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One day Paul is walking down a dirt path and by a random chance of fate he runs into a bear. The bear looks at him hungrily and growls at him in a not so good way. Paul then realize that this isn't a normal bear it's a gay bear. The bear quickly grabs Paul and drags him back to his den and has its way with him.

Meanwhile about 2 miles away Ash, Dawn, and Brock hear a scream. "Did you guys just hear a scream?' questions Ash. Dawn looks at him and simply replies "nope". Brock then says "probably just the wind" they all agree and continue on to their next destination. A couple of days later the forest rangers find Paul's used raged semen and blood-covered body. The park rangers just mutter something about stupid hormone enraged teenagers and bury the body. Thus is the end of Paul…

*I got the idea for this from a picture I found online. Send any ideas my way and I might write a chapter with your idea R&R! *