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"Let me get on first and lean with me while we're riding. I want your body to stay with mine, flush against mine. If I lean, you lean, got it?"

Her words kept running through my mind and the implications made my body pulse with excitement. With shaky hands I shoved the helmet over my impending blush and took a deep, calming breath. Even after eating a portion of Emmett's massive pancakes and drinking enough coffee to rival Alice in a jumping contest, I could still feel the large amounts of alcohol floating through my system. The last thing that I needed just then was to lean too far and make both of us become one with the pavement. I may have never been on a bike before, but I had seen plenty of injuries resulting from negligence, or pure idiocy in some cases.

Returning to reality, I noticed that Bella was standing beside me with an odd grin on her face. Her eyes were glazed over and her face glowed with amusement at her mental hiatus. Clearing my throat, I asked if she was getting on the bike. The air was cooling quickly and I was anxious to be pressed against her lean body for the next 45 minutes.

With one final calming breath, I positioned myself behind Bella on the tiny seat. My body was pressed so tightly against hers that I could feel her body heat radiating through her leather jacket. Taking advantage of my need to hold on, I snaked my arms around her waist. For a split second it felt as if her body pressed even more firmly against mine.

The sound of the bike's engine coming to life broke my train of thought. After pulling away from the curb, there was a slight jolt forward as she pulled out onto the highway. My arms instinctively tightened their grip on her body. The tension between us relented as the cool breeze began caressing our muscles and my chin came to rest against her delicate frame.

The sense of freedom that I felt at that moment was intoxicating. The sense of longing for the woman whose body pressed against mine was all encompassing.

My hold relaxed a little as I began to take in the scenery and enjoy the air rushing past us as we rode.

Instead of continuing on the highway, she veered quickly onto a back road. The unexpected turn caused me to clutch her tightly to me once again. Remembering what she had said at the diner, I leaned with her as we took the corner. The instant that we made it through the turn, she began effortlessly flying through the gears. I was guessing that this was a road that she was familiar with as I noticed that the speedometer was registering 80 and steadily climbing. Normally I would have been slightly nervous, but I trusted Bella to know what she was doing.

In the short period of time that I had known her, I was more than able to tell that she was a strong, intelligent and savvy woman. She had yet to give me a reason not to trust her with my life and that was exactly what I was doing now.

Slowing for some slight turns in the road, I felt her body shift back, pressing more firmly against my own. The soft curve of her rear fit perfectly against my groin, eliciting a soft moan from my lips. I pressed my chest firmly against her back as I allowed my hands to slide down to rest against her hips.

Our bodies remained melded together, our heat combining to form a slight sheen of sweat as we leaned into each impending curve. With the slight friction that was caused from the movements of the bike, Bella's body began rubbing against my own. The feel of her against me caused involuntary reactions within me as my mind began to focus on how well we fit against each other. I felt myself harden before my mind could register what was happening. I attempted to change my course of thoughts, but it was too late, my member was as stiff as stone and pressed firmly against Bella's lower back.

I could feel the heat rise to my cheeks as I felt her body shudder against me. What could she possibly be thinking? Here I was on the back of her bike with my erection making itself quite evident. Would she be disgusted? Was it too soon? How could I let this happen? How could I keep it from happening?

This was not how it was supposed to be. I'm definitely not the kind of guy that just goes around rubbing himself against a woman that I'm infatuated with. She deserves better than that. I'm better than that. In a last ditch effort to help rid myself of the problem, I began to conjure up every image possible.… Lauren from high school in her damn polka-dot bikini that she would squeeze herself into and parade around the beach… Emmett, taking on the pancake challenge last year at the diner. Just when I was about to think of the beach scene from Euro Trip, I felt Bella's ass wiggle back against my groin. It wasn't as though she was moving her body away from me, but instead was attempting to get closer. What did that mean?

Just as we rounded the last corner, I caught a glimpse of lights in the distance and noticed that we were back in town. Suddenly the thought crossed my mind that she didn't know my address and I wondered where she was taking me. Due to the constant stop and go traffic, I didn't want to interrupt her concentration by asking her as she continued to navigate the streets, so instead I just kept my body firmly pressed against hers, and relished the feel of our bodies together.

She pulled into the parking lot of a lingerie boutique and I looked curiously at it as it was obviously closed. She turned off the engine and I heard her tell me that this was our stop. I begrudgingly let go of her, peeled my body away from hers and stood to remove my helmet. She pocketed her keys as she undid her helmet as well. I could see that her hair was damp and had caused a few tendrils to plaster themselves to the side of her face and on instinct my hand reached up and brushed them behind her ear. The moment that my skin met hers, I felt a spark of electricity course through my being. It was the same spark I had felt from our kiss.

