Serena slowly came too, feeling a light breeze on her face. How long she had been out she didn't know. She sat up and looked around, noticing that her father and Avery had vanished. Voldemort was gone as well, but she had no idea if he was alive or dead. As she stood to her feet, she noticed that Harry was lying unmoving on the ground.

"Harry!" she shouted as she ran towards him.

"Harry! Please wake up!" Serena cried, shaking his limp body, but he wasn't moving.

"Don't do this to me! You can't leave me here all alone," she cried. She heard movement behind her and saw that someone was still inside the shack. Now angry and frustrated she ran towards it and burst through the door.

"I know you're in here! Show yourself!" she shouted.

"Calm down, will you?" Wormtail said, stepping out from behind Voldemort's chair. Serena raised her wand.

"You'll pay for what you did, if you hadn't have brought Harry back he wouldn't be…he wouldn't…" but she couldn't finish her sentence, she hoped that what she believed wasn't true, that Harry would stand up and walk away unharmed.

"He's dead?" Wormtail said.

Serena dropped her wand and dropped to her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. Harry was one of the last people she actually cared about; he always cared about her, even when she was a death eater. Her father had tried to kill her, Ron and Hermione were now together and she could do nothing to stop it. He would have been there for her for this, and now he was gone.

"I…I don't believe it," Wormtail said, looking out the window at the two bodies lying on the ground.

"I'm…free," he said.

"What?" Serena asked, looking up at him.

"All this time, I had served him, even given him my hand, and he never really appreciated anything I did, and now…I can be free from it," he said.

"You mean that you never wanted to be death eater?" she asked.

"I did at first, of course, but after my best friend was killed by him, I just couldn't find a reason to keep on living like this, except that I'd be killed if I deserted him," he said.

"But you were the one that betrayed James and Lily," she said.

"Yes, I know that, but then I was so hungry for power and acceptance that I would do anything for it," he said. There was a pause, and Wormtail looked towards the fireplace.

"If you floo to Hogwarts it will be faster than disapparating back to the forest," he said.

"Why are you helping me?" she asked.

"Because Harry helped me," he said.

Serena sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes, and stood to her feet. Harry was still lying on the ground and she couldn't help but tear up again as she headed towards his body. What were they all going to think when they knew that he was dead? He had been their savior, the one to end the war and stop Voldemort for good. Of course, he had succeeded in doing so, but also ended his own life as well.

Taking out her wand she muttered "mobilicorpus" and Harry's body floated upwards. As she walked back into the shack, she watched as Wormtail took out a bag of floo powder.

"The floo network doesn't know about this place, so we never use it, but I'm sure it's set up correctly," he said. Serena lowered Harry's body to the ground and picked him, tears running from her eyes as she did, and pulled him in front of the fireplace.

"Here, and good luck to you," Wormtail said.

"Thanks, and good luck to you as well," she said, taking a handful of powder and shouting "Hogwarts!", then tossing it into the flames. The fire turned green as she did, and she pulled Harry up and ran into the flames.

It was a rather painful trip, considering there were two of them. She didn't think it was possible to floo two people at once, but she knew now why no one did it. She could feel her skin catching on various spots and she even hit her head a few times as they went.

Suddenly Serena felt herself shooting out of a fireplace and she coughed as soot flew into her face. Harry was still beside her, and for a moment she just lay sprawled on the floor. She was too afraid of what would happen when everyone found out what had happened to the famous Harry Potter. As she lay there she heard voices coming from outside the door.
Sitting up, she looked around and found they had landed in McGonagall's office. The doors opened, and Serena watched as Professor McGonagall and Hagrid entered her office.

"Oh my! Hagrid, carry him up to the hospital wing immediately," she said. Hagrid rushed forward and picked him up with ease, running from her office as he shook him, trying to get him to wake up.

"Explain yourself, immediately! I want some answers," she said, looking shaken up.

Serena then began to pour out everything that had happened since she left Hogwarts, telling her about becoming a Death Eater, how when they tried to return they were ambushed, how her father had tried to kill her, and finally the death of Voldemort. McGonagall had taken a seat during her speech and was now looking utterly bewildered.

"I…I don't know what to say," she muttered.

"Please, you have to know that I will take any punishment for becoming a death eater, but of course there is no proof because it was like it never happened," she said.

"That won't be necessary, but I will have to ask that you give back the Talisman," she said.

"It's in Harry's pocket," she said.

"Well come on, we'll go check on what's going on with Harry," she said, standing up from her chair and exiting her office. Serena followed, and as the entered the corridor she noticed how many teachers and prefects were wandering the halls.

"What happened while we were gone?" she asked.

"Death Eaters came into Hogwarts, I believe it was a distraction to get Harry now that you've told me what happened," she said.

"Where are they now? Did they escape?" she asked.

