What's Left of Me

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(Izzy's P.O.V.)

I am Izzy Shane. My former name was Bella Swan. But Bella died years ago in a car crash. I was changed into a vampire at the exact time Bella died. I was changed by Victoria and Laurent. And it was his entire fault. And, yes. A few sentences ago, I did say vampire. Get over it.

He left her saying that he didn't want her, she wasn't good for him. She tried to convince him otherwise, but still, he left. Bella still could not understand why they left. Well, actually, she could, but it was nothing to get worked up over. So Edward's family tried to attack her because of a paper cut. Seriously. They were vampires. It was in their nature to drink blood.

But back to where I was before. A few weeks after they left, Bella was wandering around the woods, looking for something. Anything. She wanted to feel alive again. The wind blew and the sky darkened. It wasn't surprising that it would rain. It always rained in Forks. Way to get her spirits up. Bella heard a twig crack. She turned toward the noise.

The wind blew again.

Suddenly, standing in front of Bella was Bella's two favorite people in the whole wide world. Victoria and Laurent.

I hope you noticed the sarcasm in that last sentence. If not, I feel sorry for you.

"Why, what are you doing in this part of the woods Bella?" Laurent asked with false surprise.

Bella shrugged. "Looking for excitement," she replied in a monotone.

"Well it looks as if you've found it Bella," Victoria said. "Where's Edward? I don't see him and his home smells like he's been gone for weeks," she continued.

Lie Bella, the velvety voice in Bella's head said.

Bella ignored it. "Yeah, he's gone." She said. Roaring filled her head.

"Does Edward not want you any more?" Victoria asked with fake sympathy. And with those last words, both Laurent and Victoria lunged at Bella, pinning her down.

Laurent bit her neck, leg, and arms while Victoria almost lost all control.

Laurent and Victoria backed off after Bella started screaming.

"Mate for a mate," Victoria whispered as she and Laurent backed away. "Edward won't be pleased."

Kind of sad, really, them leaving her on the ground in terrifying pain. Bella lay on the ground in agonizing pain for four days. Not three, four.

When she woke up, Bella obviously realized that she was a vampire. Bella ran home (at vampire speed) and jumped through her open window into her room, the hole in her chest slightly larger at the memory of Edward. Bella took one last look at the room Charlie decorated for her. Bella got a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote:


I'm going for a ride down to LaPush. I'll be back around 3 o'clock.


P.S. I love you.

Bella ran out of the house and into her old truck, trying not to think about all of the pain she was causing everybody.

She now understood why vampires liked to go so fast. Bella crashed her truck into a big tree (on purpose of course) just before she got into LaPush.

Bella then jumped out of the now ruined truck and ran down the road, fighting back tears all the way.

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