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It was a peaceful day in the granger dojo. Wait scratch that it is never a peaceful day at that house if you are Kai Hiwatari. Yes the Russian was trying to enjoy his morning coffee when he heard a loud boom followed by a scream that sounded a lot like Hilary. Kai rushed in to see the bathroom door busted off its hinges and a naked Hilary standing on the other side trying to cover herself up. Tyson and Daichi both stood with there their backs to Hilary blushes on both their faces. The sight even brought a smirk to Kai's face and the hint of a blush. "Kai we didn't do it we swear! It was Dragoons Fault!" screamed Tyson. "Yeah! We didn't do it!" Daichi quipped in a quiet voice.

"So dragoon just got a hankering for some ass huh?" questioned kai. "Uh yeah…dragoon got horny…yeah," retorted Tyson in an embarrassed tone. On the other hand Hilary took off to her room to get her clothes. " Uh Kai are you alright dude?" said Daichi as he looked up to the older Russian. Kai didn't reply as his brain kept putting images in his mind of him having "fun" with the girl. "She's totally do able. I'd like to get her in bed!" thought kai as he just stood there looking at the broken door. "KAI WAKE UP!!" screamed Tyson at his older Russian friend. Kai finally shook him self-back to normal and simply walked off trying to ignore the painful tightness in his jeans.

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