"I believe they did, but we managed to stun one of them and he's currently in Dumbledore's office being questioned," she said.

As they neared the Hospital Wing Serena felt more and more anxious. She knew that once they got there it would be horrible to see the look on everyone's face, but when they opened the doors she saw that Harry was talking to Ron and Hermione.

"Harry! You're alive!" Serena cried, running towards him.

"Of course I am," he said as she got to his bed.

"I was so scared," she said, crying.

"Serena, calm down, I'm okay," he said.

"He just went into shock, he's just finished telling us what happened," Hermione said.

"Now, Harry will you please give me the Talisman?" McGonagall said.

"Oh right, I almost forgot about it," he said, reaching into his robes and pulling out the bell.

"I will see that the Ministry returns it back to the museum in Greece, they will be glad to know it's safe," she said as she turned and walked out of the hospital wing.

"Are you feeling okay?" Serena asked.

"I'm fine, I just want to know what happened, is Voldemort...dead?" he asked. Ron jumped at this and Hermione gave him a pathetic look.

"I think so, he was just lying on the ground, when we left," she said.

"We'll have to be sure," a voice said from behind them. Serena turned to see Remus, who looked a little rough.

"What happened to you?" she asked.

"Long story," he said.

"We have to go and check, he could have just been faking it," Harry said sitting up.

"Harry, you shouldn't get up, you need your rest," Hermione said.

"She's right, you need to stay put," Remus said.

"Serena will you come with me to talk the aurors? They're in Dumbledore's office right now," he said.

"Sure," Serena said as she followed him out of the hospital wing.

As they entered Dumbledore's office, Serena noticed someone was chained to a chair in the middle of the room. Tonks was standing by the window, and smiled when they entered. The Death Eater in the middle of the room began to squirm and as they neared it she saw that it was Augustus Rookwood. Her heart seemed to jump into her throat, but she relaxed when she remembered that this Rookwood didn't know that she was a Death Eater before.

"Serena, won't you have a seat?" she looked up to see Dumbledore, looking very exhausted. With a flick of his wand a chair appeared on the opposite side of the room and Serena walked over and sat down.

"Tell us everything that happened," one of the aurors said, and Serena began to retell her story. As she did she noticed Dumbledore was didn't look confused or surprised at all, he just stared straight faced at her as she spoke. When she finished, she noticed that Rookwood started to speak, but nothing came out.

"We've put a silencing charm on him when he wouldn't stop yelling," Tonks said.

"That is quite a story, and you have no idea where Severus took you?" one of the aurors said.

"No, it was just a large field with a shack, it couldn't have been out of England because the weather didn't seem to change much," she said.

"Right, well we'd better get on this, I'll meet you back at the Ministry, Tonks," the man said as he took the chains off the chair and bound Rookwood with them, taking him with him as he left the office.

"Will you two please leave me alone with Serena for a moment," Dumbledore said. Tonks and Remus nodded and left his office, leaving Serena waiting for her punishment.

"I know you're expecting me to punish you for becoming a Death Eater, but I have no control over what you do, and like some before you, you have chosen to redeem yourself. I am giving you a chance to do that," he said.

"Really? So you're not going to send me to Azkaban or something?" Serena asked.

"No, I don't think it's necessary," he said.

"What about my father? I think he should be punished," she said.

"That matter is to be left up to the Ministry, it is out of my hands now," he said.

Serena left Dumbledore's office a few moments later and found that Harry was waiting outside.

"What are you doing up?" she asked.

"Madam Pomfrey said I could go," he said.

"Oh, well I told them everything that happened, they should be looking to see if he's dead right now," she said.

"Everything? Even being a Death Eater?" he asked.

"Yes," Serena sighed.

"So what are they going to do about it, are you in trouble with the Ministry?" he asked.

"No," she said.

"That's strange," he said.

"Why? Do you want me to get in trouble?" she asked.

"No, it's just I figured they would do something," he said.

"Well, it was like I was never one of them, remember?" she said.

"I guess your right," he mumbled.

"So…where are Ron and Hermione?" she asked, trying to change the subject.

"In the common room, McGonagall said that we didn't have to start our classes today, it's going to be a pain to do it all over again," he said.

"At least you know what you're doing," she laughed.

"Yeah, I guess your right, but it'll be pretty boring," he said.

"Harry! There you are," a voice came from behind them and Serena saw Ron and Hermione coming down the stairs towards them.

"Looking for me?" he asked.

"Yeah, Pomfrey said they released you," Ron said.

"I was just telling Serena how boring it's going to be for the rest of the year, we'd be practically doing it all over again," Harry said.

"Boring? I think it'll be great, I mean, we won't have any trouble!" Hermione said.

"You never have trouble to begin with," Ron said.

"If you would just pay attention then maybe you wouldn't have problems," she said.

