Spy In the Family

Author's Note: This is my take on Max and 99's twins. In my "Get Smart world," none of the movies happened and neither did the 1990's TV series. This story takes place in the mid 1980's.

Chapter 1 – The Smart Family

It was the day after Sarah and Shawn Smart's 17th birthday. Sarah opened the door of her bedroom and groaned. It was still a huge mess. Let's face it, she was a sloppy kid. Her mother had told her she was no longer going to pick up after her and that Sarah had to take charge of her own messes.

Sarah looked around the room. The bedclothes were piled up on the bed where she had crawled out from under them this morning before her last day of the school term. Yesterday's clothes were strewn on the floor along with some books. The dust on the dresser was getting to the point where it didn't take the white glove test to show it up. Her bedroom wall clock had stopped and she hadn't bothered to wind it. Her jewellery drawer was still on the floor from this morning when she went through it and pulled out several things to wear. Her closet door gaped open, revealing a mess of clothes inside and there were varied and sundry items sitting on her dresser and bedside table. She just didn't have time for cleaning…there was much more to life than that…art, music, reading, writing poetry, boys…

It wasn't that Sarah ever looked like a slob. She always dressed carefully and stylishly. She dressed in suits, dresses and slacks or jeans that fit her perfectly. Her school friends thought she dressed too "old" for her age.

In stocking feet, Sarah barely stood five feet tall. She was petite and small boned, with jet black, shoulder length hair and hazel eyes. Most people would say she was stunning and her face was lovely. Sarah herself wouldn't. But then, what 17-year old girl is pleased with her own appearance? She felt her nose was too long and there wasn't enough of her lips to adequately put lipstick on.

Sarah wished she looked more like her mother, a tall, statuesque brunette. Sarah's mother had beautiful hair, expressive, lovely blue eyes and nice full lips. Why hadn't she inherited those terrific lips? Even her fraternal twin, Shawn, had better lips than she had. Other than that, Shawn and Sarah looked remarkably alike. Shawn was slightly taller than average in height, with the same black hair, hazel eyes and long nose. They both had their mother's long eyelashes. But mostly they looked like their father.

Sarah had to find her uniform so she could get ready for work. She had started a job as a waitress several weeks earlier, but it wasn't her favourite thing to do. Not that Sarah wasn't hard-working and serious about making a little money, but after several mishaps with glassware, getting orders mixed up and charging a previous week's special price for the present week's regular meal, she wasn't sure she was cut out for this type of work. Then there was last night.… dumping a whole tray of food on a customer was pretty awful. She had some knots in her stomach just thinking about what her boss was going to say when he found out. And she had been hoping to ask Mr. Logan for full time work starting next week, when the school's summer vacation started.

"Sarah, phone!" shouted her mother, from downstairs.

She was looking for her uniform under the huge pile of clothes in the closet. "Coming, Mom!" she shouted back. She tripped over her jewellery drawer on the way out, but picked herself up quickly and ran downstairs.

The voice on the phone was her boss. He sounded upset. "Sarah, when I came in today and found out about your latest accident…well...I'm sorry, but I am going to have to let you go. I can't risk losing any more customers. I'll mail out your last check."

Sarah put down the phone with tears in her eyes. "What's the matter, Sweetie?" said her Mom, as Sarah ran past and out into the yard. Sarah found her favourite place, the garden gazebo. Inside was a three-person swing. There were brightly coloured flowers surrounding the gazebo and it was a fabulous place to read a novel, take a nap, sneak a kiss with a boyfriend and even made doing homework more fun. This time she grabbed an old blanket and pillow from the swing, and slipped them and herself underneath where she couldn't be seen from the house. She started crying softly.

At that moment, Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 of Control, pulled into his garage. He was driving his beloved red Tiger Sunbeam. The car had originally been a company car, outfitted by Control for their top agent. It contained many interesting devices, that 20 years ago, had been the height of high-tech gadgetry. Max had to give up the car when he crashed it during the course of a case and Control gave him a succession of other company cars. But nothing was as much fun to drive as the little red sports car.

Then for his last birthday, Max's wife - Agent 99 and the twins gave him one of the best birthday gifts he had ever received. It was the red Tiger Sunbeam, the very same one, completely restored! 99 had discovered that the car hadn't been junked. She found the car by doing a lot of detective work, bought it from its present owner and had it restored. Shawn, whose hobby was fixing cars, had done some of the work.

Max wondered how Shawn had gotten so good at fixing cars…it seemed as if he were born with a wrench in his hand. But because Shawn had worked on the car, it made the gift even more special.

Max got out of the car and opened the back screen door of the house, leading into the kitchen. "99, I had a fantastic day today! Where are the kids…I want to take you all out to dinner."

