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As I walked through the curtain, I could see Jasper setting up his equipment. Without looking up, he placed his hand on the exam table next to him. "Take off everything below the waist and climb up darlin'."

I heard Alice's gasp at hearing his southern drawl. She was a sucker for a beautiful man; she was putty in the hands of one with an accent. If this particular man wasn't about to press a sharp object into one of my most sensitive areas I might have played matchmaker. I decided to save that idea for when I would remain fully clothed.

"Bella, you know you are insane, right? You know that you could still leave, unscathed?"

I just shook my head at Alice and began stripping off my jeans and panties, placing them in a nice pile on the table. This piercing was a present to myself, congratulations for making it as far as I had. It was also a reminder that pain was what you made it. You could take the pain and let it warp you, control you. Or you could manipulate it, overcome it, and even find pleasure from it. Once you were in control of your pain, then no one could control you with it. I had lived through that kind of control and that is what inspired me to open my club, Domination Station. A place where women could learn to control their pain, control their lives. A place where women could live out their fantasies without being judged and a place where men could learn to respect and trust their women.

It all started twenty-seven years ago in the small town of Forks, Washington. That little town was where I was born. My mom, Renee, left my dad after she was caught messing around with one of his deputies. We moved to Phoenix and lived with this man for about six years. Six years of pure hell. He was a very abusive son of a bitch, always yelling and hitting. He would constantly beat my mother, leaving me to watch. She always said that she could take it; she said that we would leave if he ever hit me. He would wait until she was gone before he hit me, making sure not to leave any marks. He told me that he would kill me if I said anything. One day he slipped and backhanded me in front of her; that was when we left.

She had the brilliant idea of moving to Florida and living with her parents. That arrangement worked out for me, as they were the closest thing to structure and normalcy that I had ever had in my life. My mom, on the other hand, was never very good at thinking about anyone but herself. So, it didn't surprise me when one morning she was gone and left a note about wanting to live the life that she never got to live. Leave it to her to make me, the 'unwanted surprise', the reason for her issues.

I was happy and normal, until the accident. It was my seventeenth birthday and I was supposed to meet my grandparents at a small diner after I got off work. I waited for 45 minutes before I got nervous. My cell phone rang and I was scared. A drunk driver... head on... DOA... The phone fell out of my hands. The next month remained a blur to me, all that I knew was Renee never came back and I wound up with my father back in Forks.

Forks, rainy, cold, home. Living with Charlie wasn't nearly as bad as Renee had always made it sound. He didn't pry, he didn't ask questions, but maybe that was because he didn't want to care. My life was relatively uneventful; I went to school, came home and went to bed. There wasn't much to do in a small town, so when Jacob started showing interest I couldn't resist. He was cute, in that little lost puppy dog kind of way, and it gave me an excuse to get out of the house.

Everything seemed normal until my senior year of high school. We went to a party and Jacob started drinking. That was the first night that he hit me. I learned well from Renee how to cover up the evidence and Charlie just never asked. It always seemed kind of fucked up that the chief of police didn't know abuse when he saw it. He thought the world of Jacob and couldn't wait until he could call him son. I was too afraid to leave him. After I graduated, I wasn't allowed to go any further away than Washington University. This was Jacob's rule and he thought that I should be grateful that he was even allowing me to go. The part that pissed me off the most was that I actually felt grateful. I even thanked him on more than one occasion, only to have him make me grovel at his feet as though he were fucking royalty.

My saving grace came in the form of my best friends Rose and Alice. I meet them my freshman year in our human sexuality class. They came to visit me in the hospital after Jacob put me in a coma. While I was still there, they gave him two options. Option one, he could leave me alone and never try to contact me again. Option two, they would cut off his dick and choke him with it. Rosalie pointing a 9mm at his family jewels while Alice pulled a machete out of her bag finally convinced him to leave and I haven't heard from him since.

After college, we moved to Chicago and opened a lingerie store called Nitetime Boutique. We just wanted to give women the pleasure of feeling like a seductress without looking like a slut. We had no idea that in five years we would be about to open our eleventh boutique in our home state of Washington.

That is how I wound up laying on an exam table, in a tattoo shop, awaiting my newest piercing. I had Alice holding my hand, while Rosalie paced in the waiting room refusing to come in.

"Are you sure that you want to do this, Bella?"

Alice never understood my obsession with piercings and tattoos. She simply wouldn't believe when I told her how much it heightened my own pleasure. She was vehement that a needle would NEVER get near her 'hoo-hoo.' "Yes Alice, are you sure that you don't want one?" I laughed as she wrinkled her nose and stared at the piercer with a look of fear. Jasper just looked at her and winked.

"Ok darlin', deep breath, you are going to feel a pinch, try not to move." Even after my careful preparation and enduring both nipple piercings, I had to admit that kind of hurt. The pain didn't last though, as he slipped in my new jewelry I felt almost normal again.

"Are you ok? Did it hurt? Are you insane?" Alice's eyes were nearly bulging out of her head.

"Alice, I am fine, I will admit I felt the pinch but nothing more." She just gave me her 'whatever' look and went back to staring at Jasper's ass.

"Hey Jasper, are you coming to the opening party tomorrow night?" I could feel Alice stiffen as I said this, a smile tugging at the corner of my lip.

"Of course, darlin'! Scantily clad, whip wielding women, I would be insane if I wasn't there." The last part was clearly directed at Alice as she quickly turned five shades of red.

"Thanks again, love, don't worry about your cover or your drinks, I owe you," I finished pulling back on my clothes and headed out to collect a frantic looking Rose. There wasn't much that girl hadn't seen, but she did not like anything that had to do with pain.

"If you weren't my best friend I would have you committed, you know that right?" Rose was always a little bit overdramatic.

"Yes, Rose! Hey, this is just payback for all of those times that I had to model your underwear," she hit my arm and we all made our way to the car to go back to the boutique. We still had work to do if we were going to be opening the boutique tomorrow and the club tomorrow night.

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