It was a warm summer day, and a girl of seventeen with long, curly black hair and bright green eyes was now standing outside with her father, staring at two doors. One was labeled number 11 and the other 13. Curious she looked at her father, who pointed back to where she was just looking. Before her eyes, a door appeared, bearing the number 12.

"Here we are," he sighed picking up her trunk.

Serena Snape had only just come to discover the most important thing in her life a few weeks ago. She had discovered who her real father was, and had also finally come to peace with her mother as well. Last year she had transferred to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the wizarding school in France, which was the most intelligent thing she had ever done. She had met three incredible people who she had come to call her friends, and had come face to face with a terrible wizard by the name of Voldemort.

"Serena! I haven't seen you since that night at Hogwarts," a young witch came out of the kitchen and whispered quietly.

"Nice to see you again, Tonks," Serena said smiling.

"Let's go take you're things to your room," she said.

"Be quiet when you go up the stairs," her father said.

"Yes, Uncle,"

Serena had been forced to refer to him as uncle ever since she found out that her so called uncle was in fact her real father. He was too afraid that when people discovered what had happened it would ruin him.

"Here's where you will be staying," she said, going past the first door and entering the second one on the left. There were two beds, each separated from each other, and Tonks placed her trunk beside the bed closest to the window.

"Here, I've got to be going, I have to go help prepare for the meeting with the Order," she said.

"Oh, all right, thanks for the help," she said.

"No problem," Tonks said turning and shutting the door.

Opening her trunk she pulled out a photograph of her real aunt and uncle, who had claimed to be her parents for over sixteen years. The picture wasn't moving, and they were standing there looking up at her silently. She placed the picture back in the trunk and shut it, thinking she would unpack later. Collapsing on the bed she remembered just how tired she was. They had woken up rather early to get there, her father said they had things to do, but it turned out he just wanted to hurry up and drop her off so he could get things done on his own. She looked over at the small grandfather clock in the corner and sighed at how early it really was. The meeting for the Order would be just before lunch, and Serena wondered if her father would be attending. He said there had been some commotion in Greece when an ancient temple was robbed. The aurors said they couldn't find anything missing. She wondered if Voldemort had something to do with it.

Serena soon drifted into a dreamless sleep as she thought about her father. She wondered if he would ever reveal their secret to anyone, and if she would carry the truth forever.

A loud *crack* brought Serena out of her nap and she looked up into the face of one of her best friends, the one she had been thinking about all summer.

"Ron! It's so good to see you," she said sitting up.

"Dozed off, I see," he said sitting down on the bed.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Mum's busy making lunch for everyone, I swear she's here all the time we might as well move in," he sighed. Apparently the Order had been really busy lately.

"I just arrived this morning," she said sitting up and adjusting her clothes. They had gotten bunched up when she fell asleep.

"Did you apparate? I've been doing it all day," he smiled.

"Yes, I did," she laughed.

They had finally come of age and could now learn to apparate and use magic outside of school. Serena had expected to feel this enormous new amount of freedom. Instead she didn't use this freedom to do whatever she wanted. She still felt restrained for some reason.

"Have you heard from the others?" she asked.

"Just Harry. Hermione probably won't be able to send word. She's in America for vacation," he said.

"Yes, I wasn't really expecting to hear from Hermione until she returned to England," she said.

"Has Harry written to you?" he asked.

"Yes, about a week after I got to my uncle's," she said. Ron just stared at her.

"You still have to do that?" he said in a whisper.

"Yes, he doesn't want anyone to know," she sighed. He just shook his head.

"So, did you and Harry have a chat about his mum?" he asked.

"Yes, he told me what he could remember of her, and what Lupin had said about her," she said.

"That's good," he said looking down at the floor. A strange tension suddenly filled the room, which was thankfully ended quickly by Ginny coming in the room.

"Ron, mum say's were staying tonight, she told me to tell you," she said then looked over at Serena.

"Hey, Serena, didn't know you were here," she said smiling and coming over to the bed.

"Hello, Ginny, did you get back you're O.W.L results?" she asked.

"Yes, she got plenty," Ron said rolling his eyes.

Serena, Ron and Ginny talked about their summer since they left Hogwart's until Mrs. Weasley came upstairs and called them down.

"Oh, I see you have arrived, I had heard you'd be here sooner," she had said.

"I had to stay with my parents for a while before I came to stay with my uncle," she said.

"Oh, well hurry now you look starved," she said hurrying them out of the room and down the stairs.

