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Author's note: This is something I have been dreaming up since I watched the finale. While Laura's passing was beautiful, I had a little tweaking I wanted to do. This is AU, as Laura lives longer in this story. And please don't come away with the wrong meaning from the title. This is by no means MY last story for this amazing couple. :-) I hope you enjoy this first part.

Lee Adama had seen a lot of terrible things. He had seen pain, hatred, death, and had grown accustomed to it. It seemed he had known no other life except this one of the constant fight for survival. Even now, with the green and lush planet below them, and the promise of a new life, he couldn't quite erase all the bloodshed and terror even just the last 24 hours had produced. He didn't know if the future ever could look bright.

And then...he saw them, his twin pillars.

He had been waiting for them in the hangar deck, ready to fly the president to her new home. His father had told Lee he wanted the president to come with him. He wanted to get her off the ship as soon as possible.

He watched them now, walking as one towards the raptor. His dad cradled the president against him...so tender, so protecting...ready to catch her if she stumbled even a little.

"Madame President," Lee greeted her, as they climbed aboard the raptor. She had told him weeks ago to call her Laura. He never could bring himself to do that. He had lost faith in her once, and it had been a struggle to regain her trust. He was grateful for her forgiveness, her faith in him, and so he called her "Madame President," so she would know that he believed in her with all of his heart, and so she would know that for the rest of his life, she would be his president.

She gently touched his arm as she passed him and smiled back at him as his Dad set her down in the seat. He watched as his father tenderly tucked a blanket around her legs and a shawl around her shoulders.

"There you go," he said gently.

She reached up and took his hand, "Come with us," she whispered, her face betraying that she didn't want to be separated from him even for a minute.

He took her face in his hands and kissed her forehead, "Sweetheart I'll be right behind you. There's just a few last minute things I have to do here."

"Promise?" she whispered and brushed a finger down his cheek.

"I promise," he replied smiling. "Take care of her," he said to Lee as he left the raptor.

It was a fairly quiet ride down to the planet. Lee didn't want her to feel obligated to talk more than she needed to. He could tell it hurt to breathe let alone talk. He liked that there wasn't really any need to talk. Things had been awkward between them for so long after the trial, and it was just nice to sit quietly with her, enjoying the small "hmmm" sounds she made in delight as they entered the atmosphere of their new home.

"Oh Lee," she breathed as they came down over an ocean. It thrilled him to make her happy.

She turned and looked out her window as they came over land. There was a large group; it looked like a good portion of the fleet, gathered together. "Lee," she asked, "What are they doing?"

It became clearer as they approached that they were all watching the raptor approach. There was a long line of the military and she could make out Colonel Tigh and Kara.

"I think," Lee said smiling, "They are waiting for their president."

"Oh my," she whispered, her voice shaking. She brushed a tear away as the raptor landed, "Lee...I...I don't think I can walk."

Without a word he took her in his arms and walked her to the door.

"Madame President!" Colonel Tigh called out as the door opened and the entire military saluted her. Her eyes stung as Lee walked her through the ranks of the soldiers who had fought for the survival of the people she had loved. She had been so terrified of them at first; the secretary of education didn't exactly have a lot of dealings with the military. She had wondered if they ever would accept her, and when it seemed she had finally earned their trust, there came the bitter disappointment of earth and the mutiny. She had never thought she would have their trust again. With a shaking hand, she reached up and saluted back to them. Lee walked her past the rows of the military and into the crowd of civilians, who erupted into applause and yells as she passed. This was her undoing and tears rolled down her cheeks as she touched their outstretched hands. For the first time in months she felt that maybe...just maybe, she hadn't failed her people after all. She didn't deserve it, any of it. She was just a simple school teacher, thrust into a position she had never imagined let alone desired. She had loved them though, as many mistakes as she had made, dying leader or not, no leader could have loved their people more. Seeing them safe and happy filled her heart with inexpressible joy. Tears stung in Lee's eyes as well as he saw how much the people truly adored her. They surrounded her, everyone so gentle and loving, wanting to pay their final respects.

Off in the distance a raptor had landed and Bill Adama watched with a face full of pride and love from behind a tree. No one would know the real reason why he had not come down in the raptor with her. He had known what they were planning and he wanted there to be no doubt who the real hero was here. He knew she would deny it, tell him that she didn't deserve it, and that he should have been there with her to greet the people. He had been their leader, yes, he had fought with them and been ready to die for them, but what the people didn't understand...and what Laura needed to understand, was that without her...he was nothing.

He waited until the crowd had dissipated and then quietly stepped forward.

The smile that lit up her face when she saw him was more glorious than the new sun itself.