Chapter 5: Carlisle

I'm once again sitting in my study.

The boys are in their rooms, nursing their sore…um…'muscles'.

I feel like weeping tearlessly, but instead I simply place my head in my hands. Relieved that the terrible duty is over.

I hate having to punish my children, but I do not hesitate to do it when it needs doing.

That's what being a father is about, after all.

You care enough about them to correct them so that they don't make those mistakes again.

I learned that from my own father, actually…or rather I learned it from watching what he didn't do.

My father never hesitated when it came to dishing out the whippings, but with him most of the time it wasn't deserved on my part as I hadn't done anything wrong except in his eyes.

He was proud of me, I know, but he never actually told me so and he certainly never told me he loved me.

That's why I tell my 'kids' I love them on a regular basis, and more than that I show them on a regular basis, but especially after I've punished them for something.

They need to know that despite my displeasure at whatever they've done, I'm still here for them and always will be.

I know that all five of them know that, and it make me happy.

I look at the hand I used to spank all three of my boys.

Had I been human it would be throbbing by now after inflicting three spanking in a row, but it is still pale and cold as always.

I sigh.

At least I know the boys have learned their lesson and won't play ball in the house any more.

Esme is going to have a fit…

I wince, not looking forward to explaining what happened to my beautiful wife.

The boys will be getting a tongue lashing from their mother tonight, I'm pretty certain.

Speaking of Esme…

She and the girls arrived home just a few moments ago and she's even now making her way up to my study.

She knocks on the door. "May I come in?" she asks, as she always does.

I grin. My wife and I are a lot a like.

"Of course," I tell her, and my smile widens as she enters.

Esme is my world, along with our children, and I am truly thankful every day that she came into my immortal life.

"Have fun cleaning out the stores?" I asked her, standing up and coming around to embrace her.

"Yes," she said, wrapping her arms around me as well. "Did you and the boys enjoy your 'masculine pursuits'."

I chuckle. "Maybe a little too much," I said, grinning wryly. She grins back.

"Just out of curiosity," she asked, sweetly (too sweetly), "where's the flat-screen in the living room."

I bite my lip.

Now it's my turn to be nervous.


The End.