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Chapter 12: Time well Spent

"Let me think. Three matches one by one struck in the night. The first to see your face in its entirety, the second to see your eyes, the last to see your mouth, and the darkness all around to remind me of all these, As I hold you in my arms." He tosses a grape in my mouth. "That was a really good one." I just nod my head, because it is. "Much water has passed beneath the bridge, And also much blood, But upon the feet of love, Flows a great white stream, and in the gardens of the moon. Where all the days are your festivals, this stream sings in sleep, and this moon is my head, where turns a great blue sun, and this sun is your eyes." That is one of his favorites by Jacques and I toss him a grape as he rubs my feet. I really do like Saturdays. "Are you going to go?" He always rushes me, but I have to think because Prévert is not one of my favorites. "You are so pushy." He just smirks as he tugs my leg. "Umm. An orange upon the table, your dress on the rug, and you in my bed. Sweet present of the present, Freshness of the night, Warmth of my life." He just rolls his eyes at me.

"You cannot just do all the easy ones. It is no fun if you do that." I toss him a grape. "Fine! My next turn, I will do one of his more difficult ones." He raises his eyebrow challenging me and I lift my hand. "I swear, Sasuke Uchiha." He licks his lips and I cannot help but want to kiss him. "You want a kiss don't you, my love?" I nod my head, because I really do and I get one. It taste of vanilla and grapes. I let my tongue touch his lips and that will satisfy my craving for a while. "The more I think about it, wasn't Jacques gay?" Sasuke shrugged. "I think so, why?" I bit my lip as I rolled my eyes. "Why was he talking about a dress anyway? Does that mean his boyfriend was a cross dresser or maybe it was because he swung both ways." Sasuke chuckled at me. "He was the artsy type so anything is possible. But it is my turn. We will discuss Jacques Prévert, sexuality later." I just settle back into my spot.

"I have one. The children who like each other embrace each other standing, against night doors, and the passers-by who pass indicate them of the finger, but the children who like each other, Are for nobody there, And it is only their shade. Which trembles at night, thrilling the rage of the passers-by, their rage, their contempt, their laughs, and their desire. The children who like each other are for nobody there, they are much more far elsewhere than at night, more high than the day, in dazzling clarity of their first love" Okay, so he likes the good stuff! He is athletic and smart, I cannot help but love everything about him. "Since I promised more then three lines, I guess I can do…umm. Oh yeah. Thousands and thousands…Of years. Should never suffice, to tell of the sweet moment of eternity, where you kissed me, where I kissed you, one moment in the light of winter, In Montsouris Park in Paris, In Paris. Upon this Earth, This Earth which is a star." He just sighs. "I said a hard one Red. Not another easy one." I eat another grape.

"I beg to differ, that was a hard one." He just shakes his head in disagreement. "I will help you do a hard one and I will even start." He thinks he is so clever and he is, but I already know which one, he wants to do. "Do I have any other choice?" He shrugs. "No, not really. Remember Barbara, It rained incessantly on Brest that day, and you smiling were walking. In full bloom enrapture streaming something lovely dripping, in the rain, Remember Barbara. It rained incessantly on Brest, and I ran into you on the Street of Siam, You were smiling, and me, I was smiling just the same. Remember Barbara, You who I did not know, you who did not know me, Remember, Remember when even that same day, don't forget. A man beneath a porch was resting, and he cried out your name. Barbara, and you ran towards him beneath the rain, Full bloom enrapture, Something Something Something." Did I mention I am not a big fan of this guy. "He was gay, so why was he so worried about Barbara anyway?" He just chuckles.

"Just go on and stop, when you cannot remember." I eat another grape. "Fine, I guess my choices are limited today. Umm...And you threw yourself into his arms, Remember that Barbara, and don't hate me if I am familiar. I say you to all those I like, Even if I have not seen them save once, I say you to all those who like themselves, Even if I don't know them. Remember Barbara, Don't forget, this rain wise and happy, upon your happy face. On this happy town, this rain on the sea, on the fort, On the Ship of Ouessant. Oh Barbara, What foolishness is war, where have you gone now. In this rain of iron, of fire of ice of blood, and he who had held you in his arms, lovingly. Is he dead disappeared or better living still, oh Barbara, It rains incessantly on Brest." He just smirks at me. "Now was that so hard.?" I just nod my head.

