Ok I know I have not updated in the longest but please give me time. It is just that when I write I don't have someone to tell if it sounds good or not. So I am my own critic and I am very harsh on myself so I have to constantly be looking at me work until I think it is good enough. So that is why I have been going back and forth and replacing some chapters. So I am thinking of taking this story down and well edit it until I think it is good enough and put up when I know it is ready. It is just I have so many ideas that I want to use them all but I know I can't because it wont make sense. So let me outline my story just like I want it. Originally I didn't think it was going to be so hard but it is. I really want this story to reach your expectations and so sorry for those who have wasted their time on my story. But once I have update I hope you have me in your author alerts so you can know when the new story is up. I am so sorry. Please forgive. Also I am a senior in high school and working and I don't get home until like 5:30 I "do" my homework, by that I mean just staring at it and hoping it does it itself then I also read other stories that are awesome just the best ones ever they are on my homepage if you want to read them. I need to update that list cause there are more I just think people need to read. So please just give me time to organize and have this story just like it was meant to be. Thanks.


Remember add me to your author alert so you can know when the new story is up. And please if you can review and tell what you have thought so far of the story if there is something you thought I should change or add just let me know thnks.