This was something that I started typing while studying, the song "angel" from Aerosmith started playing, and I just had to open a new document….

I hope you enjoy it, it's different from what I usually write; it's about Jasper, and it was somewhat difficult to write.


My angel;

My savior.

He stared at the couple sitting in the couch across the room, felt their emotions, his emotions and smiled inwardly, his brother was a new man, all because of the human girl sitting with him.

His angel,

His savior.

And his mind drifted to his own angel, his wife, his muse, his reason for existence, and he was dumbstruck when he realized how similar both Edward's and his own relationships were; off course his brother didn't face such hardships before meeting his mate, no, his struggle was now, calculating every move not to kill his girl in the midst of their love. But in essence they were both saved by the frail looking beauties that entered their lives so abruptly; Bella gave Edward a reason to function on a daily basis just like Alice did for him: after sulking and being the broody one of the family –family, not coven – Edward was now joyful and his case, well he left the life of violence and bloodlust; the meaningless existence the minute his –back then crimson-eyes found the pixie-like goddess that was his spouse.

Alice had entered his turbulent life like a tornado of fresh air cleaning his surroundings and giving him the opportunity of a clean start.

He remembered perfectly the day he saw her for the first time; her appearance was the one of a lost child, her clothes were thrown on haphazardly , her hair unevenly cut, but her eyes were so certain, so full of security that he couldn't help but accept every one of her words –the strange coventhey could be part of; the new comfortable, calm life they could have together, and her voice, her sweet voice, oh and how his name was caressed by her soprano tone, how her lips hugged every syllable.

He was entranced by this stranger's welcoming attitude, he was used to fight, he was a soldier and his life consisted on killing or being killed; the warmth she irradiated was overwhelming and the powerful trustful, lovable feelings were staggering – love? It was unknown to him, even with his decades of life, and the power and the surprise this last felling produced made him weak in the knees and sent shivers down his spine.

She was a beauty, that was an understatement, but was her words what lured him "You've kept me waiting a long time" and then his destiny was sealed; there was nothing else for him beside her, he would follow her to a burning stake he would die for her, he would deny his instincts, he would do just anything for her.

His angel, his savior, his Alice.

A quiet humming interrupted his train of thoughts and he saw how his brother singed his love to sleep, he smiled at the picture, and at the tranquil feelings that filled the room. He wondered where his wife was and imagined humming a sweet melody for her while stargazing. Edward smiled and indicated him where Alice was. Jasper walked to the kitchen and chuckled at the view. Alice was decorating some cupcakes, surely for Bella.

"You've kept me waiting a long time" her angelical voice murmured; and his dead heart skipped a beat.

His angel; he definitely would do anything for her

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