Movie night. Date night. A night where it should be easy to get laid by a bunch of easy grease chicks, right? But no, I'm stuck with Darry's kid brother and the gang's pet.

I already think Ponyboy really did intend to make Johnny his date or tonight. I really do think so. There's just something about Pony that really makes me wonder whether or not he's really...well....straight. Not that I have much of a right to say anything about it; I ain't exactly straight either.

Laugh, and I'll skin you alive. You actually think I wanna be this way? You actually think I want to like guys? If you do, then you're an even bigger idiot than I thought.

I guess that's why I always stay with Sylvia. Because it's just to prove that Dallas Winston actually does dig girls. That pussy is something that I need to survive. Whenever...I actually dunno.

I really don't know what I really want. Maybe that's why I'm so angry. Because nothing ever seems to really click with me. Sure, I take the law into my own hands just about all the time and I eventually get what I want...but whenever it's a situation that I just really do not get at's a bit different.

Fine, I'll admit it: I need help. But it isn't like I'm going to let everyone know that. No way. The guys wouldn't exactly take kindly to me possibly being gay.

Steve would probably try to beat my face in, Soda (being that little bitch of Steve's he is, he'd help), Darry wouldn't let me inside his house anymore, Pony and Johnny...well.....I'm still debating on whether or not those two are actually straight and as for Two-bit....gah....I actually have no clue what he'd do! He actually makes me wonder, as well. Him, Ponyboy, and Johnny all make me question their sexual preferences. Two-bit might be a bisexual, I dunno....and maybe somehow Ponyboy and Johnny like girls!

And maybe I'm the biggest queer in Tulsa! That's the point: nobody knows. And I have no intention of ever finding out whether Two-bit, Ponyboy, or Johnny are fags or not.'s just Ponyboy I have no interest in.

Don't get me wrong, he's not ugly by any means. I just..well...have stronger feelings for the other two. Johnny-god!-what about him can I NOT love? He's sweet, shy, innocent......just a perfect angel with torn wings.

Then there's else is there to say? He's funny, sweet, he knows how to have a good time, he's just a bit older than me, he's loyal.......he's just simply amazing. If he didn't rely on alcohol so much, he'd be the world's greatest boyfriend! And maybe if he wasn't such a sleaze with the ladies.....guh...

And even then....even knowing that detail....I still can't help but fall for him. I know: it isn't like me to feel this way. I'm supposed to be the roughneck greaser that is always in trouble with the law. But apparently deep down, I'm a sensitive little fag with a crush on the sleazy drunk.

Johnny has Ponyboy....he'll know how to care for him better than I possibly could. Who does Two-but have? Who do I have? I doubt things are working out with him and....whoever he's dating...and I'm pretty much done with Sylvia.

Why? Why do I have to like guys? Why do I have to question myself constantly? And why do I love Keith "Two-bit" Matthews?

....Is that really what it is? Love? No, it can't be. There ain't no way Dallas Winston's in love....let alone with a guy.

Maybe I'm supposed to not get it. Maybe I'm supposed to question myself. If that really isn't the case, than why do I? Why do I even care enough to question it?

And why exactly do I care that he isn't my date tonight? I asked if he wanted to come, but he didn't. Instead, he'll probably wait until he's completely wasted before he shows up. Or after he's slept with about thirty broads.

But still...he was all I could think about while I waited for the two fags-er-runts under the street light at the corner of Pickett and Sutton. Finally they showed up, not holding hands like I thought they would be doing. Shocker, I know. "Hey Dallas. Ready?".

"Yeah, let's go".


Okay, whenever I first wrote this chapter, I hadn't seen the movie yet. (I wrote this a long while back, but never published it. XD) So, I mainly based this from the book. This story isn't done yet, so there might be a few chapters that end up getting some of the movie in it (the movie and book are almost exactly alike, anyway!).

Okay, there's a few warnings I should let y'all on so you'll know if you wanna keep reading or not. First off, there's more than likely some OOC in the characters on a few parts (then again, just about every slash story has at least a little bit of OOC, right?). Secondly, there will probably be some you catch my drift. *smacks self for giving slight spoilers* XD

Anyway, hope you enjoyed!