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Chapter 1: This is what it is

My headphones are blaring and Temari is bitching at Kankuro about bringing the pots in first. "I told you, I need the fucking bedroom stuff first!" Kankuro rolls his eyes. "If it's that important, get it yourself." Keep in mind he never says it loud enough for her to hear. I walk up the stairs to my new bedroom with Clutch's the mob goes wild, loud enough to where I can pretend not hear Temari call me. A new city, new house, and the shittiest of all…a new school, I hate being the new kid. This is our eighteenth move since I was six…I always thought it was stupid, but Temari said dad has to go where the work is. He's a technical support genius and he hates me.

Not just my music, my all black gear, or eyeliner, I mean that man really hates me. I'm not sure where I went wrong, but he just despises me. Most of the time he just shakes his head in disappointment and at dinner he barely acknowledges my presents. When I was younger, it used to bother me and then I just decided that as long as I had my siblings that everything would be fine. To be honest, that just made me retreat further into myself and music became my way out. It helped with the constant rejection and glares of others. Temari and Kankuro do make it better, and I will never tell either of them that. They make my sentence here on earth not so bad to bear.

"Gaara, I know you hear me talking to you!" I look over my shoulder at Temari with an unwavering glare. "I need you to help me finish setting up Dad's bed, so there is one least thing on our list." I just nod and follow her into the master bedroom. "The headboard and mattresses need to be put in place, and then you can go back to unpacking." I just nod. About seven years ago, I decided that talking was a waste of time, and so I only speak when a real need arises…which is very rare. And on that list, I added laughing, smiling, and any other extra emotions that require energy.

I think over time I just decided that my own company was a lot less complicated and beside other people annoy me. Yes, I said it! People annoy the hell out of me and the constant irritating way, they talk about absolutely nothing! "Grab the other end Gaara! Fuck, where did you go this time?" I just roll my eyes, because my siblings always know when I'm zoning out. Temari chuckles as we drop the mattress on top of the box spring. I'm still trying to decide how I was stuck helping finish Dad's bed. Speaking of father, he is out of town and will be gone for the rest of the month. He was apparently invited to New York for his expertise in the latest viruses. I'm just thankful he is gone, that keeps me from feeling like a complete failure.

"Temari, there is some dude at the door!" Temari squeals as she exits the room, did I mention that I am gay? Yeah, I decided that girls were ridiculous and completely irrational. Although, they are beautiful and some are quite appealing, their personalities irk me to the point where I just can't stand it. Males on the other hand, can hold the same beauty and grace, with half the emotion. It is actually quite appealing once you think about it. My new bedroom is in the attic, I decided that I should stick to the dark places. No need to change a winning formula, I have my own bathroom, so whoa!

I chuckle in his head as I head back to my room. The attic is not that bad, it has two windows and room to stand. The area is large and the floor is wood, I think it was used as an office and guess room. I push my mattress onto the black platform that Kankuro made for me. Did I mention that my siblings make this life tolerable? I probably would have ended this long ago, had it not been for those two. Those two make many things tolerable, even school. I know that is going to be a joy!

I am shorter than the average sixteen-year-old boy is, I am petite, and most mistake me for a prepubescent girl. A fucking girl, I would be angry, but that is a waste of time and I hate wasting time. I think most people just ignore me and to tell you the truth I ignore everyone. Except those who are unavoidable like father, teachers, cops, and my siblings (which are not that annoying). "Gaara, that is the internet guy and he is checking all the rooms to make sure there is a connection. Have you completely given up television or what?" I just opene my black armoire revealing the small television.

"Does that mean you have cable up here?" I just nod, and she heads back down to the main floor. Kankuro was the next up the stairs dropping off the school supplies and my books for my new school. "I should have made your ass come." I just look at him with my perfectly green orbs. "Here is a map of the school and you need to get your ID taking when we head to school tomorrow. Oh' and congratulations on the four AP classes."

Did I mention that I am smart, and that I take the AP classes are just to keep it interesting? What can I say I might as well stay busy and it even keeps Temari off my back... Sort of, she is always hovering over Kankuro and me. She works as a bartender at a place called The Clover; she keeps us each equipped with a cell phone. She is a sophomore in college and is eighteen, with a short fuse. As I said, all women should be diagnosed bipolar and schizophrenic. That is just not normal for a person to act that way. I love black, it is a soothing color. That is why I have black sheets, a black comforter, and black curtains, as I said before 'might as well stick to dark places.'

Everything is up and now let's look at my new schedule and a map so I won't look like a complete ass, tomorrow. Okay so what do we have:

First Period: AP Chemistry

Second Period: AP Trigonometry

Third Period: AP History

Fourth Period: AP British Literature

Fifth Period: Art

Sixth Period: Philosophy

What the fuck is this? I have too ask people, "What the fuck is this?" Kankuro chuckled. "You have to ask Temari about it." Here she comes up the stairs. "Look, if you would have come, then you would have had a choice. It was either Art Appreciation or Philosophy, and I think you can use a little Socrates and all those other fucking thinkers." I roll my eyes, this shitty school place has been in session for almost three weeks, and she picks Philosophy!

"This school is on what they call a block schedule too, so you only have four of the classes tomorrow." I narrow my eyes because this shit is getting ridiculous. "That means you have first, third, fifth, and sixth on odd days. Then you have second and fourth on even days. Even days are Tuesday and Thursday and the odd days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday." I just nod, because it is just another way for people to piss me right the fuck off! Really what can I do, I am only one person, people.

She just runs her hand through my fiery red hair. I used to flinch when she used to touch me. However, after much debate I decided that it's just her way of showing me affection. "Alright kiddo, just study the map and you should be fine. Kankuro is trying out for the football team, are you going to wait for him? Or do you want me to come pick you up?" I hate when she asks direct questions that I have no other choice but to answer. "I'll stay and observe." She just smiles as she heads back down the stairs. I get in the shower, because either way it goes tomorrow is going to be extremely exhausting.

I always beat the alarm clock awake, I have a mild form of insomnia, and it is actually quite sad. I pull my window open to my new room and then I pull a cigarette from the box in the nightstand. Yes, the cigs are kept in a box because it keeps me from explaining it to my nutty sister. God bless the medium Newport as I inhale the toxins, people claim it causes cancer. I have been smoking since I was twelve and I have never had cancer, I'm just saying.

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