Allow me to make two things perfectly clear. Number one - everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yeah, I couldn't care less if you think my story 'sucks', or what the hell you think about me. I really don't. But one really bugs me is cowardice. Yeah. So if someone were to not sign in, and leave me a (really quite thoughtless and stupid) review about how much they hate my story under a FAKE NAME - that would really bug me. You know, if you'd left it under a real name I would have contacted you (very politely, unlike you) and told you that yes, you were being rude, but I didn't mind and what was it that you didn't like about my story?

But that wasn't the case. Hence why I am leaving this - very controlled, if I do say so myself - message to you, you idiot. If anyone has anything to say about this, keep it to yourself - you might be the next one to be singled out by idiotic abuse.

Oh, and the second thing I wanted to make clear: "justme667" really - and I mean really - needs to learn how to spell.

Nuff said.