This begins immediately after Ricky said 'I love you' to John in the season finally!

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Ricky looked down at his son. "I love you..."

Ben came into the room and saw Ricky in the room with Amy sleeping. "What are you doing in here?!"

Ricky turned to glare at Ben as John began to scream. "I am visiting my son, who you just woke up. Go outside. We will talk." He shoved Ben through the door roughly.

Amy said "What was that about?" Ricky shrugged and quickly tried to put John back to sleep. He rocked him until he and Amy were both asleep. He looked at his son for a little, and then switched his gaze to Amy. There were dark circles under her eyes after just 2 days of broken sleep. On an impulse, he went over to her and gently brushed his lips against hers. She twitched but didn't wake.

Ben stormed up to Ricky the minute he came out. "Why were you in there?"

Ricky looked at Ben as if he was an idiot. "I was visiting my son. Why else would I be here?"

Ben just glared at Ricky, refusing to answer the question. "Just stay away from my Amy!" He turned and walked to the waiting chauffer and got in the car. Ricky rolled his eye and walked back inside to watch over John.

Amy woke after awhile. "What did Ben say?" Ricky repeated the conversation. Amy rolled her eyes. "I hate it when Ben calls me 'His Amy'. I keep telling him I am not his Amy!" She looked over at Ricky and smiled. Ricky opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted when the nurse to teach Amy how to breastfeed walked in.

Ricky got up and walked to the kitchen, looking around for something to eat. Finding nothing he wandered into the family room. He looked at the picture taken at the hospital a few days earlier. It showed him holding John and leaning into Amy. They looked just like a family. On impulse he walked back to Amy's room just as the nurse was walking out. He looked in and saw Amy sitting on her bed, a blanket covering her chest and John. He walked in and sat down on a chair simply enjoying watching her. Amy looked up at him, not at all uncomfortable with him in there. "You know, it is not as bad as people say."

Ricky grinned, relaxing for the first time in days. There was no one ridiculing him, no one was going to take his son, and he was sitting here watching Amy and his son.

Then he quickly turned around as John kicked off the blanket, announcing that he was done. He only turned so that Amy could not see the smirk spreading across his face. When he turned around Amy was burping John on her shoulder. There was a very loud burp and Amy felt wetness spreading on her shoulder. John had spit up. She quickly gave John to Ricky, who was trying to keep from laughing. Amy came back and took John from Ricky, and then sat on the bed. She looked from John to Ricky. "I have a lot to learn don't I?"

Ricky nodded. "But I will help you. I know how to take care of babies from Margaret. I know that John will need a diaper change soon."

Amy grinned and took John to the changing table and quickly changed his diaper, as if she had done this all her life. Ricky raised his eyebrows. Amy smiled and sat back down on the bed, yawning. "I know how to change diapers! I watched my mom enough times with Ashley!" She stopped, yawning again. "I am really tired though. John has been up every two hours or so. I love him though."

Ricky walked over and looked down at Johns swiftly closing eyes. "I love you." He whispered this looking over at Amy as he spoke. She too was falling asleep, worn out from so little sleep. He gently stroked her hair for a few minutes, then took John from her arms and set him down in the bassinet. He then settled himself in the chair, although he wasn't tired. He was ready for a long night.

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