"I do pay attention!" Ron argued. Deciding it was time for Serena to leave them alone, she started to walk away.

"Hey where are you going?" Harry asked.

"Just for a walk, I'll see you later," she said as she left the three of them alone.

It was never going to be the same, she was always going to be the odd one out, and now that her father wasn't around anymore she had no one to really talk to. Harry was probably the only one she could really confide in, but she always felt like she was invading on his life. Now that Voldemort was gone he could actually live his life like he wanted to, and she felt like she would only get in the way of that. Of course, it wasn't going to matter who her friends were at Hogwarts, because while in Dumbledore's office she had asked about transferring back to Beauxbatons. At first Dumbledore seemed surprised at the question, but after much persuading she got him to agree to write a letter to Madame Maxime, the headmaster there. It would take a few days but once she agreed she would be on the train back to France. She didn't think it was an appropriate time to tell Harry that she was leaving, but when the time came she would have to tell him she was going back to France. She wondered what his reaction would be as she looked out the window on the first floor at the starry night sky.


Two days came and went, and on a Friday morning Serena found McGonagall coming into her Charms class to get her.

"Madame Maxime has just sent word that she would love it if you came back to Beauxbatons, A train will be here at approximately six o'clock in Hogsmede to pick you up. I suggest you eat something in town, since dinner isn't served until then," she said.

"Thanks," Serena said as she smiled and went back into the classroom. Harry looked curious as to what was going on, and began asking her about it.

"What did McGonagall want?" he asked.

"Oh, I'll tell you later," she said.

"Less talking over there!" Professor Flitwick squeaked as he continued on with the lesson.

After classes were over, Serena headed up to the dormitory to pack, careful to avoid Harry as she did so. She wasn't ready to tell him until he couldn't talk her out of it. She didn't have much time, only about an hour before the train left, and she hurriedly threw all her belongings into her suitcase and pulled it down the stairs to the common room.

Harry, Ron and Hermione were gathered around the fire talking amongst themselves when Serena came down.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked.

"I'm leaving," Serena said.

"Leaving? You mean like last time?" Ron asked.

"No, I'm going back to Beauxbatons to finish school," she said.

"What? Why are you doing that?" Harry asked standing up.

"Because, Harry I have my reasons," she said.

"Is it because Ron's being a git?" Hermione said.

"I am not!" Ron said.

"It's not because of anything like that, I just, think it would be best if I left," she said.

"But, you can't leave, I mean, we've gone through so much," Harry said.

"Trust me, you would all like it better if I went, besides, you three need each other, and I just came in out of nowhere," she said.

"Just because we're inseparable doesn't mean that you can't be friends with us," Harry said.

"It's so much more than that, just believe me, I need to get away from here," she said. Harry sighed.

"All right, but I just don't see how you can just walk out of here," he said.

"I'll write, I promise," she said.

"I'm going to miss you," Harry said, hugging her.

"When you become an auror, you can come visit me and tell me all about it," she said.

"I will," he said pulling away from her. Ron and Hermione just sat there and stared at her, Serena could tell that Hermione wanted to say something, but she kept opening her mouth and nothing was coming out. She honestly didn't want to hear anything she had to say anyway.

"Bye," Serena said as she crawled out of the portrait hole.

Remus was in the entrance hall waiting for her when she got downstairs.

"I'm supposed to escort you to Hogsmede," he said as he opened up the big oak door.

"An escort? Are they really that worried I'll run off again?" she asked.

"No, they always do this, but not many students have transferred out of Hogwarts before," he said.

"Did they find him?" she asked suddenly.

"No, they haven't yet, but they're looking. Rookwood didn't really give us much information to go on," he said.

Before she knew it, they had reached Hogsmede; the small town was louder than usual what with the rumor that Voldemort might be dead. It was close to time to leave so she didn't have time to stop and eat anything before the trip.

"You can eat on the train, it's going to be a long trip," Remus said as they approached the station.

"There should be someone there to pick you up when you arrive in Paris, I think it's Fleur Delacour, do you remember her?" he asked.

"Unfortunately," she sighed. Remus laughed.

"Take care," he said as Serena boarded the train. It was much larger than the Hogwarts express, considering it was one that was made for long distance trips. As she made her way to the back of the train she took an empty compartment and sat down, noticing that there was something sticking out of her suitcase. Opening it up, she saw it was the amulet her father had given her as a child, and feeling more hatred for him, she opened the window and tossed it out.

She had no idea what to expect when she got to France, but she knew that getting away from Hogwarts was the best thing for her. Even if when she got there she didn't make any friends, she knew that she would be much happier away from all the drama and trouble that she had caused in England.

As the train slowly moved away from the station, she sighed, unafraid of what lay ahead of her, and now relieved to leave Hogwarts behind.