You or Someone Like You

1-Red Wing

Disclaimer: I do not own Outlaw Star. Before you ask, no this is not a sequel to 'Normal' or 'One O'clock Appointments', my 2 other Outlaw Star fics.

Seven years have passed for the team of Outlaw Star. Not much had changed for them, but became the best team of bounty hunters anyone has ever heard of. And after all those years, Jim still dreamed and thought about his first true love, Hanmyo. He wondered where she was, why she didn't show up the second time. He came up with a bunch of explanations. Maybe he scared her off. She seemed like a shy girl. Or maybe she just had something important to take care off. Maybe one of her cats got sick, or both, or she did too. If she cared about him, she wouldn't just not show up, would she?

"Jim, Jim, wake up, buddy--"

"Nuh-uh, wha?" He slowly opened his eyes to see a blurry Gene.

"We're landing on Symka5 in a few minutes," Gene said. "Just got word of a bounty."

"Who is it?"

"That's the thing," Gene muttered, "we don't know who it is. No picture, just a code name. We don't know if it's a man or woman. Red Wing."

"So why're we landing on Symka5?" Jim asked. "Could this Red Wing be there?"

"Fred told us one of his 'people' saw a ship with a symbol of a red wing heading there. Might as well check it out."

Though it was the place he saw his first real love and lost her, Jim didn't seem all that excited to go. What if he did see Hanmyo there, what would he say? And what if she didn't show up? He had a lot of mixed feelings. He groaned and looked at the ground.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Gene questioned, "you sick or something? I told Aisha not to--"

"I'm fine, Gene," Jim grumbled, "I'm fine. I'll just get ready then." He sat up and reached for some clothes as Gene walked out.

"I'm worried about Jim," Melfina said.

"He'll be all right," Suzuka insisted.

"I hope so," Melfina sighed.

"Yeah, me too," Aisha added, "when he's upset sometimes, he gets so moody!"

"You should talk, Aisha," Jim growled.

Aisha jumped, "oh, hello! How are you?"

"Fine," he groaned.

"Jim, if you don't want to go to Symka5," Melfina began, "you can stay here."

"It's all right," he said.

"We just remember that our last time at Symka5 wasn't very pleasurable for you."

"Positions, everyone," Gene instructed, "We'll be landing soon."

When they laded on Symka5, it looked about the same. "Well, let's see if we can find this Red Wing person and collect our bounty." Gene said. "Come on." The others followed him, but then Jim stopped.

"I'm going to go for a little drive," he said, hopping in his car, which was now improved.

"You're going on a little joyride when we can make millions?" Gene demanded.

"You find Red Wing," Jim said.

"Hey, Jim, I want to come too!" Aisha cried.

"Forget it," Jim told her, "I remember the last time you went for a ride in my car."

"I told you that was an accident!"

"Whatever," he muttered and zoomed away.

"I wonder what's bothering him," Melfina sighed.

"Leave him be," Suzuka instructed, "he needs to be alone. He's not a child anymore."

"I know," Melfina whispered.

They entered a bar and looked around. "Maybe this Red Wing is here," Gene said, taping his finger on his glass.

"Didn't Gillian have any information about this person?" Aisha asked.

"No," Melfina replied. "Nothing."

"Well this is going to be harder than I thought," Aisha sighed.

A man reached their table and put down a picture of a young girl. "Have you seen this girl? She's been missing for more than eight years."

"Can't say I have," Melfina said.

"Just who is she?" Gene questioned.

"She's blood to a very powerful associate of mine," he replied. "Have you seen this girl, then?"

"I might," he said. "Maybe if you told me if you heard of someone. Red Wing."

The man snatched the photo and put it in his inside pocket. He had a nervous expression of his face. Did this man know Red Wing? "Good day to you. Thank you for your time." He turned and left the bar.

Gene walked up to the bartender, "have you heard of a Red Wing?"

"No," he replied, polishing a glass. "I get a lot of people here but I don't' remember everyone's names."

Gene frowned; either everybody was lying, afraid of this Red Wing character whoever this Red Wing was, he or she was so good that no one knew who exactly he or she was.

Jim drove around in circles, not planning on stopping anywhere. He passed the fountain where he met Hanmyo for the third time and finally decided to pass through the gate. "Maybe she's here," he said. He walked inside, but it was empty. He sighed and splashed the water.

"Hanmyo, why didn't you come?" he demanded angrily. "I thought we were friends!" Right after he said that, he felt something hard and round at the back of his head. "What?"

"Don't move," a voice ordered.

Jim looked in the water. The face looked familiar. Too familiar. "Hanmyo!" she shouted. "It's you!" He turned quickly around to meet his old friend but she didn't act too friendly.

