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Final Farewells

A few years later Mac and Stella lived in the suburban side of New York. Lindsay and the rest of the team visits frequently.

It was a summer day and Lindsay Messer came to visit with little Lucy who just turned seven.

"Lindsay, I'm so glad to see you," Stella says in excitement and pulled her into her embrace.

"You forgot about me Aunty Stella," Lucy grins and Stella released hug grip from Lindsay and squatted down.

"How can I possibly forget about you, you little cutie… I heard that you turned seven last week."

Lucy nods, "You remembered… where's Uncle Mac and my cousins?"

"Well, your cousins are at preschool and Uncle Mac is sleeping on the couch."

"You planning on having more babies, my parents said ones good enough."

Stella looks up at Lindsay.

"Speaking of husbands, where's yours?"

"Oh, he's busy, being boss is hard for him."

"Boss? When did that happen?" Stella said shocked.

"Last week… he's learned from the best."

"So, how's everyone else doing?"

"They're good, they miss you guys, but don't insist that you come back. They know that you guys need to live your own life, so that's pretty much it."

"Oh," Stella sighs. "I would love to come back, but Mac and me just want to spend time with each other when the kids are away."

"I understand… anyways how are you and Mac doing?"

"Good, why don't you come in? I'm fixing to order up a pizza."

"Pizza!" Lucy jumps up and down. "I love you Auntie Stella," she says and grips her leg.

"She is too cute Lindsay, well Lucy, if you go wake up your lazy Uncle I'll go order us some pizza."

"Yea," Lucy smiles and runs to go find Mac.

"You gotta love Lucy," Lindsay grins.


Lucy finds Mac and sat on his stomach.

"Uncle Mac, wake up."

Mac slowly opens his eyes and sees little Lucy bouncing up and down.

"Thanks for the wake up call, cutie. Where's Stella?"

"She's ordering pizza, you looked funny sleeping. What were you dreaming about?"

"Um… you're a little too young for that."

"No I'm not I turned seven last week."

"Well if you wanna know… me and your Auntie were taking a shower."

"Mac, why would you tell her that?"

He looks up and see Stella and Lindsay standing there.

"I wanted to know what he was dreaming about… I'm big enough to know."

"She got it out of me," Mac shakes his head and got up when Lucy jumped off him.

"Maybe your dream could come true?" Stella teases and pulls him close. He kisses her and Stella offers a soft moan.

"Ew, that's nasty," Lucy shields her eyes.

"It's human nature," Lindsay grinned at her little girl.

"Do we get pizza now?"

"Not yet, they have to deliver it first," Stella tells her and picks her up.

"Auntie Stella, put me down," Lucy squirms.

"Fine, fine, I'm getting old anyways."

"No your not Auntie, your too pretty to get old."

"She is right," Mac grins and gave her another kiss.

About thirty minutes later they get pizza and they sit to eat it.

"Thank you Auntie for lunch, I love you."

"I love you too Luce."

"So what's up with everyone in the lab, Danny surviving being boss?" Mac asked.

"How did you know he got the boss position?"

"He sent me an email yesterday."

"And you didn't tell me…"

"Sorry Stella, I had other things on my mind."

"Anyways, how's Don doing? He still single?"

"Yeah, he told Danny that Jess was the only one he loved and no one will replace her. So he's living with Adam so he gets his mind off of her."

"How is our Adam doing?"

"Oh Adam is fine, he actually found someone."

"Really, well that's good for him."

"She's really pretty too, but not as great as you," Lucy inputted.

"Do you like anyone Lucy?"

She shakes her head, "They have cooties, and Daddy doesn't like boys much."

"And why is that?"

She shrugs, "Daddy says I'm too young for that… I'm too young for everything," she frowns.


A few hours later Lucy and Lindsay had to go home.

"Auntie Stella, I don't wanna go, I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too Luce, I'm gonna make you a promise, next weekend me and Mac will go to the lab with both your cousins."

"You promise?"

"Only if Mac wants to…" Stella grins, she knew Mac couldn't say no.

"Uncle Mac, pretty please with sugar on top, can you guys come over next weekend?"

He looks down at her and picks her up, "I can I say no to you Lucy."

"So, is that a promise?"

"Yeah, that's a promise."

"Oh goody," Lucy grins.

"Okay, so since your coming over be there by noon?"

"Sure thing, bye you two, and give Danny our best."

"We will, bye Stella," Lindsay sighs and gave Stella a big hug.

She releases, "It's too hard to say good-bye."

"Well trust me Lindsay, this isn't goodbye."

"I know, its just that, I really miss you guys."

"We miss you too, but that's life… things are supposed to change for the best."

"Yeah Linds, we'll be seeing you in six days."

"It'll go by quick too, I promise."

She nods and wipes her tears, "Well, we'll see you later."

"Bye Auntie Stella and Uncle Mac, see you later," she gives them both one last hug and they left.

"Well Stella, I guess it's just you and me tonight."

"I guess so," she puts her arm around his waist and gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

"I love you."

"I love you more," Mac says and grins.

"Well, since we're alone, I guess your shower dream can come true."

"I love when you talk dirty to me Stell."

"And I love you, let's enjoy our night before our kids come back in the morning."

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