Whatever, Red. Like it had rained before, but it isn't the same and all is decayed, it's a rain of terrible pain and desolation, it's no longer the storm, of iron of ice of blood. Very simply clouds, that die like dogs, like dogs who dissipate, at the waters edge near Brest, and go to decay far from. Far from very far from Brest, Where nothing remains." I have to admit. Any time you can get someone who looks like Sasuke to recite poetry, it is a good time in your life. I am just saying. Not just any poetry though. I mean good poetry. His phone rings. I hate when that happens. We have only been away for few hours. Someone just had to call and he just had to answer the phone.

"Alright, just give us about ten minutes. We are in Konoha Park. It is Saturday, you know. Okay, ten minutes or so…Bye." He starts putting my shoes back on. "Wait, who was that?" He looked up with those perfect eyes and I felt my chest tighten. "It was your sister. She said we need to make our way back to the house." I narrow my eyes. If it is not burning down, I see no reason to hurry back.

"Is the house burning down?" He just chuckles and shakes his head. "Am I in some kind of trouble." He just creases his brow. "Is there something you failed to mention, Red?" I just shake my head. "Well at least let me take my turn before we go." He just has that questioning look on his face. "You just don't want to go first, next Saturday." I just nod my head as he finishes tying my shoes. He crosses his legs and nods for me to go ahead. "I went to the market of birds, and I bought birds for you, my love. I went to the market of flowers, and I bought flowers for you, my love. I went to the market of ironwork, and I bought chains, Heavy chains for you, my love. And then I went to the market of slaves, and I searched for you, but I did not find you, my love." He just smirks, and gives me one of his mind-blowing kisses. The one were I cannot help but moan and sigh, all in the same breath. My head is still reeling as he lifts me by my wrist.

"You really are hopeless, my love." He is right, and I just love the fact that it is true. We walk to his car and we hold hands. I hate public displays of affection, but he seems to like it and I always give him a hard time. The least I can do is hold the man's hand, being that I still have not said I love you to him yet. I can say it in my head, but I have not found the courage to let it leave my mouth. I do love him though. I wonder if that is the reason we haven't copulated? One has got to wonder about these things, especially when it comes to this raven. He is always so complex when it comes to certain things.

I wonder if it is as simple as that, he is a clever little fuck. If that is the case, I might never have sex! It is so hard for me to say those three words. The last time I said I love you, was when my mother passed away. It was the last thing I said, before she was cremated. She didn't say it back, of course. After that, I saw no point in saying those words or even letting I love you, linger in my head. Besides, I hadn't heard those words uttered for me again, until he came. Those words were given meaning again, and now I even hear those words from my siblings and friends. I just don't have the courage to use those three words myself. Call me a coward, but I cannot help it. Those words went on my list of things I just don't do. The list that has begun to become meaningless, but it is still there and maybe I am a fool for holding onto it so tightly. Then again, it is all I have left, that is familiar. Everything else is new, and it sort of freaks me out sometimes. I know I am not sure about a lot of things.

"Red, where did you wander off to now?" I look up and sure enough, we are at my house. I really need to work on that, and no one ever reminds me, some help you people are. "I was just thinking that is all. I was thinking that maybe you want me to say…" He just sighs. "I do. I do want you to say I love you before we go any further." I knew it. Well sort of…okay not really. "You do realize that may take a minute or a lifetime." He just kisses my kanji. "I would not have it any other way, because you are you." I am glad one of us has patience, because I am so, not on that train. I want to have sex and I want to have sex. I would say fuck it, but this is just one thing where I cannot throw my hands up. Nope, not this time. This is so unfair on so many levels that I really want to have a tantrum.

Temari meets us at the door and she looks like she is in pain. I would ask but I already know what it means…my father is home. I try to think if I could have done something and I cannot think of anything, I swear it. "Gaara and Sasuke have a seat." My parent knows my name and he used it. I am sure I did not do anything, I think. I take a seat between Shika and Temari. I notice that Shino and Cutter are sitting on the loveseat. Sasuke just takes a seat on the armrest. I wonder what we did, I am sure they did not do anything, me…I am a totally different story. Father is pacing the floor, as if he is nervous. That is odd, because he is always so reserved and serious. "I know that I am not here a lot of the time and I work a lot." He looked at us and at me. Did I do something? Ugh, fuck it!

