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The cool wind blew though the window making the curtains fly all over the place. I shuddered and slammed it shut. Why do I have it open in the first place? I wondered. I looked around my room at the Cullens'. Just like my room at Charlie's house. Exactly.

I touched my neck, sending shivers down my spine. My touch was ice cold. Then again... I'm a vampire now. I should be use to my touch being icy. I removed my fingers from my neck and stared at the window. The wind seemed to pick up speed, sending the newly fallen leaves all over. I sighed and shut my eyes. I let the past memories of me being human flood my mind.

"Good afternoon," A musical voice greeted. It broke up my thoughts. Now only one name appeared in my thoughts. Alice.

I smiled and open my eyes. "Hey," I answered the musical voice, turning my head to see her standing in the doorway, "What's up?" She returned my smile and sat on my bed. (Which has became very useless anymore.)

"Nothing much." Alice replied and stared out the window too. "Cold outside, isn't?"

I nodded. "Yeah," I said, "When it's fall, it's really supposed to get a little cold. Not a lot."

"Well I never really notice," she said, "The only way I guess I really now that that it's getting cold that I see people in heavier clothes." Grinning she added: "And different fashions at the mall."

I rolled my eyes in a playful exasperation but I couldn't help to smile. Typical Alice. She loves the mall and to shop. Every weekend she drags me to the mall against my will. While I was to wrapped up in my flashbacks of her kidnapping me to the mall, she got to be a few inches away from me.

"You're still cold aren't you?" she murmured, her bright gold eyes filled with concern. Alice's icy cold hand grabbed my wrists, sending goosebumps down my arms, her touch was ten times colder than mine. I felt my breath caught in my throat. She touched me, that's it. But why do I think that's more than that?

I broke the connected on. She blinked in surprised and tore her hands away. "Yes," I croaked. I say I'm cold. Which I really I am but.... She's making me cold. In good away I hope. I want her to touch me again.... My thoughts were pushed down when she came a bit closer.

"Yeah?" Alice breathed out, "All the windows are shut and the heat is on. Why are you still cold then?" Her hands gripped my shoulders. I let out a soft moan. Her touch felt really good. Alice studied how I reacted to her touch. Letting out a soft 'Hmmm', she took index finger and brushed in against my face. I let out another soft moan. She grinned and leaned it.

"If my touches make you moan," she said in sly tone, her honey eyes with a mischievous glint in them, "Then what will my kisses do?" She pushed me against the wall, I let out a whimper. She smelled like mint and cinnamon, if she smelt that good I wonder how she'll taste....

She seemed to answer that question for me as she pressed her lips on mines. It felt like I was in a blizzard went though me as goosebumps pricked every millimeter of my body. My mind was racing, I grabbed her wrists, and pull her more closer to me.

After a few minutes later, she pulled away and looked at me with a big grin on her face. "So what did make my kisses do to you?" Alice questioned. I gave a grin too. "Made me feel like I was in a freakin' blizzard." I answered. She brushed her fingers against my cheek again.

"Now I wonder what sex would do you..."