Alpha the Indestructible

Draco was pacing back and forth in the library. He was furious. His latest rendezvous at the Retro Family castle resulted in him watching his fiancé making out with that low class, barbaric pervert. It was followed shortly by a great row which resulted in him being chased out of the castle and into a pond by that feeble and foolish werewolf. It'll be a cold day in hell when she becomes head of family. A VERY cold day.

His siblings watch from the side of the room as he continues pacing. He finally couldn't take it. "Leave me!" He commands as he stands with anger radiating off of him.

His older brother growls in contempt before he was pulled out by their little sister. Their only sister. The thought only adds fuel to Draco's fire. He stomps over to a tea set and pours himself some chamomile tea to sooth his nerves. He takes a deep breath and tries to calm down. It has been months since the group of humans came to the castle and his migraines are getting worse by the day. He grumbles as he pinches the bridge of his nose. He takes another sip of his tea and sighs as he tries to relax. The doors to the library open as footsteps enter. The clank with each step clues Draco in on who the intruder in.

"Well? Did you do it?" He asks without even turning to look at his visitor.

"No," was his reply.

Draco turns swiftly to glare at the machine when he stops short. It seems Alpha has made some improvements. His left arm wielded a buzz saw while his right arm had changed into a rather high-tech and intimidating blaster. Giant mechanical wings with rockets were built into his back whiles a pair of small Gatling Guns were now perched on his shoulders. His eyes though still red now hold a crazed look, one held by many who have finally taken leave of their senses. Draco knew that if he did not tread lightly, he would end up in a fight with this one and he did not want to have to clean the library. He straightens up and speaks calmly.

"Why not?"

"They were not there."

Draco sighs and shakes his head. "Did it ever occur to you that they were out at the time?"


"Yes. Most everyone leaves their house once in awhile to get food, exercise, fresh air, or to at least socialize. It is a necessity in being alive to do so. I know that you care little for the human race but you can't just attack everyone willy-nilly. It will garner too much attention and get unwanted people on your trail; probably with exceptionally more fire power that can eradicate your entire being in mere seconds." Draco explains carefully to the android.

Alpha thinks it over and makes a decision. "Then I shall wait until they are at the castle if what you say is true."

Draco nods. "And remember our deal. You destroy your creators and bring Dragona Extreme Birdra to me."


With that last statement, Alpha turns and walks out of the Library while Draco collapses on the couch and rubs his chest. Why does his chest keep hurting so much?


A young girl in dark clothing rushes through the forest as fast as her small legs can carry her, which is pretty fast for a child. She only picks up the pace as loud screams and roars echo behind her. She tries to stop them but tears flow freely down her face. She lets out a sob but does not stop and tries to keep quiet as she runs. Her Nana was the quietest woman in the village after all, and she hardly ever spoke out. Well now she doesn't speak at all.


A young boy in a tunic and covered in tattoos wakes up alone in a field. He sits up and looks around. His brown eyes sit over a rather large and rounded nose. The boy's ever searching eyes try to pick up any sign of the two he was trying to find but they were nowhere in sight. "Mom? Dad?"


A young boy in a wheel chair sits next to the window at the hospital. Bandages cover most of his body lying on injuries both old and new. He perks up when the nurse enters with a tray laden with food for him. He wheels around to face her. "Hello Nora, Is it lunch time already?"

The nurse, Nora, stands up to look at the boy with a smile on her face. "Yes dear, I brought your favorite today."

The boy wheels over to the tray to see spaghetti, peas, a cup of jell-o, and a roll. He smiles at the meals and thanks the nurse for the food. "Nora? Any word?"

Nora frowns at this. She knows the answer. It was the same answer for the past seven years since the boy was brought to the hospital. "No dear, I am sorry but your parents have not called or come by or contacted us at all."

The boy nods solemnly at the answer. He knew she was going to say that but he still asked anyway. He pretty much has given up all hope of ever leaving. When Nora left, he picks up the tray and sits in on his lap. He wheels around the bed and out the door. He continues down the hall, careful not to draw attention of the nurses and doctors before reaching the back door. He wheels into the alley and puts his fingers up to his lips to draw out a whistle. He calls to the only source of love. "Here Artemis! Come here boy!"


