at the sight of it.

"It can't be!" she gasped, looking at it in horror. "Why… why me?"

"It had to be you," Rubel said. "She specifically asked for you."

With shaky hands, Clare opened the black envelope and went rigid at the sight of the symbol on the card within. It had two more lines on it, but it was nearly identical to her symbol.

"What's this all about?" Naruto asked. "Clare, are you alright?"

Rubel placed his hand on Naruto's shoulder. "You may want to give her some time to herself now," he suggested. "It's important you see, why don't you get something to eat, give her some time to get over the shock of it all. Hmm?"

Naruto gave a nod before glancing over to Clare. To be honest he was worried about her, but wished to give her some space. Whatever it was in that card, it literally drained all of the color out of her face.

He gave a sigh before heading towards the forest, setting off to make something edible to eat.


"That card was a Black Card of Death, wasn't it?"

Clare turned around to see Naruto, in his arms looked like roasted deer leg. It spicy aroma wafted into her nostrils, at least he could cook. Though she looked at him questionably. "How did you know that?"

Naruto sat down a few inches away from her and spoke. "I simply asked Rubel what it was, and he answered me truthfully."

"I see." Clare closed her eyes and enjoyed the warmth of the fire.

"Are you hungry?


"I brought back some clean water."


"It's in the bottle." He offered.

"Mmm." Was Clare's response, causing a large tick to appear on Naruto forehead, his left brow twitched in annoyance. Though an idea came to his mind, his eyes squinted and an evil grin crossed his lips. "Let's make love, Clare"

"Mmm… wait, what!?" Clare realized his words and bolted off of the ground, her beautiful eyes glared down at him.

Naruto gave a humph. "Serves you right for not listening to me." He chided and stuck his tongue out at her childishly, before he placed a rather large deer leg in her hands. "Couldn't make venison on the account of that we don't have the necessary ingredients and spices. But I made due with what I had at the moment. Go on, try it!"

Clare watched as Naruto decimated his half of the food. His leg, or what remained of it was thrown behind his shoulder and not a single strand of meat was left on it. The Claymore had to admit that it did taste delicious, and decided to take her time with her meal.

Though she would never tell him that it was simply one of the most edible thing she'd eaten in a long while, no way. Naruto looked at her strangely. "What's wrong, it's not good?" he asked.

"Mmm? Oh, no, it's just that we don't require much food when we need to eat," Clare swallowed, though she covered her lips so he didn't see her licking them. Enjoying the flavor of her meal. "I'm quite full actually. We eat every couple of days. We can go without a week without food or water"

Naruto looked at her with plain shock. No food or drink for an entire week! He shook his head at the news, he could probably last a week without food. But not more than four days without drink.

"Hmm I see, maybe, it's because of the Yoma half of you perhaps," He gave a sigh as he stretched his taut muscles. "Well, it can't be helped I suppose."

Clare gave him such and intense look that he was positive that she would have made him flinch if he was a lesser man. "Why is it that you aren't afraid or sickened by my presence?" she asked curiously.

"You haven't given me a reason to," he replied honestly, though he sounded incredulous that she would even ask him such a question. Naruto saw the shock in her eyes. "To be honest with you Clare, I could care less if you do or do not have Yoma flesh or blood inside of you. It doesn't matter to me because your still a person, a human being whether you believe me or not, in my eyes."

Clare was nearly tipped over when he gave her a simple smile, a smile that she was positive that she would never in her entire life see again. A smile she hadn't seen so very long. "Besides, you haven't tried to eat me or anything, and deep down inside of you, you're a very nice person. I can see it in your eyes and nobody deserves to be lonely for the rest of their lives, understand?"

Clare continued staring at him for a while; though to be honest the black smith did feel a little self conscious. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she gave him something which he was positive seemed to resemble a smile. Well, a little twitch of her lips, but her eyes seemed warmer, and more cheerful, if only a little. "Alright, get some sleep. We may have a rough day in the mountains tomorrow, and I don't want you slowing me down"

Naruto gave a snort followed by a grin. Clare watched as the man stood up, impaling his sword into the ground and placed his back against the wide blade. "Sounds good to me," he closed his eyes and gave a yawn. "Goodnight, Clare"

The Claymore could hear his light breathing, indicating that he had fallen asleep. The wind blew lightly, causing Clare to notice his deep golden wavy hair to frame his face beautifully. She looked at him really closely, and could swear that Naruto resembled…

Clare shook her head. No, it was impossible and was just a coincidence, she felt absolutely foolish for even thinking the thought. Though she did give him a final look, before throwing another piece of wood into the flames. Causing it to burn brighter in the moonless night. "Goodnight… Naruto"

Author's Note

I know what some of you are thinking. Some of you are like, Dark Spidey, what the F%# are you doing man! Well I'll tell you what I'm doing, I trying my hand at another crossover which very much interested me. A Naruto/Claymore fic, but not with the usual ninja being magically transported from the Elemental Countries to the World of Claymore.

Seen it already and was rather disappointed with some of the Naruto/Claymore fics on Fanfic, so I said to myself let me give it a try.

This crossover really and truly interested me a great deal, believe me it really did. So I figured I gave it a shot, and bam, here's my first chapter. Hope you all like it, mature constructive criticisms are accepted, but if your going to flame, make sure you're mature and civilized about it.

No, in this fic Naruto is not a ninja, and I figure that if Clare met him instead of the usual Raki. It would be so much better. Especially for me since I have a lot of ideas running through my mind, and I'll give a cookie to those who can guess what Naruto's weapon is or what it resembles.

I should be able to update my Naruto/Roario fic real soon, but don't hold you breath. I just wanted to bring this table for you guys to digest and tell me what you all think

Anyway, you know the drill. Read and review and I'll see you guys in the mean time. Trust me, its going to be so freaking awesome!

Oh yea, some events may follow Cannon or not, though I mean the manga. I don't really like the anime since it's not as dark and gritty as the manga, but I figured you guys needed to know that. As I said just you know, give me your honest feed back and let me know what you think.


Dark Spidey