Getting Out of Reverse

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: Up to WILSON'S HEART of Season 4 and very very VERY AU after that. Also you should be warned a few minor Season 5 spoilers could be found here and there.

Characters: Wilson, Cuddy, House, Foreman, Kutner, Thirteen, Taub, Chase, Cameron, with some OCs

Pairing(s): House/Cuddy, House/Wilson (friendship), Wilson/Amber, Wilson/Cuddy (friendship)

Beta(s): ​​KellyAnnie (chapter 1 only) & theviewfromhere with a very special thanks going out to my first readers capeofstorm, michelleann68, and everybodyliesmd – without their encouragement and feedback of these people this story never ever would've gotten finished or posted.

A/N: This is a work in progress (15,000 + words so far) that'll be updated as I get chapters finished/betaed but I have not a clue as to when the next chapter is going to be posted.


-- chapter one

"I think we've caught the cancer early enough, Mrs. Van den Akker, and I have every reason to believe Peter will make a full recovery once his treatments are completed." Wilson glanced over at the little boy who was busy playing with blocks in a corner of his office, oblivious to the fact they were talking about him due to his deafness.

Carol Van den Akker wiped a tear from her face and exclaimed, "Oh thank God!" she exclaimed.

Once the Van den Akkers had left Wilson decided to take an early lunch since the rest of his day would be insanely busy, with rounds after he finished with his patient meetings. But before he could take the first bite of his sandwich, the phone rang. Wilson sighed putting his food back down on his desk. The phone rang a second time as he wiped his hands while thinking. He never thought a day would come he'd prefer a House-style interruption to one so common-place as the phone ringing.

But you wouldn't have come here if you hadn't wanted to find out about life's more common place interruptions,would you? Wilson shook his head, clearing the thoughts from his mind as he finally snatched the phone up off the hook on the third ring. "James Wilson."

"Hi James, it's Lisa."

At the sound of Cuddy's voice, Wilson's mouth suddenly felt bone dry, and a sense of dread settled in the pit of his stomach. Right before he had left Princeton, Wilson had left his contact information with Cuddy, making the request that she wouldn't allow House or anyone associated with him, past or present, see it. He could tell she had been reluctant to make that promise, but he had made her promise, nevertheless. House wouldn't find out how to contact him through her.

Even when he had forced her to promise, somewhere in the back of his mind, Wilson had hoped House would steal it from her office. But his cruel words to House the last time they had seen each other had done their work well if the soul-crushing silence of the last six months was any indication. With every poison-laced syllable he had spoken, Wilson knew he had assured House probably wouldn't even have the heart to even make the effort to steal it out of Cuddy's office since there was no hope things between them could ever be made right again.

"Hello? Wilson, are you still there?"

The sound of Cuddy's voice brought him out of his thoughts, and Wilson closed his eyes. "You're calling because something's wrong. Something has happened to House." Her small but audible sigh from her told Wilson he had guessed right. He had a hard time keeping his voice clear of emotion when he asked, "How bad is it?" The solid lump in his throat prevented him from asking her if House was even alive.

But Cuddy would be more upset if he was dead, Wilson thought. She'd be a lot more upset if he's dead.

What happened?"

Cuddy spent the next ten minutes detailing what had happened to House. Wilson didn't say anything other than to ask questions here or there. She told him that House had been hit by a drunk driver late one night, and that the impact of the collision happened on the driver's side of the car. It was so bad, the EMTs had used the jaws of life to free him from the wreckage. He was trapped for almost an hour and had been conscious for most of the time.

Cuddy breathed in deeply before she continued, "House lost consciousness about fifteen minutes before the medics got to him. They reported en route to Princeton-Plainsboro House fell from twelve to five on the GCS. Since then he's fallen to four and has remained there for the past two months."

Wilson swore softly, allowing an uncomfortable silence to fall between them before he finally asked, "The coma isn't the worst thing that's happened to him since I left, it is?" He heard the sadness in her voice when she answered.

"No, it's not. He-" Her voice broke and she paused to steady it before answering him. "Wilson, he lost his left leg just below the knee." Cuddy waited for a response from him, but received only silence. His end was so quiet she thought he must have hung up on her. "James? Hello?"

"Uh, yeah, I'm here. Sorry," Wilson said.

She heard something that sounded like someone knocking on the wood of a desk's top before she heard his voice again.

"Dr. Cuddy, I'm very sorry but I have to go. My next patient has arrived. Thank you for the phone call. I hope House will get better soon, I really do. Goodbye." Wilson put down the phone before Cuddy could say another word, and covered his face with his hands. He stayed that way for several minutes, battling with the guilt he felt flooding him until he forced himself to begin his preparations for his next patient.