Several members of the Order were in the kitchen downstairs. Serena noticed Remus Lupin, Moody, and Tonks sitting in the corner talking quietly. Helping Mrs. Weasley was Mr. Weasley and Fred and George.

"Oy, look who it is!" Fred said.

"You're here with Snape then?" George asked.

"Yes, I'll be staying here until the school term starts," she said.

"Be sure and stop by our shop when you go into Diagon Alley," Fred said.

"Will you two hurry up with those plates!" their mother called from a boiling cauldron of beef stew. "All right then," George sighed and put the plates down at the end of the table.

"Mum's been a little irritated. They didn't get very many N.E.W.T's and they started their joke shop," Ron said.

"Is their business working out?" she asked.

"That's what bothers mum so much," Ginny said almost smiling.

"They made so much money their first week open, they had to close to restock," Ron said.

After lunch, Serena, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George had the wonderful job of cleaning up the room where a hippogriff had been staying ever since Sirius Black's death. Ron said after Sirius died they let the animal go, seeing no point in keeping him cooped up. There were ferret bones and feathers everywhere. It was slow work as they vanished the bones and swept up the feathers with a broom. Fred and George wanted to keep them and see what they could do with them.

After they were finished Serena went back down to her room and found Harry's owl sitting on the windowsill. She opened up the window and grabbed one of the parchment addressed to her attached to its leg. It flapped its snowy wings and flew over to the window beside hers. Eventually Ron opened the window and retrieved a letter as well. She knew by the handwriting it was Harry. She closed the window and sat down, opening her letter.


I just got word from Lupin that I can come and stay at Grimmald Place with you and Ron. You don't know how glad I am that I can get away from the Dursley's. Tonks and Lupin agreed to come and get me, since I haven't gotten my apparition license yet. I won't be able to until after Saturday though, I don't turn seventeen until then. They said they plan to come get me at around eight tomorrow.

By the way, have you heard anything about you know what? I feel so isolated out here.

Be sure and take care!



Serena folded up the letter and watched as Ron entered the room.

"From Harry?" he asked. Serena just nodded.

"Wonder if Tonks and Lupin will let us go with them? To get Harry I mean," he said.

"That would be nice, I could meet his muggle relatives," she said sarcastically and smiled.

"Still, they're fun to torture, they are really mean to Harry," he said.

"Let's go talk to Lupin," Serena said.

Convincing Lupin to let them go was not an easy task. He kept saying it was dangerous, what with everything like it is. Serena assured him that they would be fine and were responsible for themselves. Finally he agreed.

"We're going to pick him up tomorrow night, we'll be riding on brooms since he can't apparated yet," he said.

"I don't have one," Serena said.

"You can borrow mine," Moody said coming into the conversation.

"Thank you, but aren't you going as well," she asked.

"Oh, I can't make it, pity though, I think we need more people there if something happens," he said.

"We'll be fine, Alastor," Lupin said. Grumbling, Mad-Eye Moody walked slowly to an armchair beside a roaring fire and sat down.

"It's about time for you to get to bed, we have to get up early tomorrow so we can finish cleaning upstairs," Mrs. Weasley said coming over to speak with them. Ron groaned.

"Why do we have to clean? We don't go up there much anyway,"

"Just get up to bed soon," Apparently this wasn't the first time her children had complained about the house. Ginny started up the stairs.

"Where are you staying, Ginny?" she asked her.

"With you," she smiled.

"All right," she said following her up to their room.

"Goodnight, Ron," Serena said as he stopped in front of his room.

"Goodnight you two," he said looking at them both and going into this room. Suddenly there was a crack and Serena heard the twins getting yelled at by a startled Ron.

"Why'd you do that! You could have just walked up the damn stairs," he said.

"You know, it's almost frightening how he's been acting lately," Ginny said closing the door.

"What do you mean?" Serena asked getting into her night clothes.

"Ron's been acting more, how should I say, mature, it's really strange, he's always getting mad at Fred and George," she said.

Serena smiled and thought about how much Hermione would admire that. Then she angrily thought about how she would just like him suddenly because of how he was acting now, and Serena had liked him just the way he was. Was Ron trying to grow up for Hermione?

"Are you all right?" Ginny asked. Serena looked over at her.

"Yeah, just thinking," she climbed into her bed.

Ginny didn't say a word, she just smiled and changed. Serena rolled over on her side and waited for the candle light to be extinguished, and she couldn't help but let Ron enter her thoughts.