Fate or Torture

It was a normal day (if call it normal to some people) at a rental video store. A red-head, green-eyed male in white shirt with black sleeves, gray jeans, and galoshes is looking around at the selection of videos to see what he should get. The genre: horror.

"You look like the type a person who would wet his pants if he saw a ghost." Another boy comes in black clothes and brown eyes with his videos.

"I think that you would." The red-head snapped back. "Then again, I'm just looking for ways to torture myself."

"Okay, I'll bite. Why?"

"I couldn't find a date for Valentine's Day, and now I'm a laughing stock just because I tried." The red-head said.

"That's why I don't try."

"Um… Does anyone know where the children's videos use to be?" A blonde boy asked. He had brown eyes and was wearing a bulls-eye shirt, gray pants with the knees worn out, and zebra-striped shoes. "Apparently, the people who worked here swapped the videos yesterday."

"That's the hentai section." The red-head said, "Why do you want to go there?"

The blonde looked nervous. "Well… um…"

Boring, awkward conversation. To make things simple, the red-head is Norman, the black hair boy is Drake, and the blonde is Davis. Suddenly a vortex, or portal, appeared at of nowhere and sucked the three boys in. The three are tossed and thrown onto the ground in another world. The portal behind closed.

"That was random." said Norman.

"That was crazy." said Drake.

"That was awesome!" said Davis.

As they got up and dust themselves, a castle lands nearby as four girls fall to the ground.

"Even more awesome. Hot chicks!" Davis exclaims.

"I'm starting to figure out what kind of person that guy is" Norman said looking at Davis oddly.

"What was your first clue?" Drake said.

A girl with short, black hair, blue eyes, pink dress and boots, white stockings, and a red ribbon on her back gets up confused as to what happened.

"That didn't go as well as I thought" she said looking around.

"Uh, hi." Norman goes up to the girl. "Can you help us? We got a little lost and are not quite sure where we are so I was wondering if—Oh my god!"

Taking a closer look, the girl also had a tail, a wolf tail located right under the ribbon. Norman was shocked at the site until the girl slapped.

"What's the big idea, you pervert." The girl yelled.

"S-sorry, I didn't realize that you had… a tail." Norman said still in shock. The other two came up to look and sure enough she had a tail.

"Oh, this? That's nothing compared to my sisters." She said as the other girls caught up with her. "My name is Jammy O'Phive. I am half-human, half-werewolf. I also have a bit of a magical power in me."

"Hello." said one of the girls behind Jammy. She had pink hair, yellow eyes, and dark skin. She was wearing a blue dress, blue sandals and blue gloves which reached up to her elbows. There was a blue ribbon placed on her head. She had a silver pendant and silver bracelet on. "My name is Dragona Extreme Bird, but everyone calls me DragonXBird. Or DXB for short. I'm half-dragon, half-vampire." She said cheerfully.

"And I'm Tycoongirl." The girl next to DragonXBird said. She had red eyes and maroon hair that was adjusted as two meatballs on her head. She also had dark skin, and was wearing a red tied up shirt and a red skirt with wine-colored slippers. She had a cat tail, collar with bells on it around her neck, and a giant clover on her head. "I'm a DearS with a few features."

"Me next! Me next!" The girl behind them was jumping up and down excitedly. She was blonde with red eyes, fox ears and a fox tail. She had a yellow dress, yellow shoes, and a pink sweater tied around her neck. She had a red satin bow on the back of her head and her skin was…well…varies colors. Apparently, she was all stitched up with many patches like a worn out rag doll. "My name is Tails Doll Curse. You can call me Tanya or Dolly. I'm a cute little doll with fox like features."

The boys looked at them oddly. "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore." Quote Davis.

"I don't think we're on Earth anymore." Drake said.

"Earth? Never heard of that place." DragonXBird said. "In fact, I don't think I seen any place called Earth on the Gaia maps."

"GAIA?!" The boys screamed out.

"You seemed shocked about this." Jammy said confused.

