Greetings and salutations my fellow Fanfiction travelers! Below is my very first journey into the world of Twilight Fanfiction. It is a twisted Twilight, an all vampire love story. Canon Pairings, but AU story line. I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Stephanie Meyer owns Twilight. I just like to play with her characters.

Prologue: Alice

I felt Jasper's fingers run through my hair. "Alice… Is it her again?"

I nodded slowly, my eyes coming back into focus. "It's becoming clear. She is a vampire."

This vision... The scene played out in my head for the first time today, but I had seen it before, many times before. What was once a blurry image was coming into focus more and more each time I saw it. I had seen her face but never with this much intensity, she had not opened her eyes before today. Without any conscious thought or effort, the black eyes appear in my mind. Her bloodless ashen skin and the nebulous dark eyes could only be that of an immortal.

"She opened her eyes… So dark… Even the whites of her eyes seem to be turning black." I shook my head and took a breath.

"Is there anything else?" He asked quietly.

"It's so obscure. There's no purpose, nothing else but her. She is in pain, perhaps injured." I took his hand and motioned for the door. "I want to ask him."

In a flash I was knocking lightly on the door to Carlisle's office.

"Come in Alice." He looked up and closed the large leather bound manuscript in front of him.

I smiled, knowing he had heard us talking.

"Do you know what could cause blackening in the whites of our eyes?"

"My only theory would be starvation. Just like our irises become dark when we are thirsty I would have to assume that the whites of the eye could begin to darken with extreme hunger, but it would take months of deprivation for that to happen." He paused and looked into my eyes, inspecting. "Is everything alright?"

"I have been having this vision of a vampire, a female. I think she may be harmed in some way. In my last vision she opened her eyes and even the whites seem inky and hazy. I believe she is suffering." I closed my eyes and saw her again. I could see her entire face and upper body "Her hands are shaking. She is very weak. Her skin is so white it almost glows."

As I concentrated, more was revealed. Her wild, dark hair was dirty and sticking to her skin. I took a breath and focused hard, trying to see her surroundings, anything that would provide a clue to why I see her. I felt my mind expand as the vision did. Enormous trees covered the area and earth was saturated from constant rain. I grinned. "She is in Forks."