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The boy breathed heavily, seeing fuzzy blobs sway back in forth before him as he stumbled along the road. A small form ran before him, but to the male, it was going in slow motion. Before his mind decided what to do, his arm shot up, halting the child's movement completely. He watched as it sobbed loudly, kicking as he lifted it up off the ground and into the air. The voice was of a female. The girl screeched, seeing the man holding her open his mouth and expose his pointed fangs to her. The next moment, her screams were silenced.....


Sasuke's eyes opened, blinking away his morning haze. The boy sat up and took in his surroundings, flinching as he noticed where he had dosed off. The Uchiha sat in the middle of a street, a few small bodies lying around in front of him. The genin's eyes widened as he looked at their necks, teeth holes on the side with blood oozing forth from them. He wobbly stood up, backing away from the sight and finally sprinting towards the Uchiha compound.

'It happened again...,' he thought worriedly as houses swished past him.

Luckily, it appeared to be to early for anyone to actually be out and walking around. Sasuke sped down the roads, praying that no one would see him. The boy reached his house, sliding open the door and slamming it shut. Once he was inside, he pressed his back to the wall opposite the door and slid down it. He had to admit, he was frankly shaken by the children he'd seen on the road. Most of all...... was because he knew who was responsible for their deaths.....

'.... Why....'


Next morning. . . . . .

"Sasuke? Sasuke, you alright," a girl's voice echoed in the Uchiha's head.

The boy sat up quickly, noticing he was still backed up against the wall. He blinked a while and got up, walking over to the door and sliding it open slightly.

".... What Sakura?"

"Kakashi-sensei called us an hour ago. I came to check on you since you never showed up..... Something wrong?"

Sasuke shook his head drowsily. Vague flashes of the children he'd seen the night before popped up in his mind. He thought if that was the reason his teacher had requested them.

"Well.... As you can clearly see I'm not hurt...."

"No. You didn't answer when I knocked, and then I started calling your name and asking if you were alright..... Were you still sleeping through all that?" Sakura questioned him quickly.

Sasuke shrugged silently, moving to the side and letting her enter. The pink haired female slowly walked in, looking at the wall in front of her.

"Is that blood?..."

The Uchiha flinched and sped off down the hallway. He mentally slapped himself for his actions, seeing they made more of a negative impact then answering. Sakura trailed behind him, continuing to nag him about the stains. The Uchiha began to get annoyed at her irritating questioning. He turned sharply, causing her to bump into his chest.

"Would you shut up already. It's nothing, I cut myself while training yesterday. Must have gotten some on the floor when I came home last night. Now please, be quiet," he snarled in her face, then starting off again when done.

His teammate stood still and soon looked down at her feet. She trembled, cursing her emotions for boiling over at such a time. Her green eye squinted, tears forming in them. Sasuke stopped as she hiccuped.

"..... I-I just wanted to help.... That's all..."

The boy closed his eyes and sighed. What was wrong with him.

"..... Let me go get dressed.....," he said and walked into his room, shutting the door.

Sakura wiped her face.

'Something must be wrong with him.... He never acts like this.'


"Nice of you to join us finally." Kakashi said as Sakura and Sasuke approached.

Sakura gave a weak smile, quickly returning her gaze to her feet. Sasuke gave him a silent look. Naruto stood with Kakashi, hands behind his head impatiently. he glared at Sasuke as the boy passed him.

"What took you so long. Surprising the great Sasuke can't even get out of his bed on time."

The black haired teen stopped and snorted.

"I guess I trained to long last night and over slept."

"So I guess you missed the news about the children found this morning?" Kakashi asked, eyeing his student.

The Uchiha felt himself tence, thinking up something quickly.

"No, I didn't," he said immediately.

Kakashi nodded, showing no sign of disbelief.

"This morning five children were found on the western side of the village, close to the Uchiha compound actually," he explained, "All of them had bite marks on their necks and claw scratches on their arms."

Sasuke was quiet, guilt washing over him.

'How could I kill five in one night?..... I must be getting worse...' he thought worriedly.

"... So why did you call us? Are we going to help with the search?"

"Yes, we are in fact." Kakashi answered, motioning the others to leave for a moment.

Sasuke cocked an eye brow at this, opening his mouth to question him. His sensei cut him off abruptly.

"You know something, Sasuke. Can you please tell me what it is?"

The boy was frozen instantly, mind working for an answer. Kakashi examined his body language.

"I don't know what your talking about, Kakashi. I never heard about that."

"Don't lie to me. You know who did it, don't you?"

Sasuke couldn't see straight suddenly. He blinked, drowsiness attacking him. His eye lids grew heavy and the boy started to fall forward. His sensei caught him swiftly.

"Are you sick? Sasuke?"

Sasuke groaned in response, darkness setting into his vision. He felt the familiar feeling of hunger invaded his mind, overtaking his thoughts. Kakashi saw the Uchiha go limp in his hold, only to open his eyes a minute later.

"Are you OK, Sasuke? I thought you passed out for a moment," he murmured to him.

Sasuke lashed out at him, sharingan blazing angrily. Kakashi stared wide eyed at him, mind trying to understand what was going on. The genin struck again, this time using his newly grown fangs. He hit his mark on Kakashi's left arm, ripping the skin and cloth. The man clutched his wound, blood seeping through his closed fingers. Sasuke's eye lit up at the crimson liquid, lunging at his cut hungrily.

"... I'm sorry Sasuke," Kakashi whispered, kicking him in the stomach and sending him flying into a tree.

The boy gasped as his back slammed into the unforgiving bark, sliding down it's trunk and landing on his backside. Kakashi lifted up his headband defensively.

"What's wrong with you!"

The Uchiha looked up and once again struck out, this time aiming at the man's leg. His fingers felt the soft fabric of his jonin pants, grabbing hold and yanking himself up. Sasuke suddenly felt a hard punch hit his chest and knocking the wind out of him. He coughed, tumbling back into the tree again. Kakashi grabbed his wrists, holding them down against the tree. His student heaved, glaring ferociously at his teacher.

"Let go of me...."

"You expect me to trust you after you attacked me?"

Sasuke snarled, gritting his teeth furiously. He thrashed about under the hold, hissing slightly at the jonin before him. Kakashi flinched and hit the back of his neck hesitantly. Sasuke's eyes grew wide, but slowly closed moments later. His head dropped, bangs covering his face from view. Kakashi looked over his student, still slightly in shock at his actions.


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