"Of course we are." Norman exclaimed. "We don't belong here. In fact, you girls are not supposed to exist."

"What he means is that we came from a totally different dimension, by the looks of things." Drake continues Norman's explanation. "You see, we don't have werewolves, dragons, or any kind of strange creatures. They're usually just fairy tales in our world."

"Yours is Japanese." Davis said pointing at Tycoongirl.

"Anyway," Drake continues, "We were in a video store at the wrong place at the wrong time. This vortex, worm hole, or whatever it was sucked us in and dropped us here."

"That explains these horror films." DragonXBird said looking at the videos. Tails Doll Curse was not at all pleased. "Lame. They don't have any DVDs or Blu-Rays."

Jammy felt guilty all of a sudden. "Oops. Sorry, I can explain. You see, we were at a family reunion party and my sisters and I were attempting to move one of my father's castles using the portals. My magic power is to open portals, but I never use it very often since most of the time I'm using my power to change my tail. Since I didn't have control over the portal, more of them must have opened up in other dimensions."

"Our family must be scattered all over the place." Tycoongirl frantically said.

"Don't worry." DragonXBird said. "I don't think the entire family was caught in the vortex. If there are people from our family, hopefully they landed around so they can gather up at the castle."

"H-hold up let me rewind all that we have discuss and see if I got this right." Norman said. "You're half-human and half-werewolf with a bit of magic that you use to change your tail, right?"


"You're half-dragon and half-vampire, right?"


"And you, you're a DearS with a cat tail."


"And you're a doll with fox features and the word "curse" in your name."

"Yes sir."

"AND YOU ALL ARE SISTERS?!" Norman screamed. "That doesn't make sense! It's messed up! If this how you girls came out, I hate to see the rest of the family!"

"Yeah…Our family has that kind of tree." Jammy said awkwardly.

"Mommy was a freak." Tails Doll Curse said. "At least, that's what some people would say."

"Not to mention, you took your father's castle? Won't he notice that it's missing?" Davis asked.

"He's got like fifty-seven more of these." DragonXBird said. "I'm sure he won't miss one."

As they continue talking, a small UFO comes out of one of the castle windows and looks over at field where everyone was talking. The UFO flies over to the crowd and goes right in front of Tycoongirl. The UFO opens up revealing a small star creature, smiling and waving at Tycoongirl.

"Oh my god, we forgot our companions." Tycoongirl exclaimed. Everyone turns around to see Tycoongirl holding the UFO in her hands with the star still in it. She holds it up and says, "This is Starry. Starry this is…um…uh…"

The girls turn around and looked at the boys. "You know, you three never introduce yourselves." DragonXBird said.

"Oh, sorry. I'm Norman."

"I'm Davis"

"I'm Drake and we all are humans."

"We kind of figured that out when you boys were shocked about our introduction." Jammy said.

"Come on, let's go inside." DragonXBird said eagerly. "Coco must be worried by now."

Everyone starts heading inside the castle. "So explain about your family." Drake asked. Jammy starts. "Our family tree starts way back into the old days. A woman heir and male vampire fell in love and ran away to get married. From there, the tree grew with new different kinds of creatures and demons added to it every year." DragonXBird continues. "What makes the family more unique, or unusual, is the many personalities and talents that everyone develops. Some of these talents are passed down traditionally, depending on what branch the person was born from." Tycoongirl takes the lead. "Our family reunions are fun because of the amount of people there are and everyone shows their talents. You learn a lot of things when the family gathers together."

"That reminds me." Tails Doll Curse begins to ask. "No one still has answered me when I asked what it means to cr—Mph!" She was interrupted when DragonXBird quickly placed her hand over Tanya's mouth.

"As well as other things that we should have never figured out." Jammy said nervously as the boys gave her a strange look.

"There's something that I was meaning to ask." Davis said as all three boys turn their backs to Tanya. Seeing her chance Tanya's mouth grew wide and toothy as she pulls out a dagger. "Why does your sister have the word "curse" in her name?"