"Shawn is out with his friends…he said he will be back in time for dinner…Sarah is in the gazebo…she got a phone call…I am guessing she won't be going to work at the restaurant any more. Can you go out and talk to her, love?"

"Sure, 99," said Max.

Max sauntered over to the gazebo, tripping on the garden hose. Sarah heard him and wiped her eyes. She didn't like letting anyone see her cry, especially her Dad. "What are you doing under there?" asked Max, meeting her eyes at the same level as he was getting up from the flowerbed. He entered and sat down on the swing.

"Nothing," answered Sarah in a small voice. She hoped her eyes weren't red. She carefully extricated herself from under the swing and sat on it next to Max.

"What's wrong, hon'?

"Oh, pooh, Dad, I messed up royally this time. Mr. Logan fired me." She then went into great detail about what had ensued the previous evening and ended up describing the hapless customer who had beef stroganoff in his hair, minestrone soup down his back and red wine in his lap. She was giggling by this time. "You know, Dad, he really looked funny." Max agreed it sounded pretty funny too and hugged his daughter.

"Do I look OK, Dad? Are my eyes all red?"

Max squinted at her a moment, then asked, "Would you believe me if I said your skin is pearly white and you look like a raven-haired Marilyn Monroe?"

She knew he was teasing and took the bait. "Not a chance, Dad."

"Would you believe that men everywhere, including me, are stunned by your "Helen of Troy" beauty?

"I don't think so!"

"What if I said, you resemble Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer?"

By this time, she was laughing hysterically, partly because she was feeling relieved at talking about the work incident and partly because her Dad was kidding around with her.

Sarah adored Max. She wanted to be just like him, to have his confidence, to be able to always come out on top, no matter what the odds. She loved everything about him, his dark good looks, his sure-of-himself, slightly arrogant, but never-quit attitude and she even thought his clumsy awkwardness was charming. He seemed to always have two left feet and they were always getting caught in something; he was always having weird accidents and jumping into situations without thinking. He sometimes took a while to figure out what other people were talking about and he was good at sticking his foot in his mouth. But he loved Sarah, Shawn and 99 with all his heart. He had tried his darndest over the years to be a good father. Sarah felt she was lucky to have a Dad like him.

"Hon'," said Max. "I want all of us to go out to dinner tonight….eh…it will be at a restaurant far, far away in a distant galaxy, so you won't be anywhere near Mr. Logan!"

"OK, Dad, I'll bite!" smiled Sarah.

99 had been watching them in the gazebo from the kitchen window. She smiled at how alike they were, in looks and in temperament. Just then, a convertible-with-the-top-down jalopy pulled up to the garage. It was painted several non-matching colours and had a hideously loud muffler. Shawn jumped over the side of the car like he'd seen his father do many times with the red Tiger, except that Shawn didn't get his feet caught on the top of the door like Max always did.

"What is that atrocity?" asked Max.

"My new car," replied Shawn. I got it for a song and I'm going to fix it up."

"Hmmm," said Max. "Well, don't drive it around until you get a new muffler. I don't want to get thrown out of the neighbourhood. Shawn, go get your mother. We are all going out for dinner tonight."

Later that night in bed, Sarah started thinking about getting another job. She sure wasn't good at being a waitress and her previous job hadn't gone well either. She had worked in the lady's dress boutique at the local department store. She had ripped several dresses, getting caught and falling into them as she was putting them away. Being short, many of the dresses were bigger than she was. Well, that hadn't gotten her fired. But…the day she lost a woman's credit card behind the cash register and to find it, maintenance had had to rip up the whole wall behind the cash register, including the floor and ceiling of the floor below. Then to add injury to insult, when the credit card was finally found, it fell through the hole in the ceiling and a dog in the pet department just below found it first and chewed it into pieces. That may have been the reason she was fired from that job…

Sarah's real longing was to work at Control with her parents. She had never put it into spoken words. Maybe now was the time. Ever since she could remember, she had thought it would be so much fun to be a spy. And Max had always succeeded at Control, even being slightly uncoordinated like Sarah was. Hmmm…maybe she could persuade her Dad to enrol her in spy school instead of high school next year. She didn't think it would be hard to get him to agree. 99 would be the one she had to convince….

Max had been thinking about Sarah's job problem too. The Chief had mentioned that Larrabee, his secretary/aide, would be out of town for several weeks for a family get-together. It shouldn't be hard to convince Thaddeus that he needed someone to fill in and it could provide at least a short-term job for Sarah. If his daughter did well at this job, maybe she could move into something better at Control.

Max had no idea what career Sarah wanted to follow. She was artistically talented, as were both he and 99, in drawing and painting. In addition, Sarah was musical, like her mother, and she also liked to write poetry and prose. But outside of being a starving artist, none of it added up to a career. It convinced him more than ever that he needed to give her a big push in the right direction.