A family was getting ready to go to a play. The father came home after dropping off his youngest daughter so she can get ready for her part in the play. He goes to the rest of his family to see if they were ready to go. His wife and two other daughters were in their best gowns already to go. He smiles at seeing the beautiful women in his life. "Ready everyone? We have to go if we want to get good seats. The camera is already in the car."

The family moves to the door when the door suddenly bursts open. Thick black smoke flows into the house and covers everything. The father, mother, and two daughters did not even have the chance to run.

A young girl with tanooki ears and tail walks dejectedly back home with tears running down her face. Her family did not show up at the play today. She was playing Wendy in Peter Pan. She was very important and it meant the world to her, and her family did not show up for the play. Her dad especially was going to get a stern talking to when she gets home. She was even more furious when she got home and saw that the car was still in the driveway. They never even left the house. She yanks open the door and marches inside to scream at her family only to find the house empty and that she was all alone.


It was a normal day in the castle. The air was warm. The grass was green. Boxer boy was running down the halls with the Midnight Assassin chasing him all the way. Lin boiling himself alive in the kitchen. Roy yodeling from the rooftops. Yep. Just your normal average day.

DXB was in the nursery with Daisy while watching the kids play. Norman was in the training room in the batting cage. (Yes the castle has a batting cage.) Torus was chasing Davis through the hall. Celestica was in her room doing you-don't-wanna-know. The Waltz are in the lab. The Travelers (sans Roy) and Jennifer were in the library. Everyone else was having tea in the tea room.

Drake sips his coffee as he grumbles. "I didn't know Roy could yodel."

Jammy and Tycoongirl give him apologetic smiles. Jammy sighs as Roy hits a particularly high note. "Sierra said they just got back from Schwyz. It is well known for mountain climbing, Skiing, snowboarding, and yodeling." Jammy finishes on a sour note.

Majesty and Fyllo giggle as the elf leans over to Drake. "It's my fault dear. I told Roy, a long time ago before you came, that if he was going to be traveling so much then he might as well learn about the places he was going to. I think he took my piece of advice too well."

The two women giggle again as Elise sighs in frustration. "I can't get my chores done because his yodeling is giving me a headache."

Everyone in the room laughs at this point. As the Midnight Assassin continues her chase of Boxer Boy something grabs her attention. She stops at a window and looks out it. Did she just see…? THERE! There was something moving towards the castle and fast. It was going too fast! Jumping up, the assassin makes a mad dash for the nearest intercom where she forgoes the microphone and hits a giant red button that says "In case of EMERGENCY." A loud siren echoes through the building giving the residents quite a scare. All the doors and windows out of the castle lock down shutting everyone inside the castle, which is unfortunate since technically Roy is outside. "Hey! What's going on? Why is the door locked?"

"NOW WHAT? Jammy shouts as bars covered the windows in the tea room.

Everyone stumbles as a loud explosion rocks the castle. The tea cups and mugs smash on the floor as everyone climbs to their feet and run in the direction of the explosion, just outside the nursery.

When they arrive, they saw Alpha, or what looks like Alpha. "Dear lords of Gaia. The android has been gaining some upgrades." Majesty breaths in shock.

DXB was doing some quick work trying to stop the android with her spells. She was worried that getting too close will hurt her or her pets. Speaking of pets, there were three more cats than earlier and all four were giant, and did one of them have a fish tail? Now was not the time. DXB screamed, "Daisy took the kids and ran out back. Stop this crazy machine!"

"Can do!" shouts Torus as he jumps on Alpha only to be thrown clear.

"Can't do!" shouts Lin only to be stomped on by Sierra.


Majesty casts a spell at Alpha only for it to bounce off. The deflected spell puts Lin on fire. "AAAAAAAAHH!"