"It is because I trust you three enough where I can take all types of assignments. I will admit I have neglected my duties as a father quite a bit and I am sorry. I forgot that you three are not adults and sometimes you need someone, but I will always be here for you." He knelt down in front of me and placed his hand on my face. I didn't flinch because he has never hurt me. "You ,Gaara, it just seemed like you died when your mother did. I had no clue how to help or what to say to you, you look so much like her. It just got easier not to say anything and I guess that was the wrong thing to do." He smiled at me, like Cutter does and it was nice. "I am sorry son, and I do love you. I think it is too late for me to be all bossy, but know if you need me. I am just a phone call away." He stood and moved back to the middle of the room. He does love me. He just didn't know what to say to me. I guess I did give up long before he did, though.

"Now, that we are all on the same page, I need to make this short. I am headed out on my next assignment in Washington. I know you are good young adults and I do not need to hover. Also, I know that you are dating and I have no problem with that, just please practice safe sex. I just need you three to know that I trust you. As for you, Shino, Shika, and Sasu. I am watching you and if I think something has happened to my children, you will regret the day your parents conceived you. Do I make myself clear?" The boys just nodded as my father grab his bag and left on yet another trip. He is a man of few words, and I am not despised. I sure am glad I never said it aloud to anyone but, the Uchiha brat. I would feel real stupid right, now if I had ever said it to anyone else. "Well, that was different and interesting." I just nodded in agreement with Cutter's words.

"I mean it is not like Sasuke and Gaara are having sex anyway!" Did I mention, I hate my brother. He is a complete asshole. "I know, what is up with that? You could have sex with that sadist Baki, but not Sasuke?" I roll my eyes, little does she know… I so want to. "Hn, it is not that simple." Thank you very much! "It feels incomplete somehow and I am just waiting until I get confirmation. I will not have sex with someone who cannot say, I love you. It is considered an act of love and I will not do it, with just an unspoken agreement. We both deserve more than that." Excuse the hell out of me, I told you he was too clever. I hate that he does that and he is such a sucky person! That is unfair and just playing dirty. "If it were that simple, don't you think I would have done it already? It is not that easy!" Did I just raise my voice? I look around and everyone looks a little shocked, so yeah I raised my voice.

"I have given you everything I can possible give at this point. I show you, shouldn't that be enough? You have to feel it and I know you see it! So, let's just have sex, its not like my heart is going to change, right afterwards." I feel stupid, I mean really stupid. I am usually a lot calmer, but you go this long and see how you feel! "This is the one case where words speak louder than action, I love you Gaara. I love you so, much that I have developed a patience of sorts. I need you to understand that I love you is not just words to me. It has meaning, real meaning to me." It was just me and him, I see we successfully alienated four people…we are on a roll! I feel angry and horny, and I am sorry! "Sasu, I just want to make love to you, don't you want it. You know I do, every cell in my body screams it. Why can't that be enough for now?" I touch his face and he just looks away. This is stupid! Teenage boys are supposed to be really horny, but I guess Sasuke is too mature for that…Damn!

"Fuck it." He pushed his tongue into my mouth as if, searching for something. God, He tastes so sweet! He starts to pull at my shirt, wait a minute I am not going to do it in the living room. I push him away and he looked a little stunned. "Let's…go to my room." He takes me in his arms and hurries up the stairs; he slams the door with his foot. But, all of his sudden urgency…seems to retreat. He sets me down on the bed and kneels in front of me. "We should at least do this right, since you can't say it." That one really hurt! He places his hand on my cheek as he kisses my neck, my skin is burning everywhere he touches me. God, I crave this man! He pulls my shirt over my head and he kisses my shoulder, then my collarbone, while his hands move over my back in small circles. I cannot control the shiver that runs up my spine. He is so gently and I guess I am forced to be patient…he is for me, after all.