I heard her intake of breath as I quickly shoved my hand into my pocket and handed her back the helmet.

"Thank you for the ride, it was… exciting," I mumbled while kicking a stray rock on the ground.

She took the helmet, securing it to the bike as I heard what sounded like a giggle escape her lips. I looked up to see a twinkle of humor in her eyes.

"You're welcome, Edward, and may I just say that I'm not sure that anyone I've ridden with before has ever enjoyed their first ride quite as much as you did." I felt the heat stain my cheeks as a feeling of nausea settled into the pit of my stomach.

"Yea... uh… about that…" I started, but felt her press her finger against my lips before I could form a complete sentence to apologize for my reactions.

"Edward, I'm sorry if that embarrassed you, but please don't let it. I know that we both have a lot to learn about each other, but I would be a fool to say that I don't feel the connection between us." Her finger lingered on my lips as I looked deep into her chocolate eyes. I could see every one of my emotions mirrored within them. Intrigue, admiration, lust. "Why don't we head on up to my place so we can talk and I'll make us a drink. It's colder than an Eskimo's titty out here," she chuckled as she grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the building.

My heart was pounding from her confession and the fact that she was feeling the same thing as me. I wrapped my fingers around hers and followed this amazing woman up to her apartment. I stood back as she unlocked her door and quickly ushered me inside.

As soon as the warmth hit me, I realized exactly how cold I was. My teeth began to chatter and I rubbed my arms to get my circulation moving. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Bella leaning over and watched as she hitched up the leg of her pants and began to unzip her boots. My palms began to sweat as I watched the pale creaminess of her skin being slowly exposed. I saw the corner of her lips curl up as she peeked at me from under her eyelashes.

"Shoes off and on the rack; Alice's rules. And we all know not to piss off that caffeine-laden evil pixie," she chuckled as she placed her boots against the metal rack.

My mind registered her words and I quickly discarded my shoes and added them to the pile. I heard the sound of a zipper and looked to see Bella removing her jacket so I moved to do the same. Just as the leather fell from her shoulders, my own jacket fell to the floor. Bella turned at the noise which gave me the perfect view of her in nothing but jeans and a red corset. The material clung to every curve, leaving the top of her breasts exposed which gave me the ability to watch them rise and fall with each breath she took. Her skin was pale and creamy and looked smooth to the touch, my fingers longed to touch her elegant neck and trace along her exposed collar bone.

The sound of a throat clearing caught my attention as I heard Bella's voice, "I know the corset accentuates my best assets, but my face is up here." She waved her fingers, indicating for me to look at her face. "Wow, that's a new shade of red, even for you," she said with amusement in her voice. Still, I couldn't help the mumbling apologies that escaped my lips.

"It's okay, go ahead and have a seat on the couch and I'll make us a drink to warm us up and get some of your courage back. I like you with a little more bite to your words," she grinned as she pointed to the couch and waltzed off towards the kitchen.

Her apartment was not what I would have expected as it seemed to have walked right out of a designer magazine. Every little piece matched and seemed to be coordinated together, from the hardwood floors, to the deep brown living room set, to the various throw rugs scattered throughout the room. There was a fireplace against one wall and a heavy oak bookcase against the other.

Lined along the top of the mantle stood various framed pictures, so I walked over and began scanning through them. I was able to spot Bella, Alice and Rose throughout each of them. I was amazed at some of the backdrops that I found, from the Eiffel tower, to Niagara Falls, to Egypt, and what appeared to be a rain forest. I didn't realize that Bella had travelled to so many places and was about to ask when I felt her warm breath against my ear.

"You know we haven't visited any of these places." She pressed the glass into my palm and waved her hand toward the pictures. "Alice was having too much fun with photo shop and decided to make a wish list, per se. She picked out the places she has always wanted to go and put our pictures in front of the backdrop. The plan is to replace each one with a true shot once we make it there - so far we've made it to three of the originals but Alice still has to put them in the frames." She grinned at me before she took a long draught of her drink.

"I've always wanted to travel the world. There was a game that Emmett and I used to play when we were little. We'd sneak into Carlisle's study because he had this huge globe in there. We would sit there for hours and spin the globe, pressing our fingers against it to stop on our destination before making up a tale of our adventures there. We've made plans to actually go many times, but there's usually something that stops one of us. I believe we have a trip planned for this summer; maybe this one won't fall through," I said, sighing as I sipped at my drink and looked up to find Bella staring at me. Not wanting to put a damper on my time with her, I flashed her a smile and turned back to face the living room.