"Spells will not work you weak elf. I have bodied myself with a chrysthanium titanium polymer alloyed with diamonium enriched shell and blade." Alpha states as he turns to the rest.

Majesty winces and Jennifer and the Waltz turn pale. Maya whispers "That's not good. He is virtually indestructible."

Torus grits his teeth in frustration. "It doesn't matter! Everything has a breaking point and I will tear this robot a new one!"

Meanwhile up on the roof, Roy could hear the crashes from down below. "I guess there is no easy way to do this. So as the Hulk states 'It's clobberin' time!'"

Roy then smashes his fist into the roof and starts to descend into the floors below. Back with the main group, the situation does not look any better. With realization that magic is no good, they were forced to physical means to protect themselves. Jenny and Majesty work hard to heal the injured and erect barriers to protect from Alpha's lasers and bullets.

"Will this hunk of junk ever run out of power?" Shouts Drake as his bullets bounce off the android. He was frustratingly the most useless in this fight. Even Tycoongirl was showing some usefulness by levitating Alpha and throwing him back some feet, which only seem to slow the android down.

Mr. Waltz was ducked behind a barrier with a blaster of his own. His reply was disheartening. "He runs on a mixture of solar and fusion battery. In the making of trying to make the android human, we also fitted him with a way of turning food into fuel. At a complete charge and full tank he could go on for weeks."

"GREAT!" shouts Torus sarcastically. He was nursing his fiftieth bullet wound while Jenny heals him.

A loud tearing sound rips through the air as Alpha reduces Tails Doll to rags. "TAILS DOLL!" cry her sisters in abject horror.

The three humans were sickened with sight but knew that they couldn't stop fighting. Davis smashes the robot in the face hopping to turn its attention away from the ruined doll. It did the trick when Alpha lifts Davis and throws him into Torus. The Midnight Assassin tries an attack from behind only to have black wires come out of Alpha's back and wrap around her wrists. As the black wires deal with the assassin, Alpha bangs his gun on Fish's head, knocking him out. He then lifts the unconscious body guard and throws him at Sunny. The two silent warriors stumble and fall out of the broken window and to the ground below. (They are on the second story so it's not too long of a drop.) The ceiling overhead explodes as Roy comes down on the hapless android.

"Heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrre's ROY!" the lead rider shouts before he delivers a solid punch to Alpha's chest that causes the android to stumble back into the Midnight Assassin. The punch issues a loud bang that echoes throughout the castle. The Midnight Assassin took the chance. She grabs the black wires, and with one yank she sends the android hurtling away from the nursery and into a solid wall causing it to crumble on the android. The android pulls himself from the wreckage and stands back up, revealing not a single scratch on his form. Roy falters as Majesty ducks down behind a barrier with Drake. "Not good!"

Drake looks at Majesty. "What's up?"

Majesty winces at an explosion. "Roy and Midnight Assassin are our toughest fighters in the castle. They can fight for hours, days, even weeks without rest. They can reduce castles to dust in mere seconds. If neither of them can make a dent in that thing, we have problems."

Another crash followed by Dractina hitting the wall hard, causes Drake to duck. He the looks to Majesty, "Any chance of us surviving?"

Majesty takes one glance around the room and then answers. "As you've no doubt seen, he is unstoppable. Our only hope would be to hold him out until he powers down which could take weeks. Unfortunately we won't be able to hold out much longer at this rate."

She was right. One look around the room showed that not many people were left. Roy was long gone having been thrown hard through a brick wall. Nearly everyone was unconscious. There were a few who were still standing but even that gave little hope. DXB was standing in front of the nursery door, refusing to move in case the android goes after the kids. Jammy was still moving, but was pinned under a fallen beam. Norman was still conscious even as he hits the wall for the thirty sixth time (yes he was keeping count). Mayla was awake but was too busy crying over her injured tiger. Tycoongirl was trying to stop falling rubble from crushing a pile of unconscious members. Jennifer was trying to revive the others with little to no luck. The Waltz gave up and were cowering in a corner hugging each other. And Flow was just standing there and looking around with a small smile on her face humming a song that Drake realizes is '21 guns' (WT(C)! She is basically humming a song that was about giving up!). She seemed oblivious to her raptors that were lying injured just mere feet from her. Another crash rings out as the Midnight Assassin was thrown clear through the roof. It was a cold hard truth that they were going to lose. They were going to die. "Fair enough."

