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Aaaaaaa hip, a hip, a hippopotamus, he sat, he sat, he sat upon a bus, and all, and all, and all the people said, YOU'RE SQUISH-ING ME!!!!

A roar of little voices filled my classroom as we sang our favorite song. Looking at all their squished faces made me realize how much I loved my job.

For a little over a year now I had been a Four K Teacher. Luckily, I landed in a nice and small elementary school. It was quaint for the likes of Seattle Washington, but that's what made it better. My job was certainly trying at times, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

"All right guys, free play!"

My kids scattered in several directions as I gathered the books and flannel boards we had been using. As I stood up I felt someone tug on my pant leg.

"Ms. Swan, Ms. Swan, Ms. Swaaaaan!"

Obviously, Masen Whitlock was desperate to get my attention. Now, I tried not to play favorites, but this boy held quite a place in my heart. He was hilarious, brilliant and his jubilant personality definitely made the classroom dynamic interesting. And it certainly didn't hurt that his mother was one of my closest friends. It was only a month into the school year, and even though I hadn't known Alice for long, we bonded instantly. We met at Pre-K orientation this summer. She was a tiny thing, not even five feet tall, but her personality could overshadow anyone.

I turned my attention back to Masen. "What's up, little man?"

"Ms. Swan," he babbled excitedly, "my Uncle E is going to pick me up today."

I smiled endearingly at his exuberance. "He is?!"

"Yes. He is. And then he's takin' me to the zoo, and then we're going to get ice cream and theeeeeeen," he said, his eyes going wide and arms spreading out, "we're going to go watch bear on his big huge TV."

This child was obsessed, and I mean obsessed with Bear in the Big Blue House. The show wasn't in production anymore so Alice had to go out and buy every single episode on DVD. I frequented Alice and Jasper's house several times a week, whether it was for dinner or hanging out after a shopping trip Alice dragged me on, and sometimes I watched Masen while the two took a much needed night to themselves. Needless to say I was well acquainted with Bear in the Big Blue House.

I kneeled down to his level. "Wow, sounds like a good time buddy. Which Bear are you going to watch?"

He thought about it a moment and whispered, "Prolly the potty one, I think it's ridiculous." He covered his mouth, giggling to himself and running off to play with the boys.

You had to laugh at Masen. Words you never expected to hear out of a four year old were a constant in his vocabulary. The day went on as most days do. I put up some artwork, worked a bit on my lesson plan and played with my kids. I was in the kitchen area explaining to two girls why it wasn't a good idea to actually eat the plastic fried egg when a distinctive wail caught my attention.

"UNCLE EEEEEEEEEE!" Masen bellowed as he leap-frogged across the room until he could dive into the man's arms. I should have chastised the boy for jumping over tables and giving his poor teacher a heart attack, but I was distracted.

"Hey monkey man," A velvety voice laughed endearingly. "Why are you vandalizing the furniture?"

I looked up.

Well helloooo Uncle E…

It took all my effort to pick my chin up from the floor and control my gaping stare as I walked over to greet him. I knew Alice's brother Edward was going to be picking up Masen today, but she never told me her brother looked like a statue of Adonis.

I needed to distract myself a little so I walked up and tickled Masen's sides. "What am I going to do with you, little man? I'll have to wrap you in bubble wrap if you pull anymore stunts like that!" As Masen giggled, I made eye contact with Uncle E, and my heart skipped…all the beats. Yep, all of them. His eyes were a deep emerald green, crinkling as he smiled. Crinkly eyes would be the death of me. As much as I wanted to rake my eyes all over his body, I was pretty much stuck there.

"Hi", he smiled a beautiful crooked smile at me. "I'm Edward Cullen, or Uncle E, whichever you prefer."

I laughed a little and said, "I'm Bella Swan, Masen's teacher." Hello, dumbass! Obviously you're Masen's teacher. I told my inner voice to shut the hell up and went on with the conversation.

"It's nice to meet you Bella." I couldn't help it, I stared. I stared and then I stared some more. The thing was, he was staring too.

"Um, Uncle E?"

We both jumped as Masen's voice seemed to break the trance for both of us. "You can't call her Bella….she's the teacher, you call her Ms. Swan." He sighed as he rolled his eyes at his clueless uncle.

"You're right," he said with a wink, "my apologies Ms. Swan."

Ungh…he just winked at me. Not fair.