"To put it simple, she has a split-personality." Jammy said. "And you boys should turn around."

When they did, Tanya puts the dagger behind her and smiled sweetly. "Okay, I think we should go." Norman said nervously as the three boys walk past her.

"Why? Don't you guys love me?" Tanya said sadly with her eyes big and tearful.

"I think your sister gave us the warning of what is wrong with you." Drake said pointing at Jammy.

In a split second, Tanya grabs Jammy's dress straps and pulls Jammy up to her face. Her eyes were completely white as she glares at her sister and she had a toothy frown. "Damn you, Jammy O'Phive! I could have had another head for my collection!"

"Let's go help find their companions!" Drake said running for his life.

"R-right!" The other two ran off in different directions.

As they search the place, the boys were finding the place rather peaceful; until DragonXBird caught up with them and took Davis' pants. Looking in one the rooms, Norman found an aluminum bat. Norman examines it for awhile and then starts practicing swings. Drake looked in another and looked around. Opening one of the drawers of a dresser, he found a case and opens them, revealing two pistols. "Sweet." After retrieving his pants, Davis opens a door to what seems to be a workshop of some sort. He found different types of hammers including a sledgehammer up against the wall. He grabs the sledgehammer to use as a weapon in case DragonXBird decides to come back for him. Going in another room, Davis found different posters of woman, both human and fantasy creatures, in bikinis and a stack of feline bikini magazines. Feeling right at home, he drops the sledgehammer jumps onto the brown bed. Norman puts away the bat and looks around the hallways. He finds a rather large, round bottle in the foyer with some kind of blue liquid. Norman decides to open the bottle. The liquid comes out like gas and transforms into a small unicorn. Norman and the unicorn looked at each until the creature came to the conclusion that Norman was an intruder. The unicorn grew bright red and a taller as it lands on the ground. "Uh oh." The unicorn lowers its horn and stamps it's feet. "Oh crap!"

Norman runs down the hallways as the unicorn charges at him. "It's trying to kill me!" Drake and Davis looked out of the rooms to see Norman running down the hallways. "Don't just stand there. Help me!" Jammy comes up stares to see the unicorn chasing Norman.

"Fasotou!" Jammy cried out. Norman ran behind Jammy as the rampaging unicorn revert back to its small, cloudy state.

"Your companion, I presume." Norman said as the Fasotou lands on Jammy's head.

"Yep. This is Fasotou." Jammy explains. "He's a good friend and grants me the ability to use the Omega."

"The Omega?"

Fasotou glows as bright light comes out of Jammy's hand. Out comes a long, skinny sword as Jammy clutches it.

"Holy crap!"

Jammy puts away the sword as DragonXBird comes up the stairs holding a small, black kitty in her arms.

"I found Coco." She said cheerfully.

"I see." Drake said catching up to them. "And I'm guessing Tails Doll Curse's companion is a pill of severed heads."

"Not really, no." DragonXBird said. "Not ever since dad yelled at her, so instead she keeps a bunch of dolls."

"Figures." Drakes said.

"So, how'd you guys like the place?" Jammy asked.

"Since you guys won't be able to go home, you might as well pick your rooms." DragonXBird said. "The boys can sleep on the third floor."

"Sweet! I've already claimed this room." Davis said.

"So have I." Drake said.

"Me too. Say I'm hungry. Let's get something to eat." Norman said.

"We can have anything except toast." DragonXBird said. "We haven't stayed here for three hours and Tanya has already destroyed the toaster. Oh, and Tycoongirl ate all the tomatoes."

It getting dark outside, around 9:15 p.m. Jammy was in a library, sitting near the fireplace in a comfy chair. She looks through the books to see what there is to read.

"What is wrong with your sister?!" Norman runs up to Jammy. "She was this happy-go-lucky girl and now…she's…"

Turning around, there was a DragonXBird with a black dress and a small, white kitty on her head. The kitty meowed "hello" at Norman.

