A:N: I know I perviously posted this story, but someone, my brother, thaught it would be just hialrious to delete it and see what I would say. I thought about not re-posting it, since St. Patrick's Day is over, but I decided that it's still a good story and I wanted it back up! So here it is!

Bella POV

It was the beginning of March just short two months since we had defeated the Volturi and saved all of our lives. Renesmee's growth had begun to slow but she still aged quickly. Now she could be considered a young pre-school aged child though she was only six months old. We were still living in Fork's but we didn't plan on staying too much longer, we were only still here for Charlie's sake.

I was sitting on the couch next to the love of my life and vampire husband Edward. Things were finally peaceful again and back to the way things were before the Volturi threatened us. The whole Cullen family with the exceptions of Renesmee and Jacob, who were both asleep, and of course Alice who was upstairs doing god only knows what to her closet. It was never big enough for her!

Suddenly the pitter patter of tiny feet could be heard from above me and I knew just who it was. Alice was spoiling my perfect moment with my perfect vampire family by running down here to tell us something stupid about clothes or designers. Stuff I didn't really need to know!

"Guys! Guess what I found!" she literally sang as she jumped down the stairs her laptop in her hand

"What Alice?" I asked showing just how much I really cared about what she had to say. I loved her, but she could get annoying at times.

"You know how next weekend is St. Patrick's Day? Well I found this cute little cloudy town that has this huge parade and I was thinking maybe we could take Ness!" She cheered jumping up and down very slightly with her angelic face grinning flawlessly.

"That actually sounds like fun Alice!" Esme said, "We don't have big parades here and well we can get out of town and do something different!" I had to agree Fork's was nice but it was small with not too many things to do. A parade that would be fun.

"Oh, I can't wait I can wear green and dye my hair and this sounds like a blast!" Emmett screamed.

"Alice where is this parade?" Carlisle asked.

"A city called Scranton have you ever been there?" She replied.

"Oh, yes I stayed there once only for a few short days but it was very nice." He said.

"Alice where is Scranton?" I asked not sure exactly where it could be. It was a safe question, because this was Alice, the parade might as well be in Ireland!

"Pennsylvania!" She said.

"That's not as bad as I was thinking my first thought was she's going to fly us to Ireland!" I laughed.

"So do you guys want to go?" She asked putting on her puppy dog eyes.

"Sure!" we all responded together.

"Great I saw that coming so we are all booked to leave from Port Seattle on Thursday!" She laughed in her wind chime voice as we all joined in with her.