It was a rather cold day in the small town of twinleaf town. Not a soul walked the streets. The day was rather uneventful in the least to say. Most people would be found in their homes on a day like this but our depressed but dumb hero was not. Today was not a good day for Paul Shinji. It had all started that morning with Paul going to get his brother up for work. As Paul slowly opened the battered door and peeped in he saw amidst all the clutter that was his older brothers room he saw under a heap of blankets his older brother. Lets skip forward an hour we next see our hero sitting on the couch nursing a black eye while his brother left for work. Paul now too mad to sit around the house and do nothing decided to take a walk. So that is how we find our hero walking down the street. On his way to the park a poster caught his eye. The poster was bright orange with in black permanent marker spelled out the phrase "SEE Alice in Chains LIVE!" Paul had heard of this brand before. Apparently their old lead singer had done drugs and had died from an overdose. Paul went home and called his only trusted friend a young girl with blue hair and pigtails. Two weeks later we find our hero and his friend at the auditorium in the first row. As the band came onto the stage everybody went nuts and started holding up posters with slogans on them like "MIKE I WANT YOUR BABY!" or "GOD BLESS LAYNE" the first song on the set list was AGAIN and the moment the song started with its hard hitting drums, funky bass line, and grinding guitars the crowd went nuts and started a huge mosh pit. Paul was able to avoid the crazy fans until the song went into the last chorus with its double layered vocals and driving bass line. The next thing Paul knew he was being thrown around like a rag doll and was getting hit and kicked. He was ok until kid wearing a torn lumber jack shirt threw a forceful uppercut and swiftly broke Paul's nose and just before he could do anything another fist slammed into is other unswollen eye. Paul screamed as he hit the ground where he was kicked sever times in the ribs. Later we find Paul in the hospital hooked up to IVs and had his foot in a cast. The next few weeks went by ok until he decided to visit a shady Chinese restaurant and was served a bowl of stew. The stew tasted really good and hit the spot. When the waitress asked him if he enjoyed the stew Paul asked the waitress what was in the stew to which the waitress responded that it was a fugu stew." F-Fugu…" quietly replied Paul before hitting the floor dead as a nail.