Harry moaned in his sleep and the sheets twisted around his body as he turned to lie on his stomach. He'd had this dream so many times this month; he didn't quite know what to make of it. Well it wasn't exactly a dream; it was a memory.

It was the week before Harry was leaving for Hogwarts, just after he had received his letter from Hogwarts.


"Right. Vernon, Dudley: you two are going to the zoo." Identical looks of confusion appeared on the faces of Vernon and the boys.

"Why can't I Go?" Harry asked with a pouting lip.

"Because we need to talk."

"About what?" he challenged. What could be more important than letting Harry go to the zoo and talk to the snakes?

"Your parents." The entire table fell still. The Dursley's never talked about Harry's parents. Each of their reasons were very different, but they all ended with the same conclusion; not conversation material.

Petunia had never hated her sister until the night she gave birth to a boy child. Lily's baby had died at birth. Grief stricken she stole another woman's child. The other woman had gone insane in her desperation. Petunia could never forgive her sister for doing that to another mother. Lily had never told anyone what she did, but somehow her husband knew. He did not address her on the matter, as he did not se the girl they had stolen the child from as a fitted mother. Instead he included a clause in his will stating that this baby was his legal heir, for that he needed Dumbledore's help.

The only reason for Petunia's knowledge about Harry's true origins was that she had a talent. A magical talent.

She was not a witch by any means, but magic, that she could do. Another kind of magic; it could not be taught, or detected by the magical community. She did not know exactly what she was, but her gift of divination had come in handy. She could see the history of everything she touched and she could break mental barriers that were strong as concrete. Of the future she could only see possible end results, but never how they would come to be.

After Harry was placed on her doorstep she had held the child of hours and soaked in the images of everything that had happened to this baby. After that she had gone to the places he had been and found out everything she needed. She could enter the magic world undetected. That was how she found out that the baby her sister had stolen, truly had no one, not yet, but she had kept an eye on his real parents, and now was the time to pass on her knowledge.

Vernon and Dudley had gone to the zoo and Harry sat on the couch waiting for his aunt to come back down from the attic.

"There" she said and dumped a heavy and dusty wooded chest on the otherwise spotless table. Harry looked up at her with expectant eyes. This had better be good.

It was good. Harry sat wide-eyed as she told him what Lily and James had done. Now it was Dumbledore's turn.

"Dumbledore was the one who hid your disappearance from the world, and made it possible for them to keep you. Your real parents are very powerful people with very powerful friends. One of these powerful friends, the most powerful one, Lord Voldemort, or Tom Riddle as his name is, found you and tried to retrieve you. Dumbledore killed James and Lily, and then forced Riddle to try to kill you with a curse called Avada Kedavara. Because it was someone else's hatred that drove the magic from him it did not work, but repelled back to him and destroyed his body.

Your parents never found out because he had not told anyone where he was going. His death- it's not sure if he is really dead actually- lead to your parents arrest. Your mother is in prison to this day, along with you stepfather, but your father could not be proven guilty, so he is free." Harry was, to say the least, shocked. He had a real mum and dad out there somewhere. He had always known about the magic world. That they had told him when he started levitating Dudley around the house, something the both of them loved.

"But who are my parents then?"

"Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy." She said. Had Harry grown up in the wizarding world, now would have been the time he would have either fainted or laughed, but he just blinked and sat silently.

"Your mother had married a man called Rabastan Lestragne. The problem with this was that both he and his brother could not have children due to an accident a few years prior, therefore they turned to their good friend and distant relative, Lucius Malfoy for help. Lucius was married to Bella's sister Nacrissa. Bella would give birth to Lucius child, you, who would become the Lestrage heir, and the Malfoy heir, if something should happen to his firstborn."

"I have a brother?" Harry gasped excitedly.

"Yes, his name is Draco, but the reason I am telling you all this is very important." She said.

"Even though Lucius was more than capable to take care of you, the ministry would never allow him to. This is because he is kind of like Don Corleone". Harry giggled at her choice of comparison.

"When Dumbledore gave you to me, knowing that you had living family, it was because he wants you to become his perfect weapon in a war that will start in a few years, and for that he needed you to become suppressed and obedient. That is why sometimes you have to wear Dudley's clothes, so that they will think we treat you badly." She took a deep breath. This was the most important part of all that she had to say.

"When you go to Hogwarts, you must become close to him and his allies. They will with no doubt try to steer you their way, using their children to befriend you. You must make a public enemy of your brother…" Harry began to protest. She raised her hand to her lips to silence him.

"…but you have to contact your father through him. Tell your brother everything, but in public you must seem as if you hate each other. Have him teach you everything he can. He will have used magic a lot longer than most at the school and will know very much. Now, the most important thing; Hogwarts is divided into four houses in which the students are sorted by personality. It is 'vital' that you go to Gryffindor. I know for a fact that you are a Slytherin through and through, both your parents went to Slytherin, but Lily and James both were in Gryffindor. " Harry nodded obediently. She took his head in her hands and kissed his forehead on his scar.

"I know it sounds silly darling, but your life depends on it. Just trust your brother and father, but stay true to your heart, no matter what happens."


"Yes Harry."

"What did my real mum call me?"

"Logan. Logan Malfoy Lestrange."

Change scenes

Harry ran so fast he did not know if his feet actually ever touched the ground. He had to catch up with Draco. There. There he was.

"Hey Malfoy!" He yelled. The blond turned around and sneered at the black haired boy.

"What do you want scarhead?!"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to offend you. I really want to be your friend. I really do, but I have to be friends with Weasel and the mudblood to keep up appearances." Harry had found out that he was the youngest in the purest families that had ever existed in magical history, the Backs, Malfoys and Lestrange and Potter through adoption. He was as pure as anyone could ever be.

"What do you mean keep up appearances. You're the old coots' Golden Boy!" the blond spat.

"They arranged for me to become 'friends' with Ron, thinking that little Harry would not realise that he was being manipulated. I mean, seriously; why would a pureblood family who had travelled from King's Cross for hundreds of years wear distinct wizarding clothes, hoarding a flock of red heads through the entire station, on the muggle side, while yelling 'this way, this way. Platform 9 ¾ is here. Hold your wands hidden and follow me!' Seriously." He said.

" I need him to think that I am his Golden Boy" Harry gasped for air between sentences. "I know you have no reason to trust me but just hear me out, please." Draco nodded. He was very curious of why a Gryffindor and a half-blood would call anyone a mudblood, even if it were true.

"My real name is Logan Malfoy Lestrange…" this caught Draco's attention and held it while Harry told his tale.

Fifteen minutes later that both sat against the cold stonewall of the dark dungeons. Draco was staring wide eyed at Harry.

"So you're my little brother, eh?" Harry nodded and waited anxiously for his reaction.

"Well. What can I say..." Draco sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Welcome to the family." He said at last with a mischievous smile.