"She's this dark, gothic girl." Norman continues. "Her eyes have changed from yellow to red. She even switched cats."

"Ah, yes." Jammy giggles. "This is Dragana Extreme Bird's vampire form."

"Vampire form?" Norman looked confused.

"I guess you can say that DXB also has a split-personality. However, hers works differently." Jammy explains. "During the daytime, she is in her dragon form as a carefree person. At night, she turns into a vampire with a careless attitude."

"Exactly." DragonXBird said as the white kitty purred. "Not to mention that Coco sleeps at night, while Kiki here sleeps during the day."

"Even her mood is depressing." Norman cringes. "But vampires are active at night, which means…"

"DXB doesn't sleep." Jammy finishes his sentence. "She takes naps once in awhile, but she doesn't sleep. Same goes for Tanya since she's a doll. Look on the bright side," she said as she goes back to the books, "At least we have someone watching the castle during the night.

"Yeah, they sure will keep the place safe." Norman said sarcastically. "I haven't lived in this place for one day and I'm already doomed to have my head mounted on the wall."

"All right." DragonXBird sighs. "I'll keep an eye on Tails Doll Curse."

Meanwhile at the dining table, Davis and Tycoongirl were eating ice-cream. Davis looks up at the clover on Tycoongirl's head.

"What's with the clover?" Davis asked.

"Nothing." Tycoongirl responded. "It's just a look, there's nothing wrong with it."

"Uh-huh." Davis said looking at Tycoongirl's revealing clothing.

"You can look, but you can't touch." Tycoongirl said eating her ice-cream.

"Okay" Davis said mesmerized by Tycoongirl's chest. As he stares, Starry in his little UFO comes up behind Davis and over his bowl of ice-cream. Tycoongirl looks over to see Starry flashing light over the bowl.

"Um, Davis..." Tycoongirl starts.

"Huh?" Davis snaps out of it as his ice-cream gets abducted and Starry flies off.


"So, about the tail…" Davis said pointing at her tail.

"You pull it, you die." Tycoongirl hissed.

"Sorry." Davis pulls back his hand.

Up at the third floor, Drake was looking around the room with the case in his left arm. He found a pack of bullets on the shelf in the closet. Drake takes the bullets down from the shelf, and opens the case to take the pistols out. He starts loading up the pistols happily. Once the two were loaded up, he looks at them and starts aiming. There was a sinister snicker outside his room.

"I got my hands on the ammunition." Drake said frowning once again. "It will be my gun up against your dagger. Whether I win or lose my head won't matter. What will matter are your sisters' upset faces when they see the amount of carnage in third floor foyer."

"Fine, party-pooper!" Tanya comes out from the hallway and storms off.

Davis and Norman walk past the pissed of Tails Doll Curse. Drake comes out of his room to see the two.

"Well, time hit the sack and wake up to a brand new day." Davis yawns.

"You not the least bit worried of all that has happened." Drake said.

"Are you kidding?" Davis snaps. "We're in a castle full of girls. Cross-bred girls, but they're still hot."

"Tell me something, Davis. Are you a pervert?" Norman asked.

"Some people have called me that." Davis answered. "Mostly women."

Drake sighs, "Well, I hope you got your enjoyment because this place won't have seven people."

"What do you mean?" Davis asked.

"They transported this during their family reunion," said Drake, "which means some of their family members maybe around."

"Oh, boy." Norman said. "I can barely handle these girls. I don't think I can handle five more of these."

"Then start." Drake said as he heads into his room closes the door.

"Awesome! There could be more chicks." Davis said excitedly, and then runs into his room. "Well, night Norman."

Norman sighs, realizing how fast his life is changing. He walks to his new room, trying to take in all that has happened today. Suddenly there is a crash and shattering downstairs.

"Dammit, Tanya!" DragonXBird yells. "What are you so upset about that makes you throw a toilet across the living room?!"

Tears fall from Norman's eyes. "You wanted to torture yourself in some way. Well, Norman, wish granted."