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The bark was rough under my hands but I clung to it nether the less. My cheeks were wet from tears but I dared not wipe them away for fear of my murderer using my distraction to come and finish the job. He wasn't far away only across the clearing.

A wolf howled in the distance and for a moment my heart leaped with hope that he had found me. My hope was soon dashed when I realised it wasn't Jake but a normal wolf. My murderer laughed cruelly and took a step forward towards me with his weapon at the ready. It would all be over soon. In no more than a few minutes probably. At least it would be over quickly, for me at least. I only had these few minutes to live with the regret of knowing I would never see Jake again, never feel his lips on mine or hear his laughter as we walked carelessly along the beach, he had a whole lifetime of it.

"He's not coming. He'll never find you until its too late." My murderer told me coldly. I nodded; I knew that only too well.