Hey, this is a rewrite of what I started before. There were a few mistatkes I had with the timing of her arrival and her real age. So I changed it. I have a poll on my profile on what story I should start next, please vote. Untill then, I'll just be posting on this and the Lions, Tiger's, and Wolves one. So please vote if you want something different. I have a bunch I'm working on. Please enjoy.


I am evil. I am a monster. I killed as an infant. I am Charlotte Swan, and I am half vampire, half werewolf. The Volturi are after me because they want my power. I have the power of persuasion. I also have an ability. It seems my mother carried a shape-shifting gene. So I am able to transform into a wolf. My father is now sending me to live with my brother. Charlie. My father was bitten by a vampire when Charlie, his son, was very young. Then he came back to check on Charlie, when he was 8, and not let him see him, and he met my mother. She was the Cheif's daughter. They knew they couldn't stay together since her father was a Quileute wolf, so they ran away.

He was going to change her, but then she got sick. They found out she was pregnant. They didn't think it was possible. A vampire having children? Unheard of. She refused to kill me. So I killed her. I ate through her and killed her. My father tells me that women die in childbirth all the time, but it's not the same. At least not to me.

Physically I'm 18. Technically, I'm 33. My father contacted my brother and made some story that he was his long lost brother and his daughter needed a place to stay while he went away on buissness. I'm going into my senior year. So here I am, standing in front of my brother/uncles house, in a little rainy town of Forks. I'm glad I'll have the summer to get ready for school. I hate acting like I'm 17. I can only hope that this town brings me better things than it did my mother and father. I can only hope.