He runs his hands across my ribs as he captures one of my nipples in his mouth. I am starting feel that damn coil in my stomach. I try to take a deep breath, but I moan instead. His mouth feels good as it trails over my skin and I voice it in small moans and hitches of my breath. He slides onto the bed behind and I feel that he really is enjoying himself. "I love you Red and I am want to make sure I take in everything." I just nod my head. I can be patient a little while longer. He slides his hands down my abdomen and I cannot help, but tremble a little. He unbuttons my pants and slides his hand in gently. he knows what he is looking for. When he finds it, he starts to stroke me, tenderly. Making sure to tease the tip with his thumb, and pull down the length of my shaft. I try to keep from moaning his name, but I cannot help it! "Sasu…ke…mmmm." He smiles into my neck. "I love it when you say my name." He lays back and slides my pants off. I am not sure when is happened, but his shirt is off too. I know I am missing stuff, but I can't help myself it is so hard right now, people!

"I need to remember everything about this moment. Do you understand me?" I can be patient for just a little while, longer. He runs his fingers down my chest, making me moan. He is setting me on fire, but I am going to patient…I have to be. He captures my mouth into a kiss and his hand starts to move up and down my length. That damn coil presents itself again and it snaps, I jerk upwards and he holds me there. Placing small kisses down my neck and over my chest. His starts to move his hand again and my body starts to respond. "I love you Gaara and I want to do this right." I just nod. I mean there is no need to rush, right? He slides on top of me and starts to grind our erections together, I am not sure where his pants went, but I am glad. His body crushed against mine, feels so right and I wrap my arms around his neck and I intensify the grinding, but arching my back into him. His hard flesh feels so hot against mine.

He nibbles at my ear and somehow he loosens my hold and trails down my body with his heated mouth. He takes me into his mouth and I moan and cry his name. The wet heat makes me feel dizzy. He is really good at this and yet I don't care why. I can feel that damn coil again, it is about to piss me off! Please just let me have this a little longer and it eases just a little. "I know that you have something for this occasion." He is absolutely correct, I have a half of bottle of lube in my nightstand. "Yeah, but I want to do it. Lay, down and I can do it myself." That was pretty embarrassing, but he does as I ask and I pull the bottle from the stand. However, I still haven't gotten everything I wanted. I kiss him on his lips and I trace every peak and valley of his body with my hands, I hear him whisper my name and I want more. Not to mention that coil in my stomach is still wound a little too tightly.

I place my hand around his length and he shivers, but he keeps his eyes on me. I take him into my mouth. "Gaara…aww…mmmm." I slide a couple of my fingers inside myself to loosen me up, no need in hurting myself because I have time to prepare. After a few minutes, I feel that I am ready. I pull my mouth away and those half-lidded eyes are still watching me. I make sure to use enough and he is thrusting into my hand, which is making me think he is growing impatient. I straddle him but, he grabs me. "You do not have to do this yourself." I lean over and kiss him. "I want to. I have to, because this is how I want it. I love you, Sasuke." Oh yeah, I said it! It felt really good too, and it is quite true. I really do love the Uchiha brat and besides he has loved me since the day he saw me. He kisses me so passionately that my breathing in labored, once again. I sit up trying to regain my composure, but I can't, once his hand starts to move up and down my length. I position myself and I push down, sliding him into me. My breath hitches, because it has been a while and the Uchiha was not an easy task. I try not to focus on the immediate pain, now that I am fully seated, but it is a little obvious. I sit there for a minute, letting myself adjust to the new feeling.

I pick my hips up and I slam back down. Sasuke moans something completely incoherent. I start to move a little more, gradually picking up my pace. I am hitting my spot, so this position is really nice. Sasuke looks like he is about to burst. He starts to thrust up and it spends a sensation through my body that makes me scream. I bite down on my lip, trying to keep from screaming his name. But, the attempt is futile. The sound of his name pushes its way out of my lungs and past my lips. I am not even above begging. "Push inside of me…Sasuke….please!" That damn coil is back and it wants its due for it patience. I force my body down hard on last time and cum. I can feel his strong arms around me and he sings my name, "Gaara…" It felt right and I noticed I had put my arms around his neck. I take the opportunity to smell his nape. It smells of musk and rain, like a deep dark forest. "I love you, Sasuke. And I guess I am sorry for making you wait." He kissed my neck and my skin tingles. "I love you too and I never minded waiting in the least." I start to move up and down, what can I say…I love the night.

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Jacques Prévert's poems that were used, he was a man that had a hell of a way with words. (In the order the order used)

*Paris at Night

*The Stream


*The Children Who Like each other

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*For You My Love