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Author's Note: This story was inspired by the 3/23/09 word #103 on the 15_minute_fic livejournal community. It's set almost immediately post-manga, the day after Setsuna and Sara's reunion in the ruined warehouse.

I tend to think Setsuna and Sara spent that night at their father's house, since he was off on a "business trip" with his secretary and hadn't been informed that his children had run away together. The next morning, Setsuna stole a bunch of cash from their father's safe while Sara packed some clothes, toothbrushes, and other useful items. Then they vanished into Yokohama until they figured out some long-term plans. That's my personal post-manga continuation... but all you really need to know for this story is that Setsuna and Sara are together and leaving Tokyo to avoid their mother. *grin*

Summary: Setsuna never learned to use a sword.

Body Memory

Setsuna never learned to use a sword. He didn't even know how to use knives. He did enough damage with his fists and whatever was to hand when he went crazy -- the last thing he wanted to was to give the bloodlust more outlets, more chances to make him into a killer.

Even allowing for buried memories seeping through from Alexiel, he should have been awkward and terrible. Her skill was rooted in a female body, taller than his, with all the subtle differences in balance and reach that should have tangled his feet and thrown his strikes off by crucial inches.

But Setsuna picked up Nanatsusaya as if he'd been born with a blade in his hands. His first stroke killed.

"Of course it did," Sara said much later, while they rode a train out to Yokohama, away from their parents forever. "Nanatsusaya was never just a sword. It-- he-- it was alive, twice over. And Kira obviously knew all about swords. He had a link with you, right?"

Setsuna shrugged. "Sort of. Sometimes. I know I heard him once in Banmaden, and again in Hatter's garden. But Kira's taller than me, too, so my reach and balance still should've been wrong."

Sara pouted, annoyed at having her argument countered. "Well, maybe he just knew you well enough to compensate."

"Not that well!" Setsuna said, poking her in the side and swooping in to kiss away her stifled squeak. There was such joy in this newfound freedom to touch her the way he'd always wanted, to memorize the feel of her mouth against his, his fingers on her thigh, her hands hot against his back, slipping up under his shirt. The train car was nearly empty, but he would have kissed her no matter how many people were there to see.

"I guess we'll just have to call it magic," Sara said several minutes later, as she straightened her hair. She paused, one hand still buried in the tangled strands, and looked speculatively at her brother. "Alexiel's sleeping now. Lucifer's gone. Nanatsusaya's broken. I wonder if you can still use a sword?"

Setsuna glanced down at his hand, remembering the feel of Nanatsusaya's hilt, solid in his palm, familiar on a level so deep it resonated in his bones. He closed his hand, made a fist, and then shook his fingers out. He was no warrior angel, not anymore. The time for blood had passed.

"Can I use a sword? That depends on what kind of sword you mean," Setsuna told Sara with an exaggerated leer, and drew her close for another kiss, cutting off her laughter.

Love was stronger than death.


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