"No, Pony...you're doin' it wrong." Ponyboy looked up from his weird...paper....bird thing. "How? This is how you said it was done!" Johnny rolled his eyes jokingly and put his arms around him.

"Here....let you show you again." Alright, just in case y'all are wonderin' what the FUCK Ponyboy's doin'.....you shoulda listened to me when I said he was lookin' at a paper bird. You see, Johnny's nurse often talked to him whenever he was in the hospital and she told him the story behind the ancient craft of some Chinese artsy thing called "Origami". It's when you fold paper enough times into the right formation and....you get a creepy lookin'....swan?

Yeah it's a swan. But yeah....somehow Johnny's become an expert at it (even though I've been tryin' to do it for a week now and every single time I try, the damn bird doesn't want to form). "Johnny, how's it that you're an expert already and you've only been doin' this for....almost two weeks now?" He looked me while still snugglin' with Ponyboy.

"Because I actually pay attention whenever somebody tries to teach me somethin'. If you did, Two-bit, then you'd probably move up to Senior level in school!" I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, the day that happens will also be the day that my teachers give me a gold medal for makin' higher than a D on a test." And after that comeback, I took a swig of some of my beer.

Ponyboy formed a rather sarcastic smirk on his face as he piped in with, "Shoot, Johnny. The only reason Two-bit hasn't passed yet is because he still wants to share the same classes with Dally!" I held my bottle up to him and cheered with, "Amen to that, brother!" Afterwards, the bottle got into a another deep conversation with my tastebuds. Even though beer tastes awful, you get used to the taste after a while.

Johnny smiled and replied with, "I never thought I'd see the day where someone would mellow Dallas out, man. Before, he was always so angry with everybody...and now he only seems to be in a dangerous mood whenever he's around a bunch of cops." Pony nodded. "Yeah. Shoot...I gotta say....Two-bit......you really changed him. For the better, too. Without you, Dally would've probably gotten himself killed by now." I smiled, knowin' they were right.

Dally really had changed since we've been together. He no longer hated the world....now he just hated certain things about the world. Oh well. There's just some things about people that can never change, I suppose.

But I don't mind at the slightest. I love Dally for who he is and I couldn't bare to think about him changin' too drastically. Without him, I would've still been the fool that wore a happy, popular heterosexual mask just to cover up the fact that I was actually an unhappy, lonely homosexual boy. I still have to wear that mask sometimes....but not as often as I used to.

As far as I knew, the only guys in our circle of friends that didn't know about me and Dally's relationship was Steve and Darry. Soda eventually admitted that he knew about us.....but it didn't shock me at the slightest. That day when I freaked out on him....he told that my secret was safe with him. Guess you can't credit Sodapop to be real bright in the usage of words, huh?

He may have found out about my and Dallas' love life, but he still had no clue about Ponyboy and Johnny's. Probably because they ain't been together long enough to get people suspicious. Hmm...if that's the case....then how come hadn't Darry caught on to us yet? Steve probably has had a little bit of doubt in his mind ever since that day he caught me ridin' Dally in the hospital.

But why ain't Darry asked us anything yet? Hmm....oh well. He's probably too overworked to do anything about it, anyway. Just so it ain't Sodapop or Ponyboy that's gay, he's good.

Oh shit....that's a little bit too late to hope for, huh? No wonder nobody's come out yet! Shoot, outta of everybody here, me and Dally are probably the least candidates in the fairy category! I mean, you'd expect Ponyboy and Johnny and maybe possibly Sodapop.....but me and Dally?

Darry'd had a heart attack if he ever found out about ANY gay couples in this household! Or....would he? We've never really asked him where he stood on the subject. I guess we all just immediately see him as the homophobic "parent" outta the gang.

Who knows? Maybe he's actually very open-minded....? Because he's still my friend....I don't wanna lose any friends just because they don't like queers. Urgh....scary thought.

"Hey Pony, got a cancer stick?" Pony tossed a pack of cigarettes my way and I caught them. "Smoke 'em outside. Darry's still bein' very anal about the house's condition." I snickered loudly.

"Anal..." Ponyboy rolled his eyes and shooed me out onto the porch. Once the door was closed, I took one outta the box and lit it up. "Hey, Two-bit!"

I turned to discover that Dally was standin' on the other side of the street. I grinned widely and called out, "Dally!" He started walkin' across the street.....but- oh my god.... NO!!!

As he was walkin' across the street, a large semi came outta nowhere and rammed into him.....sluggin' blood and guts everywhere........NO!!!! YOU SONUVABITCH! "DALLY!! NO!!!" I sprinted onto the street as quickly as I could.

Ponyboy and Johnny exited the house and ran over to me. "Two-bit, what the hell?!" I fell over on my knees, consumed with anger and tears. "N-No......"

"Two-bit?!" I looked up with my tear-stained eyes and spotted.....Dally?! STANDIN' UP!? "Dally! Oh my god, you're alive!!"

It was true.....he didn't have a single scratch on him. As if the car never showed up.....oh my god..... I need comfort now... So I wrapped my arms tightly around him and began to shake nervously.

I wasn't cryin' anymore....but I couldn't hide the fear in my voice. "I-I-I thought I-I l-lost you, baby....." Dally rubbed my back and came back with, "What are you talkin' about, man? I've fine...I'm still alive and kickin'..." I pulled away from him.

"But....t-the truck! There was a truck that just...oh boy..." Dally stared at me with a rather confused looked in his eye. "Two-bit....nobody's drove by here all day......" ....That can't be true........

So...it's really true......I've officially lost my mind.


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