Hey there, my fellow writers and readers. Here is a new Yu-Gi-Oh vampire story that I cooked up one day. It's about Kaiba as a Vampire; in this story, he has a personality like Dracula, but he only feeds on criminals in order to keep people who are innocent and hard workers as safe as possible. I was inspired to write this by my friends, especially Ellinda and Journey Maker. This one's for them, and I send my thanks to them for being such great friends of mine.

Disclaimer: Genius Kazuki Takahashi owns Yu-Gi-Oh. The lyrics to I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears and The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks belong to their respective owners. I own the fanfics that I cook up from time to time.

In the Darkest Night

It was nighttime in Domino, Japan. The nightclub known to all as Scandalous was a great, big, black building. People would usually come there to chat with friends, chase their worries away with a drink or a dance, and all kinds of other things.

But a tall man – if that was what they would call him – stood in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to strike in the fashion of a serpent or a cobra...

Icy blue orbs narrowed in the shadows. Their owner was known to all as a teenager CEO, and quite handsome. But he was also a vampire – with a personality like Dracula.

Even his name was known to them. It was said that even the pedophiles, muggers, child rapists and child molesters dared not speak of it. They would shiver in fear, as though he would come and drain them of their blood.

His name was none other than... Seto Kaiba, also known as the Lord of Vampires. He was nicknamed "son of the dragon" because he liked dragons, and because he had 3 Blue Eyes White Dragons in his dueling deck.

He was wearing black slacks and a long sleeved black shirt without buttons – with a bit of a turtleneck to it as well – and a belt, which had a beveled engraving of KC. The main piece was a large flowing purple colored trenchcoat with pronounced shoulders, wide arms, and long flowing bottom. He also wore a pair of steel cuffs about the forearms. Also included were very high black boots with a slightly raised heel in the back.

As he watched the people dance, he ran his blood red tongue across his mouth like a snake would flick its own forked tongue out, tasting the air...

(Spoken): I know I may be young, but I've got feelings too
And I need to do what I feel like doing
So let me go and just listen

All you people look at me like I'm a little girl
Well, did you ever think it be okay for me to step into this world

Always saying "Little girl, don't step into the club"
Well, I'm just tryin' to find out why cause dancing's what I love

Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOA)
Get it get it, get it get it (WHOOOOOA) (Do you like it)
Get it get it, get it get it (OOOHHHH) (This feels good)

Kaiba let a smirk slither in a snakelike fashion over his handsome features...

I know I may come off quiet,

I may come off shy
But I feel like talking,

feel like dancing

when I see this guy

What's practical is logical

What the hell, who cares?
All I know is I'm so happy

when you're dancing there

I'm a slave for you

I cannot hold it,

I cannot control it
I'm a slave for you

I won't deny it,

I'm not trying to hide it

Kaiba often came to this club whenever he sensed a mugger, rapist or pedophile there. For now, he kept a close eagle eye on the dancing crowd. The energy they had flowing through them made him feel very thirsty...

He narrowed his eyes, instantly spotting them by sensing their aura, which was black and full of darkness he knew they longed to be freed from. But he also knew he himself was a creature of darkness – something that was full of shadows and sin.

He knew there were a few pedophiles in the crowd, with a few kids; they were, at the moment, trying to get the kids to dance in a "sinful" manner the kids knew they should save until they were teenagers – the manner Kaiba knew as "provocative".

Kaiba soon made up his mind. He strode out of the shadows and over the dance floor, slinking in and out of the dancers until he was a few feet away from the pedophiles. Then, in a voice only they could hear, he purred, "Look into my eyes and come with me."

The minute they locked eyes with him, they were lost.

Taking advantage of this, Kaiba then lured them to a dark alley... as the thunder began rolling and the lightning flashed, like Kaiba's eyes...

Three thirty in the morning
Not a soul in sight
The city's lookin' like a ghost town
On a moonless summer night

Raindrops on the windshield
There's a storm moving in
He's headin' back from somewhere
That he never should have been

And the thunder rolls
And the thunder rolls

Every light is burnin'
In a house across town
She's pacin' by the telephone
In her faded flannel gown

Askin' for a miracle
Hopin' she's not right
Prayin' it's the weather
That's kept him out all night

And the thunder rolls
And the thunder rolls

The thunder rolls
And the lightnin' strikes
Another love grows cold
On a sleepless night

As the storm blows on
Out of control
Deep in her heart
The thunder rolls

She's waitin' by the window
When he pulls into the drive
She rushes out to hold him
Thankful he's alive

But on the wind and rain,
A strange new perfume blows
And the lightnin' flashes in her eyes
And he knows that she knows

And the thunder rolls
And the thunder rolls

The thunder rolls
And the lightnin' strikes
Another love grows cold
On a sleepless night

As the storm blows on
Out of control
Deep in her heart
The thunder rolls

~Garth Brooks, The Thunder Rolls

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