With these probable final words, Drake takes his gun (which only had one bullet left anyway) and points it at his temple. Just as he was about to pull the trigger and end it before the crazy android could, Drake saw out of the corner of his eye that said crazy android was heading toward the Waltz. "F#$!" (A/N: Give you three guesses on what he just said and the first two don't count.)

Drake was up in a flash and slid to a stop, placing himself between the elderly couple and the homicidal android. It's just not in him to let someone die. Without any thought in the matter he raise his gun and fires the last bullet he had. All was silent as a series of clinks and clangs ring out continuously until it ends with a loud "SNAP!"

Following this, a sound of spilling liquid follows. A sound of a machine powering down ensues follow by Alphas eyes turning black. The now immobile android falls over as a puddle that smells suspiciously like fuel form around him. Somehow or another it was all over.


Everyone was sitting in a healing bay. Some had bandages on and all of them were holding a cup of warm soup or tea. The kids were back and all four were clinging to DXB like as if she was their lifeline. Daisy was unharmed due to being with the children. She was sitting on a bed cradling a sleeping Gimpi in obvious discomfort. Majesty was just putting the finishing touches on putting Tails Doll back together. They were all waiting on Professor Waltz returning with the results from his search of Alpha's body. Davis was looking at the five cats and finally asks the questions that the other three humans were asking. "What are these doing here?"

DXB looks up at Davis and answers. "They are my cats. They came and found me after landing who knows where. This is Bubu (pronounced booboo)." She says as she points to a large orange stripped kitty with green eyes and sucking on a bottle. "That is Ruru." Here she points at the small grayish-blue kitty with white strips. "And this is Mimi!" Here she points at a goldfish bowl holding a green mere-kitty, or kitty fish (whatever you want to call it) with yellow eyes.

"And they are just like Kiki and Coco?" Norman asks.


As they finish their little chat. A very solemn Professor Waltz returns. He takes one look at the waiting group and sighs. "I have removed all of Alpha's upgrades and searched his memory banks. Thankfully Mr. Drake's last bullet seemed to have snapped the main power cord and knocked his fuel line loose so he is no longer a danger. It seems Alpha has been busy in destroying his co-creators for I am the last one left."

There was a deep silence as Jammy stands up. "Do we know how he found you?"

Professor Waltz nods and takes a deep breath. "He was sent after us by a Major. One Draco Major."

Deep silence, then "WHAT!"

DXB was on her feet and steaming. "That B$%#& sent that homicidal robot after us? He could've killed us!"

DXB stomps out shouting and everyone cringes at the loud crash as DXB starts destroying what was left of the hall. Jin's ears lower and he wraps his tail around himself. Fyllo and Sunny exchange uneasy looks. Mrs. Waltz gets up from her bed and walks over to give her husband a comforting hug. Even Gabriel looked like the news greatly disturbs her. Jammy sighs, "Are you sure? That does not sound like Draco at all."

Professor Waltz nods. Tycoongirl gets up and says, "I propose that we all spend the night here. There are more than enough beds and I am sure none of us want to spend the night alone after what happened."

Everyone agrees. Roy and his crew go to fetch the television, movies, and some games to entertain themselves with. Daisy goes to fetch some books and toys for the kids. The elves and centaurs go to get dinner while the rest stay and chat. Jammy mutters to herself about 'checking with Draco in the morning.' A loud crash from the hallway gains their attention and Elise turns to Jammy. "I am not cleaning that up."


DragonXBird's A/N: Explanation time! The four incidents after Draco's part in the story will be explained later. Kudos to those that are keeping track of the story so far. This won't be the last you see of Alpha but he won't be back for a while. I hope you all enjoyed the first real conflict in the story line. Next chapter we'll back to our usual drabble.