He turned his attention back to Masen. "So who dressed you today buddy?" He asked, observing his nephew's attire. Always the independent child, Masen insisted on doing everything on his own. Thankfully Alice and Jasper understood that so he was free to let his unique personality show. Today, the uniqueness came in the form of a batman tennis shoe on his left foot, a brown cowboy boot on his right, jeans and a dinosaur shirt with a grey dress vest over top. He completed the ensemble with a green skull cap that couldn't contain all of his unruly, honey-blonde curls.

"I dressed myself today. And I must have done a good job because Ms. Swan said…"he hesitated and cupped his hand to his uncle's ear. "Ms. Swan said I looked handsome today," he whispered.

I laughed, that kid was so damn cute.

Edward raised his eyebrows and said, "Wow, you're lucky buddy, I'm sure she doesn't say that to just anyone."

I'd say it to you baby. Ugh, keep it in check Bella.

As they went over to Masen's cubby to retrieve his belongings, I couldn't help but admire this godlike creature that had wandered into my classroom. He was at least 6'1, maybe 6'2. Lean build, but muscular in all the right places. His jaw was prominent with just a hint of stubble. His hair was beautifully disheveled, deep tints of bronze glowing under the fluorescents. Clearly I'd died and gone to heaven.

I pulled myself away from my irrational desire and realized it was time to get the kids ready to go home; the busses would be here in ten minutes. Dang, I chastised myself, I was cutting it close.

"Ok guys," I said, clapping my hands to get their attention, "clean up and get your coats and backpacks, busses and mommies and daddies are on their way!"

As the kids cleaned up, I heard a clunk behind me and before I knew it, Masen jumped on my back.

"Ms. Swan, are you coming to the zoo with us?"

I smiled, leaning over my shoulder to look at him. "I can't little man," I said apologetically, "I have important grown up stuff to do at school when you leave."

He looked down, disappointed, and hopped down to say goodbye to his friends.

"So," Edward started, "you seem to be getting along well with my sister. I mean, I've heard a lot about you."

I smiled. "Yeah, it doesn't take long for her to work her way into your heart."

He chuckled and ran his hand through his hair. Ugh. I wish he'd let me do that.

"And," I continued, "I haven't heard much about you, just that Uncle E is Masen's hero."

He smiled sweetly. "Yeah, I suppose it's a little sad that my best friend is a four year old."

"Not at all," I giggled. "Look at my present company. And I wouldn't trade them for the world."

He smiled endearingly. "It's great to see a teacher care so much for her students."

"Well anyone who isn't passionate about children and education shouldn't be in the field." I was starting to ramble nervously. "Besides, I much more prefer viewing the world through a child's eyes, much more interesting, don't you think?"

"I'd have to agree," he said slowly.

There was something here. I could feel a current of electricity flowing through us. I wanted to touch his face, his hair. I wanted to feel his arms around my waist. What was I thinking? I had only met him five minutes ago.

He stared intently into my eyes, glancing down at my lips and back up again. "So Ms. Swan, what do you do when you aren't enriching the minds of four year olds?"

My mind went blank. What kind of power did this person have over me? I haven't acted like this since, well...I've never acted like this.

"I um…" My hands were sweating as we stared at each other, maintaining eye contact. I wanted to know everything about him, his favorite books and music, anything he was passionate about. I needed to know how his hair felt between my fingers, the texture of his lips…

Masen jumped on the desk next to us. "Uncle E," he asked, pushing Edward's jaw closed, "why are you looking at Ms. Swan like that?" Children were much too observant.

I blushed immediately as he chuckled nervously. "You don't miss a beat do you bud?" He flew him over his shoulder and said, "You ready to bounce Mase?"

"Like a basketball," he laughed a musical little laugh. "Bye Ms. Swan!" Masen waved frantically.

"Bye Masen!" I said.

Edward started walking towards the door but I could tell he was stalling. "It was great meeting you Ms. Swan," he held out his hand and I took it.

It wasn't really a shake, more of a hold, and tingly sensations ran up my arm. I decided I needed more of this man.

"The pleasure was all mine Uncle E," I said softly. Holy hell, where did I find the balls to flirt with such a gorgeous man so shamelessly?

He walked towards the door looking back at me. "I couldn't pick Masen up much, work has been crazy, but," he said casually, rubbing his jaw as if in thought, "I think I'm going to be around a lot more."

Keeping eye contact with me and not looking ahead of him, he ran right into the doorframe.

I covered my mouth and laughed. God, he was adorable.

He blushed lightly as Masen laughed and said, "Dude, watch where you're going!"

"Have fun you two," I called as they left the room. My heart was pounding out of my chest. One way or another, I had to get more of Edward Cullen.



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