Hidan crouched on his knees and begged Kakuzu, "Please let me borrow some money! There's this sithe polisher that I need! My sithe is starting to rust! Please!" Kakuzu put his glasses down and slammed a wad of money on his desk. Kakuzu eyes Hidan with a green gaze and sighed, "I will if you give me a favor." Hidan backs a few feet away and stands up, "Like what?" Kakuzu smirked and turned around in his chair. "Well, have fun with me." Hidan eyed Kakuzu weirdly and backed up to the wall. "Actually, uh, I could always buy the shiner tomorrow." Kakuzu got up from his chair and crept toward Hidan with a smirk on his face. Hidan got onto the bed and edged to the edge of it. Kakuzu climbed onto the bed and approached Hidan slowly. Kakuzu grabbed Hidan's head and kissed him. Hidan looked at Kakuzu with a scared expression and curled his feet up so his knees touched his chest. Kakuzu unbuttoned Hidan's cloak and threw it to the ground. All Hidan was wearing was black cargo pants. Kakuzu grabbed Hidan's necklace and pulled him toward him. Hidan grabbed his hands and pried them off his Jashin necklace. He unclipped his necklace and set them on the nightstand, he knew he couldn't get out of this one. Kakuzu grabbed Hidan's head and gripped his hair tightly. Hidan glared at Kakuzu and grunted, "Great, you just messed up my hair!" Kakuzu chuckled and faced him so their noses touched, "Please, your hair is going to get messed up anyway."

Hidan looked at his partner with a scared and innocent look. Kakuzu's tentacles came out and tickled Hidan's chest. Hidan gasped and curled up tighter in a ball. Kakuzu's tentacles crept down his cargo pants and made Hidan gasp again. Kakuzu took Hidan's hands and made him a little more comfortable in the bed. He got on top of him and comfortably put his hand down Hidan's pants. Hidan gasped as his partner grabbed his cock. Kakuzu smiled. "Are you enjoying this?" Hidan suddenly took a breath out and nodded slightly. He closed his green eyes and took off his own pants. He thrust into Hidan and watched as Hidan arched his back and gasped. Kakuzu smiled and thrust again into Hidan. Hidan gasped again and put his hands onto Kakuzu's shoulders. "Can I h-have a t-turn?"

Kakuzu smiled and nodded. They moved so Hidan was on top and Kakuzu was on bottom. Hidan moved slowly at first, but Kakuzu frowned enough for him to go quickly at it. Kakuzu grabbed Hidan's hair and moaned softly. Hidan got off of him and panted heavily. Kakuzu moved over to Hidan's side and ran his fingers through his partner's hair. Hidan blushed dark red and leaned over Kakuzu. "So, can I have my money now?" Kakuzu chuckled and ran his tentacles over Hidan's chest. "How about tomorrow. I'm still counting them." Hidan shrugged and hung his arms around Kakuzu's neck. He kissed his neck and snuggled up to him as they got under the covers. Kakuzu ran his fingers through Hidan's hair, "Good night, Hidan." Hidan only responded his a small, soft sigh.