"I said don't move," she said.

"Wait…." He said, "Hanmyo?"

"I'm not Hanmyo," the girl said, though she did look so much like her.

She had the same hair and eyes as Hanmyo. But at a second, closer look, she didn't look much like Hanmyo at all. Hanmyo had a more child-like face, kind. Even though she'd be older now, Jim was sure Hanmyo would still look as kind as she always had been. Kind, child-like, innocent, sweet. But this face that stared him down did not look kind at all. It was hard, threatening. The girl's lips were turned into a scowl, as when Hanmyo's was always a smile. She wore a tight spandex suit that was sleeveless and on the right side of her bicep, a few inches past her shoulder was a tattoo of a red bat-like, creepy wing. There was a silver belt around her waist and two holsters on her thighs. On each side of her, were two angry, vicious looking dogs, growling with drool falling from their mouths full with sharp teeth.

"You're not Hanmyo," Jim mumbled. "You're--You're--"


"Red Wing!" he shouted, pointing at her tattoo. He reached for his communicator to contact Gene but one of her dogs came forward and bit hand and ripped out the communicator, breaking it in his jaws. Jim made a cry of shock and grabbed his bleeding hand. Now Jim was really in trouble. He had no communicator, no weapon. Why didn't he just stay on the ship? Why didn't he go with Gene and the others?

"Why?" Jim asked, "Why?"

"Tell me how you know Hanmyo," she commanded, "tell me where you are keeping her. You're holding her for ransom, aren't you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Don't be a fool!" she shouted. "You know Hanmyo and I want to know how. You kidnapped her, didn't you? I knew something like would happen to her. She left when Papa died. I told her not to go! Last I heard she joined the Anta Seven and--"

"Anta Seven?" he gasped, "she was a member of the Anta Seven?"

"Oh, don't act like you didn't' know!"

"I didn't!" Jim looked down at Red Wing's dogs. They looked so vicious. Hanmyo's cats looked so cute, so harmless. What was with Red Wing? What did she want? Then he realized what she had said and he put it with why she looked so much like Hanmyo, "wait, you and Hanmyo--"

"Hanmyo's my sister!" Red Wing shouted, "I've been searching for her eight years! I didn't find a trace. We searched for the Anta Seven but found out they were killed by bounty hunters or got lost in outer space. Hanmyo wouldn't listen to me. I told her she'd get hurt. She was only six when she left our home. But she said the Anta Seven could offer her a better life and tried to get me to join her, there was no way I'd join the likes of them! They were assassins!"

"Now you're an assassin," Jim muttered.

"No, just a girl looking for her long lost sister," Red Wing corrected, holding her gun level to Jim's chest, "a very, very angry girl."

Jim bit her lip. She was crazy too.

"Where's my sister?" Red Wing demanded. "Tell me now!"

"I--I don't know!" he shouted.

"You lie! You're holding her for ransom."

"I'm not. I haven't' seen her for eight years!" Jim cried. "I met her here, at this fountain when I was eleven. This was we're we first met! She was my friend; I cared about her!"

"Then where is she?"

"I already told you," he muttered, "I don't know where she is! We were going to meet here again but she didn't show up. I never saw her again, I swear!"

"So she must've left," Red Wing said, "you must've frightened her away. I don't think you're her type!"

"Well, that's funny since she said it was destiny that we met!" Jim argued.

"Destiny?" Red Wing laughed and her voice became hard and serious again. "I don't believe in destiny."

"Well she did," he said. "For her twin, you're nothing like her at all."

"Maybe we should split up," Gene said. "Ask around."

"But my food just here!" Aisha said. "Give me a few seconds!" Aisha was right about a few seconds. She gulped down her food as if there were no tomorrow. "All done!"

Gene groaned, 'why do I have a Ctarl Ctarl on my team?'

"Boy that was good," Aisha said as she walked out. Suzuka left alone and Melfina went with Gene. Aisha walked around. "This place is boring. Why would anyone want to come here?" she wondered out loud, letting out a big yawn. In mid yawn, she stopped suddenly. "Meowr? What's that smell?" she started sniffing around. "There's something out here. Then as she caught the scent and analyzed it with her kitty senses, she started to snarl, her claws extracting.

"Oh?" Red Wing demanded. "Well, boy, ironic that we've crossed paths this way, hmm?" She held her gun steady. "The place where you met my sister--your friend. I wonder what Hanmyo would say now. What chances where there that we met here of all places? Maybe it was destiny that you met my sister--and maybe it is destiny that you die this way!"

"No, please!" Jim shouted.

Red Wing pulled the trigger. It went off. Jim's life flashed before his very eyes. Everything went too fast.

To Be Continued