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Epilogue: Gracie's Story

Well my name is Elizabeth Gracie Swan Cullen. I am forever stuck at the age of 17 just like my husband and best friend Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. We have lived now peacefully among humans and other mythical creatures for about 20 years. Currently we are moving back to Forks to start our new lives since the Volturi attack forced us to relocate. Our family has thankfully stayed together over the years sharing the same house and looking out for the children that we have been blessed with. I was surprised by the events that led up to the ending of an era.

When I woke up I found out that my baby sister was expecting. Rosie and Jacob have a bunch of little Halflings. We were all stumped as what to call them since their mom was half human and vampire while their dad was a werewolf. The children though are thankfully not as strange as their dad. They had 3 children Alexis, Benjamin and Skye. Rosie was thankful she got at least one little girl. It seems that just like us they stopped aging at 17. It's good because I think it would have been sad to see your children grow old and die. Jacob and Rosie stayed in La Push to lead the tribe. I'll be glad to be home.

Anthony had married Leah while we were in Vegas. Well for them the old saying, 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' didn't really apply for them. Their little exchange was claimed to the whole family. Anthony though being such a gentleman never let Emmett's embarrassing comments bother him, although Edward did talk to Emmett on behalf of him. They like Rosie and Jacob stayed behind in La Push to help the tribe. They too have three children Alyssa, Noah and Sara, like the rest of us they will forever be stuck at the same age.

Edward's family and my family along with our children have enjoyed many different sights and sounds as we could. Our children especially have enjoyed all the time they got to spend with their aunts and uncles, even their favorite grandparents. I will never forget the reason I am a live today was because of my mother's love for me. I use to regret losing her, but in my first daughter I saw her. Unlike my siblings we opted to have more than three children. Our first little girl we named Isabella because my grandpa Charlie said she looked like mom did when she was little. We have had two boys Mason and Thomas twins, then we had our second daughter that Edward said reminded him of his mom so we named her Elizabeth.

Even though Anthony's gift was to help vampires seem human, which Rosalie liked thinking she would be able to have children helped our large family seem normal. The ladies had to settle on spoiling Edward's and my children because they couldn't reproduce. Rosalie and Esme were a little disappointed, but enjoyed spending time with ours. I enjoyed allowing them to be a part of their lives as well. I mean they shared their family with me for several years before I finally became a member of it.

Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper have gone above and beyond the call of duty as aunts, uncles and even family by helping to raise our children. Of course so did Carlisle and Esme, but they mostly kidnap them for little outings and special alone time? It's funny that for such a huge family we have been able to lead such normal everyday lives. The children reached 17 years old by the time they turned 7. So they stayed home with Esme as we went to school wherever we lived. Talk about smart children Esme started teaching them young to read and write.

Our children are different than my siblings' children because unlike them I am half human and vampire while Edward is vampire. Where with Rosie and Anthony they get to factor in the wolf gene, so their children's aging rate ended when they were 14 double what ours was. I think it's amazing to have such a diverse family, but with equality at maintaining that each of the new members are just as loved as the older family members.

I though can't imagine the children calling Carlisle and Esme grandpa and grandma when they don't look that old, yet with Charlie he looks the age. I have missed Charlie so much. He stayed behind when we left with Rosie and Anthony to look out for them. I am thankful that he accepted me even though I wasn't very nice or friendly to him in the beginning.

Well Edward right now is driving us to our home in Forks, we just celebrated our twenty anniversary and went to Isle Esme. We were joining the rest of the family there. I hadn't seen my babies in two weeks and I missed them terribly.

"Are you excited to be seeing all of the family?" Edward asked as he drove. I was looking out at the scenery.

"I think it's been far too long since we ALL have been together" I said emphasizing on the all part. He nodded his head in agreement. Sure over the years we have met up a couple of times to have a family gathering, but didn't stay to long during the visits. We were going to be living close by for at least several years.

"I guess the hard part will be the whole high school situation" I said looking at him. He smiled wickedly and laughed.

"Oh I thought you would love the whole experience since you have never really gone to school yet" he said as he slowly turned off the highway onto a dirt path. I was gasping for unneeded air as I looked out the window to a clearing where our family was hanging out.

"Did they all meet up here to wait for us?" I questioned.

"No! They aren't expecting us yet. I told them we would be arriving later" he said flashing me a wicked grin. We pulled up to the main house to be greeted by an unfamiliar woman and man. They looked similar to Esme and Carlisle but they couldn't be them could they.

"Welcome home my children" the man said while coming closer to us. I backed up a little unsure of who he was.

"Honey it's just mom and dad" Edward leaned into whisper.

"It's okay Grace. I know we look different. It seems Mason has the gift to turn or maybe I should say help vampires look older than what they are. Although Thomas's gift is interesting too, he seems to be the opposite making vampires younger" the woman said beaming as the two boys joined them on the porch. Thomas touched them both returning them to their rightful look. I smiled luckily it wasn't a weird gift I guess. I mean Bella's gift was to turn invisible. It was difficult to keep up with her when she was little. Beth's gift was also harmless thankfully she was able to see people's memories. My sister and brother's kids haven't formed certain powers or gifts just yet. Carlisle thinks it's due to the werewolf gene in them.

Just sitting out in the sun watching how well the families interact brings joy to my heart. If my mom had known that her two best friends would be joined as a family she would have freaked out. It has been a long journey for most of us and the rest just enjoy hearing the tale of the bond formed by us. I was surprised to see Seth show up at the gathering because he left shortly after Jane did all those years ago. Seth was joined by a small child.

"Seth it's so good to see you" Jacob says as he comes near.

"Thank you!" is all Seth says. The little girl has pretty blue eyes that just pop out at you. She looks a lot like Seth with tanned skin and his features, but there is also a tad bit that looks like Jane. I wonder where she is.

"My mom is no longer with us!" the girl whispers looking to the ground.

"I'm sorry to hear that" I say.

"She was burned by another vampire for getting too close to his mate" Seth whispers.

"Sorry to hear that" Jacob says.

"Well I guess I got lucky because she had this little one before she died" he says pulling his girl closer to him. No one says anymore about the situation. Jane had become a friend to all of us. We would all miss her.

Everyone was happy and glad that finally our whole family was back together. Sure we were missing some, but there were new members to get to know and welcome into the family. Majority of us would have forever and eternity to do so. Come to think of it we all did.