Chapter 7 I Know/Down and Out

Shower Scene Outtake

When I entered the bathroom the top of the mirror was already fogging up. I watched Bella's nude form behind the glass for a moment then looked down at my hardening member. Grinning, I slid open the shower door and stepped into the steam. Her back was turned to me, so I shuffled behind her and wrapped my hands around her abdomen. She was wetting her hair down still and I smelled the sweat and sweetness on her neck. Her hands covered mine on her stomach and I let my left hand dip low to palm her slick heat.

Her head dropped back onto my shoulder and I kissed her exposed neck as I slid the tip of my index finger over her swollen clit. She moaned and ran her hands up my forearm; angling her hips, seeking the roughness. I gripped her right hip in my hand and held her still as I added more pressure to the circles then slid two fingers down and into her. The gasp was muffled by the shower hitting the tile floor but I saw her jaw go slack and her eyes flutter closed as I began steady pumps in and out of her. My right hand left her hip and traveled up to her breasts and ran the flat of my palm over her hardened nipples, my fingers splayed out. She sucked her lower lip into her mouth and grunted when I stroked her clit with my thumb.

I watched as the spray of water hit her chest and stomach and washed down to the juncture of her thighs.

She bucked her hips and I knew she was close, so I increased the speed of my fingers and kneaded her breasts gently, pinching the nipples and caressing the underside of them, running my fingers up the valley between and lightly rested my hand over her neck holding her to me tenderly. My dick was straining against her ass and I rotated my hips slowly enjoying the friction of her wet flesh against mine. I sucked on her shoulder and licked at her collarbone.


She shook her head and gasped as I curled my fingers in and dragged them out slowly while pushing on her clit. It wasn't long until I felt her walls sucking and pushing my fingers in and out as she came. I felt the thick fluid of her come between my fingers and smiled against her neck.

She turned around slowly and unleashed those half hooded eyes on me. They were dilated to the point that only a thin ring of light brown was visible. I swallowed impulsively and felt one of my knees shake. Her mouth turned up in a slow smile and she ran her hands down my chest to grip my hips. I blew out a breath and looked up at the shower head. She turned me slowly until the water was pelting my back then she kneeled down and I held my breath. Half of me wanted her to do it and the other half was petrified that it was wrong; it was degrading.

She got down on her own. You should be a gentleman and let her do whatever she wants.

Her little fingers wrapped around the base of my cock and I thrust up into her hand automatically. I grunted and slammed a hand onto the tile wall beside me; the other one threading through her hair. I couldn't look down. If I looked down I would hurt her. I felt the hot heat of her breath against the head and then her tongue on the slit. I grit my teeth and let my head drop back. With no other warning, she took me into her mouth. I gasped and gripped her hair tightly, instantly relaxing my fingers afterwards. She moaned around me and I felt my balls tighten.


I looked down at her finally. Her fist stroking me as her head bobbed over me, my hand in her hair as she peeked up at me through her lashes. I felt her other hand come up and grip my ass, her nails digging into the fleshy tissue. I grunted and pressed my fingers harder into the tiles.

"Shit Bella. I'm close."

She moaned again and paused on the tip of my cock. I almost went to pull her up before I felt her breath out quickly. I looked down curiously only to see her quickly take all of me into her mouth. My knees buckled hard as I felt her nose press into my stomach.

"Fuck! Shit. Ungh…Bellllaaa…"

She rubbed her nose into my skin and then pulled back slowly before looking up at me as she licked around the head of my cock. Bless me Jesus I'm dead, because she did it again. And again. And again. My grip in her hair was tight now and I wanted to loosen it but my fingers were locked up and I pounded my fist against the tiles in a futile attempt at holding out but I was getting so close. She coughed a little as she came back and I took it as the perfect moment to pull her off me and up.

I pressed her against the wall and kissed her hard. I needed to control this feeling. I needed to be in control of my own release right now because she had come close to taking that from me a moment ago.

I gripped her thighs and heaved her up against the wall using my torso to pin her there as my hands slid down under her ass. She was too slippery to get any grip on me herself. I trailed my tongue down her neck and rubbed my cock against her opening. She moaned and rolled her head to the side then rested it on my shoulder. I leaned down so that my mouth was right by her ear.

"Did you like doing that to me Bella? Did you like testing me? I can honestly say that watching you take all of me was the most erotic thing I have ever seen."

She gasped and wiggled her hips.

"Stop moving or I'll put you down."

She stopped immediately and moaned. She liked it when I talked to her like this.

"Tell me what you want Bella. Tell me what you need."

"You. Edward….want you."

I was fucking smug and grinning at her limited speech.

"Where do you want me baby…here?"

I grinded into her opening again and she whimpered.

"Yes… please I need you inside."

The slow grinding felt so fucking good and it gave me the time to regain my composure. I wanted this to last longer than a few strokes.

I pulled my hips back and used my right hand to guide myself to her entrance. She was quivering as the tip pushed in. I grunted and grabbed her ass in both hands again before slowly sliding in. She threw her head back and hit the wall and I bent my knees and thrust the remaining few inches into her. Her legs dangled limply at my sides as she shoved her hands into my wet hair, clinging to me. I felt her nipples, slippery and hard against my chest.

"I can't begin to tell you how fucking good you feel. God, I don't ever want to leave here."


"Please what Bella? I'll make you feel good baby, don't worry. You teased me enough and now I'm going to repay you."

My thrusts were slow but deep. She moaned and hummed in my ear, the noises going straight to my cock. She was clenching onto me now and I knew she was going to come soon; she just needed a little push.

"Does that feel good? Do you like it when I take you like this? You're so beautiful Bella, trapped against this wall; so fucking sexy letting me take you like this."

She cried out and her nails dug into my scalp. The sting was amazing and I lost control for a moment, speeding up my pace, bringing her to her climax. Her legs wrapped around me, stopping my movements and keeping me buried within her. When she relaxed enough for me to move again I wrapped my left arm around her waist keeping her back from hitting the wall and began pounding in to her. Her breathing was ragged and she was arching and scratching at my shoulders, her face buried in my neck as she moaned my name. The sensations were too much.

"I'm going to come baby. Fuck, I'm going to come…"

With an embarrassingly loud grunt I spilled into her and shook, clutching her against me. She was limp in my arms but after a moment, she brought her hands up to push the wet hair out of my eyes.


"Shhh…can I help you wash up?"

I grinned at her and let her slide down until she was standing.

I went weeks without this. What the fuck was wrong with me?