"So far what I have seen of your place is really not what I had imagined for you." The heat began rising as soon as the last words slipped off my tongue. "Please let her have missed that comment," I thought to myself. Glancing up, I saw her shit-eating grin and knew that I was busted. "Um… not that I would be imagining what your place looked like, it's just that I wasn't expecting this much coordination. You just seem like a girl who would have more leather... or… um... metal… shit. I'm just going to stop talking now."

She stepped forward and placed her hand against my cheek, forcing me to look at her. "Edward, it's okay, Alice and Rose live here, too. Alice has a strange obsession with all of those designing shows and had the apartment decorated before we signed the lease."

We stood there staring at each other for a moment, the warmth of her hand against my skin making my head spin. I could see so many emotions swirling in the endless depths of her chocolate eyes; instinctively my tongue came out to run across my lips as I longed to feel her mouth against mine again. My hand slowly rose to rest on top of hers as my body began leaning into her magnetism.

We were lost in each other's souls as I saw nothing but the beautiful woman before me and the closer we were, the stronger I felt the pull of her body. I could feel her breath against my lips as my eyes closed and my free hand rested on her hip. The moment our lips touched, the same electric jolt shot through my body and rocked me to my very core. A sense of calm washed over me as I felt complete for only the second time in my life. I felt her tongue against my lip and opened my mouth to her, relishing her taste mixed with mine.

She let out a low moan as her fingers twined into my hair, tugging lightly as a slight growl rumbled from my chest. My hand moved from her hip to her lower back as I pulled her firmly against my body. I was able to feel every one of her curves as she fit perfectly against me. Our tongues continued to dance against each other as the heat began to flow throughout my being. My arousal grew from the close proximity of her body as everything Bella filled my senses.

I felt the corners of her mouth turn up into a grin and a low chuckle sounded from her chest. Running my tongue across her lips one last time, I pulled my face back but kept her tight against my body. She had a twinkle in her eye matched only by the smile on her swollen lips.

"It's a blow to a man's ego to hear a girl laughing while he's kissing her, Bella," I teased as I ran my hand through her hair.

"I'm not laughing at the kiss Edward, THAT was amazing." She flushed as her gaze dropped down between us. "I would ask your thoughts on the subject, but I think I already have my answer." I buried my face against her shoulder as I felt her body shudder from laughter.

"I'd like to crawl into a hole now, please," I mumbled into her hair.

"Aw Edward, don't be that way. If it makes you feel any better, my nipples are as hard as steel right now." I couldn't help the laughter that escaped me at her comment. "Why don't I show you the rest of our place. I think we could both use the distraction." Reluctantly, I released the grip that I had on her tiny frame as her hand slid into mine.

"You've seen the living room, there's the kitchen, dining room and foyer. Down this hallway are Rose and Alice's bedrooms." She pointed to her left before turning back to her right towards a door that I hadn't notice before. "And this is my oasis in the madness." She swung open the door to another short hallway with two doors facing each other. Her hand rested on the doorknob of the one on the left and swung it open. Obviously, this was her bedroom as against the far wall was a massive king-sized bed with wrought iron framework. The headboard was beautifully made knot work that matched the numerous paintings on the walls. The whole room was done in deep purples and blues.

Black and white snapshots, like those hanging in her club, decorated each wall. The nagging ache in the pit of my stomach returned and I longed to see Bella's naked body sprawled against the deep sapphire of her comforter.

Get a grip Cullen! Say something… Can you climb on your bed, please? I'd like to see the contrast of your skin against the dark satin. NO, ask about... family.

"Why don't you have any pictures of your family?"

"I only have a few pictures of my grandparents and those I keep at my office as inspiration. My mother has no place in my house and I'm just beginning to have a relationship with my father again." She paused, seemingly thinking about what to say next before deciding to continue, "I consider my friends to be my family. You're able to pick them and they stand by you because they want to, not because they feel some medieval need to have your back."

Even though I understood where she was coming from, her answer hurt me. I was very close with my family and it hurt to know that Bella never had that kind of close connection. I was still lost in thought as I felt her arm brush mine as she walked back out of her room and across the hall. I just figured that the other door was for the linen closet, but as her hand reached the knob her words caused my heart to race.

"Edward, behind this door is my world. This room is where all of my fantasies and those of my partner, come to life." The door swung open and the room was still shrouded in darkness. Taking a step forward, she flipped a switch and the room illuminated with a soft glow. "This, Edward, is my playroom."

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